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Review #1, by Amberfire Head injuries

12th February 2010:
this story is so funny! I love the way you write in Fleur's accent, it really gives a lot to the story :)
Please, Please continue it! it is a very funny read and I really like it. I want to read more, though I guess you could end it here if you wanted...

The Knicker scenario was so funny! 'specially when Bill was actually joking! hehehe I thought he was for real too

I really like it!! 10/10
Love Amberfire

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Review #2, by Spicky Head injuries

25th September 2009:
awww, sweet!!!
love the story - amazing!!!

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Review #3, by Spicky Things going bump in the evening

25th September 2009:
now, THAT was good!
loved it!!!

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Review #4, by Spicky The Start of Something

25th September 2009:
oh my gosh!!! i didnt actually realise that he was joiking either!!!
hilarious - love it!!!

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Review #5, by Jaded94 Head injuries

20th August 2009:
Please Update Soon! This is one of my favourite stories! x

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Review #6, by emylee94 The Start of Something

15th August 2009:
This is soo funny..
This is good..
I love Bill and Fleur..
They're perfect togather!

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Review #7, by Londongirlie Head injuries

9th July 2009:
loving the story,cannot wait for the next chapter!

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Review #8, by Londongirlie Things going bump in the evening

9th July 2009:
Again,this story just keeps getting better and better!!!

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Review #9, by Londongirlie The Start of Something

9th July 2009:
I thought this story was ingenius,loved the end of this chapter -absolutely hilarious!!!

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Review #10, by bridget Head injuries

18th May 2009:
This is brilliant! My first venture into fleur/bill and delighted!

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Review #11, by Ranilyn Head injuries

27th January 2009:
Keep writing, my gosh, you've got an interesting idea. Normally I ream Dramoine or Sirius/oc but I was hooked by ur summary and then the story was orignal!! Nice!

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Review #12, by weasley_gang Head injuries

25th January 2009:

fantastic chap! pls update soon! im putting this into my favs! =D

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Review #13, by icegreen89 Head injuries

6th January 2009:
Ooh!!! I LOVE it! Really, really cool. And funny.

Just an idea... she could go and visit Cedric's parents... it would be a really nice touch, because they just disappeared from everywhere else.. she got along well with Cedric, so she could go and check on his parents, just as something a friend would do, you know?

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Review #14, by Caspercat The Start of Something

27th December 2008:
This story is sooo cool!

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Review #15, by Queen_of_Two_Worlds Head injuries

7th December 2008:
Once again, an amazing piece of writing. Is this done, cause i sure hope not.

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Review #16, by thecoolestdork13 Head injuries

11th November 2008:
Oh, this is really good, and Bill acts just like I imagine him to, and Fleur seems canon too. It's funny and really cute, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

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Review #17, by Hermione Clone Head injuries

8th November 2008:
This is great! I love the interaction between the two of them! It really fits. Bill is the perfect mix Weasley taits and himself, and Fluer is...well, Fluer. I really liked the part where she wanted to be mad at him, but the caring side of her took over.

Great job! I hope to see more wonderful chapters in the future!!!

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Review #18, by shadowycorner Head injuries

28th October 2008:
I just adore this story. I love how you make Fleur...well, different. She's still beautiful, but like in later books in HP, she also displays a personality, and i believe that she is a strong, stubborn woman, just like you have shown. And Bill's this ordinary, cute guy, but he's a Weasley and so that makes him fantastic, even more so the way you write him. Seriously, "That a no?" He asked lightly, after several more moments of silence. "Or would I have reason to hope you might've been stunned into silence by the subtlty of my advances?" that just cracked me up.

There is definite chemistry between them, and it doesn't feel forced at all. It comes off with such great ease. I hope you keep going with this as i'm thoroughly enjoying it so far. Also, besides the punctuation errors in dialogue that I mentioned earlier, your writing style is so lovely. I love the comments in the narrative that come off wonderfuly funny and add a cool sound to the story. Keep up the great work. I'm now a fan! *favorites*


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Review #19, by shadowycorner Things going bump in the evening

28th October 2008:
This is simply amazing. i loved the ending when she banged the little box against his head and Beell called her an angry frenchwoman. This story simply makes me very happy and giggly. :D

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Review #20, by shadowycorner The Start of Something

28th October 2008:
I absolutely adored this. i mean, what a great, light-hearted narrative and absolutely fantastic portrayal of the two characters, especially Fleur. I am completely awed (and in hysterics) from her Non!. And Bill was hilarious, but nothing compared to that last part. I daresay i laughed out very loudly, and i don't do that often, even if the story's really funny.

Your writing is very nice and also descriptive, but when you use dialogue, there should be a comma after parts of speech, followed by he/she said. Like,

"Never again," she said angrily. Or something like that, if you get my drift.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this and want to read more straight away. What an amazing idea. i'm a big fan of Bill/Fleur and this grabbed my attention straight away. Especially the fact that you don't portray Fleur like a little sissy. her want for independence is really endearing. Still, the best moment was the last and I'll have it in my head for the rest of the day.

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Review #21, by RoseLolly Things going bump in the evening

10th October 2008:
Oh! This is brilliant. Witty, perfectly paced and amusingly believable. It's rare I genuinely like Fleur, but you've really done her wonders. She's still Fleur, too. And I like her. Yes. I realise I've sort of already established that :]

So well done :]

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Review #22, by Aradyr Head injuries

11th June 2008:
This story makes me crack up every time I read it :) I absolutely love it and hope you right the next chapter as soon as you can!

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Review #23, by Sanitariumescapee Head injuries

30th May 2008:
this story is sooo cute! i love it, fleur is great, bill is great, its all great. keep it up!

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Review #24, by Historyrepeats Head injuries

28th May 2008:
Lol! Im loving this, fantastic work!

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Review #25, by RupertsPheonix Head injuries

23rd May 2008:
Funny ending of the chapter. Is this the end of the fic, or are you continuing with their date? Either way, I love it thus far!

Great work,
Kate/RP =)

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