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Review #1, by snapeangel When you're gone

13th May 2009:
wow so moving. I dont genrally like songfic but this one was very nice..poor sev

Author's Response: aww thank you. ^_^ i know poor Sev.


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Review #2, by Lily__Potter When you're gone

17th April 2009:
This was really good. When i first saw the title, I thought the sing would be 'When you're gone' By: Kelly Clarkston But it wasn't. lol. Good job! =D

Author's Response: aww thank you hun. -huggles- Sorry lol i just like that as a title. :D ^_^


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Review #3, by i_forgot_my_name When you're gone

16th March 2009:
it's so sad :(
but i liked it :D it's good to see this side of Snape :D :D
(P.S. this is lyzzic from TDA doing the review the above story thing :D)

Author's Response: Thank you lyzzic -glomps- i am sorry its so sad but poor Snape really is a sad character.


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Review #4, by luvlunageorgefred When you're gone

7th June 2008:
oh this was so sad, i really liked it, it
was sweet im sniffing as i write this review
hey thanks 4 adding me as a fave author by the
by i'll add u

Author's Response: Yes it is terrible sad poor Severus. Oh dear don't sniff *Hands tissue* No problem thank you for adding me :)

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Review #5, by Tabbi_Rox When you're gone

21st April 2008:
Plz keep writing. its so sad about Lily and Snape. you rite so passionately and so.i dunno, but the way you rite it makes emotions go haywire. please keep witing-its really good.

Author's Response: Thank you so much i know it is terribly sad about Lily and Snape he is my fav character i just love him lol. Thank you i will keep writing maybe i'll write another Snape/Lily one shot, i don't know.

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Review #6, by PoohBear813 When you're gone

30th March 2008:
Aww... Poor Snape... Lovely chapter!!

Author's Response: Thank you an i know i just love Snape he is so beautiful.

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Review #7, by henryjones When you're gone

8th February 2008:
hey! what a sad little one shot. i actually had little tear-lets in my eyes! and let me tell you, im normally not an emotional person. i just felt to bad for snape. i mean, hes an awesome character, but hes so miserable.
the song choice was also brilliant. definitely one of those songs you hear and go "omg! thats so hp!". happens to me a lot. maybe im just a smidge too obsessed ;)
only a few little things, though. first off, the scene in the great hall made snape and lily's relationship seem pretty public. i thought that no one knew about it, well except a few people i suppose. second thing -He was not seen by anyone and continued to go unnoticed.- this is redundant, no? i mean, if no one sees him, then hes going unnoticed. right? english not being my first language, i really cant pretend to be the expert.
anyway, this was a super sweet one shot. thank you for writing it! ;)

Author's Response: Thank you and wow it must have been really sad for you to get tears in your eyes. I feel bad for Snape to he is my favourite character, and yes he is so miserable.

I am pleased you liked the song i had never heard of it before until i heard it on Gilmore Girls and i loved it.

I understand what you mean about the great hall seen with Snape and Lily and i will try and fix it so it isn't public. Yes and i agree about Snape going unnoticed. Thank you and it was no problem writing it thank you for reading and reviewing it.

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Review #8, by evie_doherty When you're gone

1st December 2007:
oh wow. *tears* im not a real james/lily, but you are by your authors page.. but i was glad to find this story. what a great song to put a story too! i would have loved to have seen a few more flashbacks, maybe one when severus first saw lily, and then one of him after the whole 'mudblood' incident, but you really captured the emotion at the funeral scene. and remus doing a eulogy? of course! brilliant! *tears* so sad.. a very nice story, =]

Author's Response: I am sorry it was so sad i have actually been thinking of rewriting it with more flashbacks still not sure. Thank you so much for reviewing one of my stories i just love With Birds in Her hair and A fancy, or a feeling they are just wo well written. I am pleased you liked the song i thought it fitted in with the story so i put it in. Thank you so much once again and i think i might rewrite it with more flashbacks like the ones you suggested =)

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Review #9, by hermione When you're gone

21st November 2007:
Aw thats sad. I wondered after the fifth book came out and I found a Snape/Lily video. It got me thinking if JK was building to what happened. You also make it so real like I can see it happening. Great story.

Author's Response: I am sorry it is so sad and thank you i am pleased you can see it happening and thanks for saying it was a great story =)

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Review #10, by kyrandia When you're gone

15th November 2007:
eh this is alright 3rd to last line u wrote goon isnt it suppose to be gone?

Author's Response: yeah sorry i will have to fix that up

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Review #11, by Amanda When you're gone

6th October 2007:
I really, really loved it. Will you be writing more?

Author's Response: Thanks i am so pleased you loved it and i don't think i will be wrighting more. I might though. thanks

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Review #12, by kyrandia When you're gone

22nd September 2007:
so sad

Author's Response: sorry it's so sad, thanks for your review

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