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Review #1, by kassybaby Epilogue

23rd April 2011:
Wow I loved this was really powerful I could practically feel maras emotions...this was really really amazing.
much love

Author's Response: Thank you :) x

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Review #2, by dunlop09 Epilogue

2nd January 2011:
What a great story! It doesn't have as nearly as many reviews as it should!

I definitely saw the Loretta thing coming! I knew the moment she came in after they took Flora. I did NOT see the Harry or Malfoy thing though. Fooled me twice D:

Very cleverly done. When they kept mentioning "him", of course I thought of Voldemort. When they spoke of Malfoy changing sides, I definitely thought it was from the Order to Voldmort's. Then when the truth came out I really thought Harry had gone crazy.

What still confuses me is the whole Jake thing. He seemed genuine enough, but was he sent in there by Malfoy to verify who Mara was? And also, what was Malfoy planning on doing with Mara? I thought his gola was to kill her. But why take her to her father? Why play around with her like that? Shouldn't he have killed her the moment he found out who she was?

I think that is enough questions for now! What a nice epilogue. Kind of sad that things aren't all better. But I'm guessing the England society is recovering. It would have been nice to know what happened to the other characters as well. Poor Flora and Luke think that Flora betrayed Luke. No wonder she has nightmares! And I hope Naomi has become less solemn.

Anyway, great story. I wish you the best in your writing future. You have great potential!

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review! Hmm yeah Jake. If I re-wrote this story (which I might someday...) I would definitely expand upon his backstory. This was my first novel length story and I admit there are plotholes aplenty in there...I'm glad you enjoyed it overall though :) thank you x

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Review #3, by DragonGoddess Epilogue

26th April 2009:
I love the way you ended it. At first, I thought.. wasn't this a little too much like all the other stories? With them being married and happily ever after..

Clearly, that wasn't it. I deduced wrong. I don't suppose you're going to continue writing this? I still want to know about Draco's son.. That seemed misty to me.

I loved the whole Eric/Mara moment in the previous chapter.. It was not overly done. Just perfect. Loved it :)

Beautiful piece of work. This is undoubtedly one of the very well thought, wonderfully written stories I've read in here!

I see you have many more stories.. Not really sure when I'll get around to reading em all.. But, I will :)

Once again, to the star writer, I absolutely loved this story! Every intricacy to the last detail!

10/10 all the way!

Author's Response: Heh I'm glad you liked it :) I loved writing the epilogue so much (and I can remember whats in it too! Yay!) and, yeah, I really didn't want it to be just another happily ever after ending. More bittersweet.

To be honest the Draco's son thing was something that, in retrospect, I wouldn't have included. I won't be writing any sequels - or at least I'm not planning on it - but I have written a prequel which I may post sometime in the future if the urge takes me :)

Thank you so much for reviewing to the bitter end...your opinion is what matters to me the most on this story, so I'm really really glad you enjoyed it! xxx

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Review #4, by DragonGoddess Chapter Twenty One

26th April 2009:
Man.. I just had to pause here and let you know how awesome I think this story is!

I did have mixed feelings about Malfoy.. But, this was mindblowing a twist!

I LOVE your story, my dear! Absolutely LOVE it!

I just wanna read on and see where it ends.. so pardon me for not reviewing other chapters :-s

Author's Response: Awh thank you *blush* I feel so loved! :D

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Review #5, by DragonGoddess Chapter Nineteen

26th April 2009:
Woah! Okay.. Loretta?! Where did she come from!? This just got crazier!

I didn't find anything obvious in here.. So I didn't really bring up anything.

As always, I like the descriptions while you kept the crispness of the story.

Going ahead to read the next!

Author's Response: Yeah, Loretta. Nasty piece of work, that one ;)
thanks for the review m'dear! Lovely as always :D

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Review #6, by DragonGoddess Chapter Eighteen

24th April 2009:
Okay. Previous chapter.. I just read through cuz of all the excitement of having come back to your story after a long time.. I'll begin this with suggestions :D

* 'The wide arched windows streamed with the golden rays of the setting sun' < Your previous sentence has 'wide' too. So, I'd say use a different word.

* 'the change in light intensity' < maybe it's missing an article? Or maybe it could be 'change in the intensity of the light' or something?

* 'the sought of smell' - 'sort of'

Loved these lines!

* but the dream quickly dispersed like morning mist, leaving only reality.

* one breathless moment she felt suspended between life and death

Oohh. Tutor her to turn her into Dark Lady 1? O_O I've said it before.. but, curiouser and curiouser! You have cast thy spell and we're still reeling in it :D

Brilliant chapter! I sorta have an idea as to what it might be. Harry mixed with Voldy? =O That's.. one helluva deadly combination! But, no, I don't know!

Gonna

Author's Response: Heh thanks for the pointers. Did I really spell 'sort' as 'sought'? Lol what an idiot! I was probably writing it late at night or something ;)

Ahh she's learning magic next I should read old stories more often; I can't even remember whats going to happen next! :D

Thanks for the review and once again, lovely to hear from you. I've got to mosey on down to (lol!) to your story and see if you've got anything new posted now! :D Excitement!


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Review #7, by DragonGoddess Chapter Seventeen

24th April 2009:
Okay.. I am probably the last person you expected to pop out of nowhere.. But, here I am :D


I think I read this chapter before and had even a draft of the review.. But, I can't recollect and since I am at work.. I wouldn't be able to get the info either.

After almost a year.. Your words still hold the sway. The descriptions and words are profound. The mystery brewing is just so... way beyond interesting!

Malfoy was worried at first and delighted the next time? What IS he upto? I don't really have to wait to know that :D

Anyways, great chapter. Going to read the next :D

Author's Response: Heya!! I was not expecting you at all, but what a great surprise! How are you??? Woa has it been a year??

I haven't looked over Mara in ages, so I had to read the chapter to see what you were talking about (lol). Heh even after a load more stories Malfoy remains my favourite character to write. He's just so contradictory...

Thanks for the review! xxx

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Review #8, by sinful_sanctuary Epilogue

5th November 2008:
I absolutely loved this story!
It was so well written, exciting, full of wonderful twists. It is absolutely one of my all time favorites fanfics, it's a short list, with 3 stories, and yours is one of them ("A year like none other" and "Dangerverse" in case you were wondering:D).
And this fic, is actually one that I believe would make a very good movie!
I really don't have anything more to say, other than that I absolutely loved it! And I will most likely read more of you in the future!

Author's Response: A movie eh?? why thank you *embarassed giggle* If only it wasn't fanfiction...*dreamy eyes* And thank you for favouriting this! Wow only two other stories...I feel privilaged! :D Thank you very much for both reading and writing such awesome reviews! xxx

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Review #9, by sinful_sanctuary Chapter Seventeen

30th October 2008:
He's possessed! By Voldemort! Right? And everyone thinks Harry killed Voldemort, and now turned evil. But Draco knows better and is trying to right the wrong. And the mere sight of his lost daughter is bringing the love back in to Harry, and Voldemort can't take it! Yes, that's it.

Sorry, getting a bit carried away there. The story is still fantastic! Love the twist with Harry being Him!

Author's Response: heh almost but not quite! I guess you already know what happened in the end, but I'm always interested in reader theories! :) Thank you for the review, lovely like all the others xxx

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Review #10, by sinful_sanctuary Chapter Fifteen

30th October 2008:
Harry Potter?
Have I missed something? Him and Harry Potter is not the same person? Or is Draco really working for someone else?
Just had to comment that, now I got to read on! This is so exciting!

Author's Response: Heh indeed 'he' is Harry Potter. Reveletion eh? lol thank you for the review m'dear xx

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Review #11, by sinful_sanctuary Chapter Five

29th October 2008:
Well, this is certainly becoming more and more interesting!
At first, back when she described her father, I was sure it was Neville. But now that I think about it, Ron would do a better job at getting away and hiding himself and a daughter. And I'm really curious about why he changed his name, and who Mara's real mother is.
You certainly managed a cliffhanger here, what on earth is Draco on about? Guess I have to read on to find out:)

I just got to say that this is very well written so far. Very few typos, good flow, and you keep the reader interested from beginning to end of each chapter.
Now, I got to read more, as I'm slowly getting addicted to this story:)

Author's Response: Slowly getting addicted eh? Thank you once more for the awesome reviewage! :)

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Review #12, by sinful_sanctuary Chapter Three

21st October 2008:
I really like this story so far. It's captivating, dark, and exciting. I've come across a few typos, but I couldn't find them again even if I stood upside down, so it doesn't matter. The story is too good:)
But what on earth has happened to the Wizarding World? Why has He taken over? (By Him, I guess we're speaking of Voldemort?) Changed everything? And what is it about everyone asking about her name? Guess I have to read on to find out:)

Author's Response: Oh man sorry for taking such a ridiculously long time to reply...I kept on logging on, going 'oh I really should reply to these reviews' and then something else came up. But I'm here now! :) Thank you very much for your reviews. I can't think of anything to say in response to this because you've obviously got to the end! But anyway thank you :D

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Review #13, by Voldemora Chapter Twenty

12th June 2008:
No, I think it was quite a good chapter! Now, I'm afraid this will be shorter than usual, as I've sprained my wrist and can't be bothered typing, but I'm still loving the story! Wonderful job on it, it's fantastic.

Author's Response: Awh hope your wrist gets better soon :( and thanks fo the review! only 6 more chapters to go now!

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Review #14, by Voldemora Chapter Nineteen

7th June 2008:
OoOoOoOh! Magic With Malfoy -- The hit new show! Yes, I'm in an odd mood. But oh my gosh, what a cliffhanger! But you seem to be chaptering very quickly, so I've no doubts the next will be out soon.

A very good chapter, full of interestingness about Malfoy and Mara's magic. It's expected, I suppose, that she'd find it hard to cast magic, and I'm sure she did well to cast that one.

I found one sentence that was a little confusing. I think you started it meaning one thing and then switched to another: "The realisation made reminded her of what Malfoy had said..." Anyway, just fix that and it'll be good.


Author's Response: Heh glad you liked it! :D Lol 'Magic with Malfoy'...sounds like a good story title actually! Yeah I didn't really want to make her be able to do magic straight away...felt a bit Mary-Sue. And indeed I do seem to be writing quickly...I just want to get to the end now, I'm so close!
Ooh thanks for pointing that sentence out. It must have passed by my proof reading.
Thanks for the review m'dear, lovely as usual! :D xxx

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Review #15, by pinks Chapter Nineteen

7th June 2008:
Such a fantastic, original story! I hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Awh thanks very much! Next chapter's on its way soon :D xx

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Review #16, by pinks Chapter Sixteen

7th June 2008:
Wow, that's a twist I didn't see coming! Great story!

Author's Response: Heh :D Thank you for the review!

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Review #17, by Learningtofly Chapter Eighteen

2nd June 2008:
Well well, having the new dark lord as your father dows seem to have its perks!

Author's Response: LOL indeed it does...once you can get around the insanity you can pretty much do what you want eh? lol XD thank you for the review! xxx

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Review #18, by Voldemora Chapter Eighteen

2nd June 2008:
I love the queue being so short! I keep finding more chapters of this, and it's one of my absolute favourite stories!

What really struck me about this particular chapter was the description. It was just so wonderfully detailed that I could really see what was happening. And when Mara was thinking about jumping, I could tell what she was feeling, what she was thinking and why. It's really well done, all your description.

Well, now we know some more about Harry's past! I'm happy now, that's what I've been wondering about most. I was very curious. And the cliffhanger, she's going to learn magic!

Another fabulous, fantastic chapter, and another 10/10.

Author's Response: Awh thank you! You have no idea how much I'm grinning right now! :D I actually can't think of anything useful to say in response to this review, it was just so wonderful! Thank you! I'm really, genuinely touched :D xx

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Review #19, by Voldemora Chapter Seventeen

31st May 2008:
Wow, I'm glad I checked my favourites list or I would have completely missed this chapter!

As usual, a wonderful chapter. I love that even minor characters like Marianne and Harry have a bit of personality to them. It's a nice touch, and it was interesting to see Mara entering the world of those with parents. And then more mysteries, with Malfoy and avoiding questions! Sort of.

I really can't wait to see how this mystery pans out, and find out exactly what is going on! By the way, about how many chapters do you expect it will be?
10/10, Emi

Author's Response: lol I'm glad you checked as well! Yours is one of the reviews I always look out for!
Yeah I liked Marianne and Harry too...I just wanted to show that not all the 'ordinary' students were horrible. Some are quite nice! lol :D and Malfoy is being a bit mysterious isn't he?? I wonder why....:P
Hum chapters...well I could tentatively say about 5 or 6? Don't take that as the absolute answer! We are definately near the end now, though, so not long to go! :D

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Review #20, by thedarkpoet Chapter Seventeen

30th May 2008:
All my favorite stories are ending in cliffies. WHY?!?!?

Love it!


Author's Response: Heh glad you like it ;P Next chapter's on its way so don't worry! lol thanks for the review x

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Review #21, by _wizard11 Chapter Sixteen

26th May 2008:
this is going to be short-

hmmm.. another chapter full of suspense..
nothing became clearer here.. again a suspense as to wats wrong with Harry..

But I like ur style of writing as usual..
though I wud have loved to read just a few more paragraphs than this.. but.. i will wait.

I liked this Draco.. and ur justification abt him.. working for the winning side.. but him supporting Mara and pitying her?? Now that was a BIT overdone.. BUT I suppose he changed overtime..

update soon..

Author's Response: Awh sorry for the shortness of the chapter :( I just reached a natural end and didn't want to push it any further. Hum yes Draco...your theories are perfectly valid and he is ooc. But keep your eyes peeled for more ;)
Thank you! :D xxx

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Review #22, by _wizard11 Chapter Fifteen

25th May 2008:

i was wondering why people stopped using you-know-who.. but now i came to know.. it really blew me off..

awesome.. i was never expecting this.. i always thought Mara was destined to finish off Voldemort, Harry was dead,so Ron was harboring her.. but this is SO unexpected..

again great work on metaphors.. I have stuck to this so far.. cant wait to find out the end..

Keep up the good work..

PS: dont u ever check out your meet the author page on HPFF?? I just checked and u have got a warning!! you and DragonGoddess

Author's Response: Heh. I am enjoying people's reactions! Metaphors eh? Well thank you!
Yeah I've heard about the warning. I'm trying to avoid the forums until my exams are over but in a moment of weakness I checked it *blush* I'll get back to posting after my last exam, which is less than a week away! Sorry :( but I kinda thought exams were more important...
Thank you very much for the review m'dear! I had a lot of fun reading it! xxx

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Review #23, by DragonGoddess Chapter Sixteen

22nd May 2008:

Beginning with a few pointers (got this one from you :P)

* Shadows cast by the burning, bright torches crouched in the corners like beasts waiting to pounce, to rip and tear. - The sentence is incomplete, don't ya think?

* I found recently that unless you have words like 'said' 'told' 'rambled' 'whispered' etc shouldn't use a coma at the end of the, for example:

'She was looking down at her with a mixture of confusion and interest, “You may come in now. And leave the arm band. You will not need it now.”' - in here? There must not be a 'coma' after interest unless it was something like 'confusion and interest before saying, "You...blah blah"

I hope you understood my rambling :D

[Psst...who's Faryn person? Don't recollect...couldja (whenever you're free) temme who this one is?]

* But she didn’t know what to do other than stand, trying not to move, or breath, or make any noise at all. - 'breathe' should be the word here, messa thinking.

Whaaa?! That's all? OVER?!?! KAT! Was that 2000 words? got over too quickly. Oh, including the AN, I see.

Ah well...DAMN! Why is he coughing up blood like that?! He has magical world cancer?! GAAAHHH!! Now that the plot has unfurled...another mystery has arisen as to what REALLY happened to Harry darling...

I loved the whole description in the chapter. Not too over done...just perfectly baked! It was rich! Amazing chapter here hun ^_^

PLEASE-o-PLEASE update soon!!!

Much love,

Jan ^_^

Author's Response: Ooh pointers! *dances*
Hum. Yes that sentence was a bit annoying, I couldn't work out what to do with it so I just kinda left it. Bad practise huh? And I think I get the thing about the commas, I'm rubbish with speech grammar, though, so I apologise if I still make mistakes. Ooh and yes 'breath' is a typo. Thanks for pointing it out! When I (finally) edit this story I'll sort out all those things.
LOL magical world cancer? Interesting idea...and you may be correct ;) Or not. Heh. Oh and thank you! I was rather proud of the description, thanks for the compliments! *blush*
The queue is now open so I will be posting very shortly! ^_^
Katherine x

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Review #24, by Voldemora Chapter Sixteen

21st May 2008:
Ooooh! Such an exciting chapter! Lots of exclamation marks!

I'm not sure if I've said this very much in my last reviews, but you have a wonderful way with descriptions. You really convey the atmosphere, what they're feeling, and of course what things look like. It's really wonderful.

Ah, I love this chapter, and I can't wait to find out what happened to Harry! At the moment I have a bit of a theory that when he killed Voldemort, he sort of absorbed his evilness, like a sponge. I had to add the sponge bit after the absorb bit, I'm sorry.

Anyways, 10/10!

Author's Response: Hum absorbing a sponge eh? ^_^ You could be right...or you could be wrong! ;) Soon all will be revealed! I'm so evil! ^_^
Thank you! I really loved writing this chapter and I had so much fun with the description and I'm so glad you think its effective :)
Thanks m'dear! Lovely review, as always :D
Katherine x

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Review #25, by MRss_TOmm_FELTOnn Chapter Fifteen

14th May 2008:
wait im confused.
is harry potter bad in this story??
cuz i wuzlike, wuldnt voldemort HATE him??

ahhh im confused but i luv this storryy...

Author's Response: Oh don't be confused! I will help you out ^_^ Yes Harry's the bad guy...sorry about that but its the only thing that would work for this story. I'm not sure exactly what you mean about Voldemort, but I will try and clear it up anyway lol. This is a post book 7 fic, so Voldemort is dead. Yeah I imagine he would probably hate Harry becoming a rival dark lord if he was still alive, but Harry killed him in book 7 so his opinion on the subject is somewhat hard to come!
Thank you for reviewing, I hope my rather long winded response helped your confusion ^_^ xxx

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