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Review #1, by Liana A Friend In Need

16th July 2009:
That was too cute. It reminded me of Edward, my old Golden. He used to smile all the time. He also loved to play hide-n-seek. He'd go somewhere I couldn't see him, then he'd stand real still and watch me look and call for him. When I'd see him, he'd come running with that goofy smile, wagging his tail. Thanks for that memory.

Author's Response: Aww sounds like a really sweet dog. I love goldens! My friend Maureen has one, his name is Marley. And he's a handful since he's still a puppy and likes to jump on people. But she loves him so much.

You're welcome!

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Review #2, by SnapeAngel A Friend In Need

26th April 2009:
very cute story! love it!

Author's Response: Thank you! There's a sequel as well called Saving Mrs. Norris.

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Review #3, by essenni A Friend In Need

23rd January 2008:
Very nice and heartwarming story!

Author's Response: great and there'll be a sequel too!

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Review #4, by MinervaRiddle A Friend In Need

11th January 2008:
Terrific one shot! Very pleased with this. I just love the last line. Maverick is a cute dog! Sorry, I'm quite a softy when it comes to animals. Great one-shot!

Author's Response: Thanks, I love dogs too and have written another story featuring Maverick and Mrs Norris. I'll be posting it soon!

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Review #5, by JamesandLily4ever A Friend In Need

1st December 2007:
Wonderful one-shot! (And yeah, it'd be awesome to play a game of tag with ya, Maverick!)

The site where you can get banners made from:

:) Read the instructions first and then you'll be set. 10/10 for this one-shot however. (even though it was a wee bit on the long side... ;])

Keep writing, Snapegirl, you have tallent.

P/s: Try making the paragraphs a little bit shorter (by doublespacing in there in order to not be so much to read!). Great job all in all though!

Author's Response: yeah, I went on it and got a banner made for this story and have requests for the others! Thanks! There'll be another Maverick story soon, featuring him and Mrs. Norris!

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Review #6, by Hermione713 A Friend In Need

1st December 2007:
SQUEE! Oh my goodness, so cute! Snape really needs a dog...I could definitely see this happening. *loves it* Very well-written, as well. ;)


Hermione :)

Author's Response: That's exactly why I gave him Maverick here and in my other story he also has a dog after Maverick dies named Scout!

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Review #7, by Yankeefan A Friend In Need

26th November 2007:
Maverick is such a cool dog! I love him and I love the way Sev acts with him. Hannah was neat too and so were those two nasty kids.

Author's Response: I'll be posting another Maverick story after my novel, so keep looking!

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Review #8, by shutupfatty369 A Friend In Need

26th November 2007:
Wonderful story, I really loved Maverick. I had a dog similar to him once that chewed everything. Great characterization of Snape too!

Author's Response: So did I, and he was a beagle!

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Review #9, by slytherensangel26 A Friend In Need

25th November 2007:
omg i love this that was awesome! i love this story!

Go mavrick!

Author's Response: Great and I'm writing another short story sequel to this as we speak. And don't forget to look for the new sequel to the Very Best Thing!

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Review #10, by SeverusWasLoved A Friend In Need

24th November 2007:
This was great! Maverick reminds me of my dog Jack... almost to the tee. lol. It was also great getting Maverick's POV. I can't wait to read some more of your stories, I love how you portray Severus.

Author's Response: Wonderful, and I've a sequel written as well! it's even funnier!

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Review #11, by kokanoka23 A Friend In Need

24th November 2007:
Awesome story! I love Maverick and love how he made those two bullies go crazy. LoL! I wish i had a dog like that.

Author's Response: Me too, though I almost did once, when i was a kid.

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Review #12, by beaglesandcollies101 A Friend In Need

24th November 2007:
Oh this was great! I love dog stories. And the end with Snape and those two stupid boys, I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair! bravo!

Author's Response: Yeah, I really liked writing this one, it was fun!

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Review #13, by burns603 A Friend In Need

24th November 2007:
Absolutely wonderful! I loved it all, especially Maverick's talking!

Author's Response: Great! This was a bit of humor inbetween my more serious works.

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Review #14, by brenda wood A Friend In Need

24th November 2007:
that was wonderful
rnI loved how sev helped out that little girl - by the itme arista came along she would be graduated wouldn't she - it woud be nice if she came back to visit the school and brought her little girl or boy for a visit- if I did the math right - this girl was 11 when arista was about 1 so if arista is 14 now this hannah would be in her twenties - married with a little one marietta's age or thereabouts
rnanyhow just an idea I had and I know maverick has died in arista's world -
rnlove how you did his thoughts and had him play with fang and how kind snape was to the little girl

Author's Response: You're right, and I never thought about it, maybe I'll do another story with Hannah as an adult, it would be interesting. Thanks for the idea.

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