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Review #1, by wolfgirl17 All Hallow's Eve

15th September 2014:
This was delightful. I really liked the flow of the story between characters. I liked the way you left the culprit of all the mayhem unknown too. More often than not it is our own imaginations that scare us out of our wits rather than a known attacker. This story would've been spookier if you hadn't told us in the end that it was Peeves. =)

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Review #2, by SilverFeathers All Hallow's Eve

4th October 2009:
I thought something really bad was happening at Hogwarts at first. Brilliant story all in all, I love the way you described the characters without giving away their names and the ending was perfect :D
10/10 (and a definite fave)

Author's Response: Thank-you so much. I'm really glad you liked it and it's a favourite! :D

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Review #3, by ParaSiempre All Hallow's Eve

27th August 2009:
That was good. At the beginning, I thought something really terrible was happening so it came as a shock when it turned out to be Peeves. Anyways, I liked how you wrote it. Very eerie and mysterious :)

Author's Response: Thank-you so much. I'm glad you thought it came across as being eerie and mysterious. :)

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Review #4, by draikaina8503 All Hallow's Eve

20th August 2009:
Wow, that was a wickedly awesome story! Left you hanging until the very end. Very good!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #5, by Alopex All Hallow's Eve

13th February 2009:
The first two occurances, with Pansy and Cho, had me thinking that something really sinister was going on. However, the last two did seem more Peeves-like. Certainly he is annoying, mean, and nasty, but he never struck me as an especially evil, sinister being. Those first two "jokes" were very scary and not totally in character of him, the way I picture him.

I did find some of the sentences to be on the flowery side with some (to me) awkward phrasing, but I do enjoy your vocabulary. The overall story had a very spooky, eerie, Halloweenish air. I thought it was very descriptive. I am particularly interested in the way that you featured some of the least sympathetic characters from the books. Argus Filch, of course, was an excellent choice of a character, since he is always after Peeves.

Author's Response: Peeves is definitely more of a jokester, but I wanted to have him being a bit more 'devilish' in the spirit of Halloween for this fic. I suppose the more 'evil' pranks were probably a little OOC for Peeves, but I guess that's the fun of wrting fanfiction, we can play with the characters to our liking.

It has been mentioned before that I was a little too wordy in some parts of this fic. For me on a personal level as a writer, I wrote this fic as a way of developing my descriptive writing skills, and hence some parts did come off a bit too wordy. I'm glad you liked my description for the most part though.

I did enjoy writing some of the minor characters, especially Filch, as they are characters not often explored in fanfic.

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #6, by chiQs09 All Hallow's Eve

2nd October 2008:
Here, as promised, the review.
I like your story! The changing of POVs went really smoothly. I never read it in this style. Really original. :D I thought all the characters disappeared or that something really bad happened to them, but Peeves just played his pranks on them. LOL

I'll definitely read your other stories too. :D You're a great writer! :D

Author's Response: Thank-you so much for reviewing this again! I was devastated when I lost my reviews in the site crash (as were all authors), and I really appreciate you taking the time to review again. :)

I'm so glad you liked this story, it was the first time I ever attempted a horror. I wanted to use some of the minor characters in this story, yet let the reader assume who the characters were through the descriptions. I also thought it would be an interesting twist having all the mayhem caused by Peeves in the end, as I tend to think he would love the opportunity to play pranks at Halloween.

Thanks for the compliment! I hope if you do read any of my other stories that you enjoy them as much as this one. :)

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Review #7, by lastfarie All Hallow's Eve

6th June 2008:
It was okay. I really enjoy hearing about others than Harry. I wish the 2 boys would have gotten from the pumpkins.

Author's Response: Thank-you for reviewing. I thought it would be interesting to write something from the trio era that focused on minor characters rather than the trio.

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Review #8, by Fireflash 500 All Hallow's Eve

21st May 2008:
I like it...
It's quite spooky and I wasn't sure what the conclusion was going to be but you carried it off with a funny twist at the end.
Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank-you so much for your review. I'm glad you liked my little twist at the end and I am pleased you liked the fic as a whole. I will definitely keep writing. :)

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Review #9, by Sal1705 All Hallow's Eve

15th May 2008:
I wasn't sure whether to laugh or be afraid of your story.

I loved the poem-type-thingy that was on the blackboard:

There was a young girl named Cho,
It’s a pity she has to go,
She cannot escape,
Her horrible fate,
And no one will ever know!

If was so cool. Did you write it yourself?

Author's Response: Thank-you so much for your review. Yes I did write that poem myself (I love writing poetry) I'm so glad you liked it.

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Review #10, by xduffyxgreengrassx All Hallow's Eve

28th April 2008:
Gaah! OMG.

I'm excited! More! =)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm actually going to be starting another horror story soon involving the Marauders. :)

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Review #11, by light_blue All Hallow's Eve

20th April 2008:
XD Lovely story. PEEVES!

Author's Response: Thank-you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! ;)

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Review #12, by AuroraLamia All Hallow's Eve

6th April 2008:
Brilliant, I knew it had to be a ghost, but I was wondering which one, of cause it was peeves, the only poltergeist in the series mentioned ^_^

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing, yes of course it was Peeves, causing mischief and mayhem as usual :D I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #13, by Chealy All Hallow's Eve

29th March 2008:
Wow. That's pretty good. And it made me laugh, it was all peeves !

Author's Response: Thank-you so much! I'm so glad you liked that it was Peeves and that it made you laugh. :)

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Review #14, by Kathryn williams All Hallow's Eve

19th March 2008:
That is a brilliant and thrilling short story i love how at first you did not mention peeves at first but i love the whole way you set out the story it was brilliant.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review. I am so glad you liked the way I set it out and how I left Peeves until the end. It was definitely fun to write.

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Review #15, by Mrs. Granger All Hallow's Eve

12th March 2008:
A very endearing story! A very fun look at the happenings at Hogwarts from Mr. Filch's perspective.

Author's Response: I thought it would be interesting writing something from Filch's perspective, so I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for reviewing.

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Review #16, by Niki014 All Hallow's Eve

1st March 2008:
Woah, for a moment I actually wondered what was doing all of that stuff! I know it's months ago that this story was written but still...I was actually freaked out with that thing with Cho (even though I don't like her) you should write more scary stories on here or something that one was awesome even if I was really creeped out!

Author's Response: Thank-you so much for reading and reviewing. Although this was written as a Halloween fic, it's great that people are still reading nearly six months on. Considering this was my first ever attempt at writing something scary, I am pleased you liked it so much that you think I should write more! I'm actually working on an original creepy fic at the moment to post at Fiction Central.

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Review #17, by xXLuna_LovegoodXx All Hallow's Eve

19th February 2008:
That was really well written! You really had me scared then! But once you found out it was Peeves, everything was much better. Fantastic story! Great job!

11/10 !

Author's Response: 11/10 Wow! Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed reading this, I hope you weren't too scared. :)

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Review #18, by Issyl All Hallow's Eve

27th January 2008:
very very nice
it's certainly a good read

Author's Response: Thank-you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #19, by cluckboy All Hallow's Eve

21st January 2008:
very good an unpredictable ending

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #20, by MkM All Hallow's Eve

4th January 2008:
That was really good! Suspenseful, and it actually made sense!

Author's Response: Thank-you so much for reviewing! I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #21, by Luella All Hallow's Eve

19th December 2007:
Excellent story! Full of suspense and mystery!

Author's Response: Thank-you! I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #22, by Midwinter_wolf All Hallow's Eve

13th December 2007:
Brilliant! I love it! that was really good! You've proably heard this all before but fantastic!

Author's Response: Thank-you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #23, by ThePaladin_ All Hallow's Eve

11th December 2007:
This was just awsome :D
Your writing is extremely mature and u got tons of imagination :)
I am new at this site but I will make sure to read all ur stories and posts.

Author's Response: Welcome to HPFF!

Thanks for reviewing, I hope you enjoy reading my other stories as much as you enjoyed this one :)

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Review #24, by Emma All Hallow's Eve

10th December 2007:
Quite a nail biting story! it had me quite scared for a while, the plot line and ending were fantastic! please write again soon!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing, I'm glad you liked it (even if it did scare you!) I have several other stories on HPFF, if you would like to read them just click onto my author page. :)

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Review #25, by MissJessx3 All Hallow's Eve

1st December 2007:
OUTSTANDINGG!!! I LOVEED IT! its a great short story for halloween! loved how you used different points of view, it made it much more interesting that way.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am so glad you enjoyed it. It was definitely interesting writing the POVs of the various minor characters.

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