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Review #1, by Harry Potter rules Wills and Intruders

1st July 2017:
great so far, please update soon. I don't really think that Kat should judge Sirius on his family because he's different. Question, why is Sirius unaware of his love for Kat? what kind of love is it? Unrequited?Undying? Or is it Requited? At the moment there is no proof Sirius likes Kat but it's obvious that James likes Lily.

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Review #2, by KiTkAt14 Explanations, Provocations, and Deliberations

13th June 2008:
who's V
ur story wuz fne
it had a lot of monolougue
did i spell that rite?
if u don't no wut that means email me

Author's Response: sorry about that. V isnt a person, the line thing nd the V arent supposed 2 be like that, they made an arrow back wen i wuz riting it, but the spacing changed. thx, im glad 2 no it wuz good. i have absolutely no idea wut monologue means (yes, ppl other than kat reding this, i AM kinda stupid) so i will emil u. but if u mean dialogue, then ur stupid. thats cuz im talkative, so mi ppl r talkative 2. xP

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Review #3, by KiTkAt14 Chapter 1: The Legend of Alexandria Ollera and the girl of Hallix Fay

13th June 2008:
just so u no ang
in real life u don't own me
great story
will the reason y lily wuz crying become clear soon

Author's Response: just so U no kitkat
in real liife this stry isnt about u
and yes, the resason y lils wuz cryin will becum clear soon. very soon if u read on! xP

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Review #4, by KiTkAt14 Prologue 2

12th June 2008:
very good
i finale think i can c wut is goin on wit this story

Author's Response: there u go. way 2 catch on silly. and i no ull luv the last chappie. wait, no nvmd. i was thinking about a diff thing. srry. xP

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Review #5, by KiTkAt14 Prologue 1

12th June 2008:
u meanie
how dare u use mi name even though ur mi bff
and the review!
but the prolouge is about kat and james
i'm lost but if this story has loose ends
i want u to fix them cause this story is about me

Author's Response: it wuznt ur name wen i started this, kitkat! and i have no idea wut u meant wen u said 'and the reivew!' and yes i no da prologue is about kat and james. well 1 and 1/2 r. no loose ends, its not finished. and the story is NOT ABOUT U!!! (read the story summary about kat and u will understand.) xP

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Review #6, by lily_lilyevans Explanations, Provocations, and Deliberations

27th May 2008:
this is great! and its okay.
i am going to continue the story ASAP as soon as the queue opens again.

and i am interested in a beta reader. are you already one, or if your interested?

Author's Response: thx so much!!! i no, i h8 how they always close up just wen im over my three month long writers blok! but thx and i dont no how 2 be a beta reader in any way other than through email... so email me at if u want 2!!! xP

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Review #7, by full_moon Prologue 2

12th November 2007:
I love it! Its great!!! I cant wait to read more! Update soon!!
=0P megan

Author's Response: i wil and thx 4 reviewing!

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Review #8, by asian Prologue 2

4th November 2007:
i like it! can't wait to read more! please update asap!

Author's Response: ya i need 2 wrk on gettin fast, im bein kinda slow rite now! thx

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Review #9, by asian Prologue 1

4th November 2007:
this sounds cool so far!!!

Author's Response: thx asian!

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Review #10, by bubblyblonde Prologue 1

22nd September 2007:
aw, this looks like its starting out to be a cute story! keep up the good work! update soon!

Author's Response: i will and thx 4 ur support!

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