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Review #1, by kittymayhem Innocence

29th February 2008:
I admit it; I hate SS/LE pairings. However, this story is amazingly good! It's increadible! You've written it really well and you've shown the emotion in it! It's not my favourite story because of the S/L thing but still great.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! ^^ That means a lot to me, because you hate SS/LE xD

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Review #2, by LittleBookworm Innocence

16th December 2007:

Once again, I really enjoyed reading your Squeal to your other one-shot. Even though, I must admit, I'm a true believer that James and Lily were soul mates and even though I could never imagine Lily cheating on James, I still found this story rather sweet. :)

The letter part was my favorite. The way Severus confessed his feelings, the reader could really feel his pain. Through that single letter, I think my heart reached out for him and I felt really sorry for him.

So, all in all, it was an okay one-shot. :)


Author's Response: Wow! Thanks! I struggled a long time with the letter to find the right words, and I'm glad it turned out good.

About the 'Lily-cheating-on-James' ...I've heard that a lot xD But I thought if fitted more into the story.

Thanks again for the review!

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Review #3, by dracoslover1 Innocence

16th November 2007:
It seemed a little bit rushed. I think you could have gone into more detail of James pushing for details on who the friend was. Why did Lily go and see Severus? In DH, it took a lot for Lily to come out and meet Severus after what he called her. Maybe go into descripition on her going back and forth on her feelings of wanting to see him. Also, when they did meet up in the park maybe go into descipition and have more depth and feelings into what they said.

Other then those things, it was pretty good

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review!
I shall think more about details when I write another story!

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Review #4, by lilygirl11 Innocence

12th October 2007:
you have some major issues. Just kidding. But I'm nnot a fan of Lily/Snape, so I cannot say I liked it.

Author's Response: Allright..That's your opinion. But why did you read the story if you don't like Lily/Snape?

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Review #5, by strangegirl6125 Innocence

11th October 2007:
Very sweet.
I'm a dedicated SS/LE shipper, and this is one of the best ones.

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

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Review #6, by Messr_Professor_Prongs Innocence

22nd September 2007:
okay dont get me wrong I luv your style of writing. its just I dont like the whole lily betrayin james thing. 2 ott.but good

Author's Response: Allright, that's your opinion. Thanks for the review anyway ^^

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Review #7, by Hufflepuff_Rocks Innocence

14th September 2007:
0__o To me? That's really sweet! And so is the fic :) I still like it ^^


Author's Response: Love you too ^^

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Review #8, by ilurvedannyr Innocence

11th September 2007:
i am litterally crying rite now. that was really sweet. Avril is like my favorite singer she rox and will always rock. im not usually a SS/LE shipper more of a J/L shipper but i think this is one of the best Snape/Lily fics ive ever read. very nicely written. i love this story. well i must be off.


Author's Response: Wow, thank you very much for the review! That's very sweet.

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