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Review #1, by Shooka Alive

10th May 2011:
i like it a lot. love it really. like all ur other stories! :)

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Review #2, by Potter_Princessx3 Alive

5th August 2010:
That was really really really good!
I love it sooo much!
Very detailed and awesome!
I added you and this story to my favorites!
10/10 ofcourse!
Whenever you get the chance feel free to check out my fanfiction!

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Review #3, by Stella Alive

17th May 2010:
I love all of your stories! Yours are the only ones that I can stand to read sometimes, even if it means rereading them.

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Review #4, by Padfoot Prongs Moony38 Alive

11th August 2009:
I loved it. I can't wait to read more of you're stories.

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Review #5, by rowenaravenclaw94 Alive

1st February 2009:
he's alive! i think that is so wonderful... 10/10! good job! i'm glad that they both found it in their power to give the other a second chance!
-xoxo, rowenaravenclaw94

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Review #6, by _xDraco Alive

23rd May 2008:
usually, i don't find one chapter stories very good, because they never seem complete, and any questions you have never seem to get answered.
but with this story, everything made sense, and it sort of felt like a whole story, rather than half of one.
it was really good!

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Review #7, by harrys_angels Alive

22nd May 2008:
nice story. well done

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Review #8, by deeps85 Alive

29th April 2008:
that was a better and realistic dramione of most of i have read
great work

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Review #9, by ivy_018 Alive

29th November 2007:
The story was great but I was also going to say that I love your banners. Is there any way that you could make me a couple of banners? Just leave a review in one of my stories and let me know if you're interested or if you have the time.
Keep up the good work!

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Review #10, by pisceandreams Alive

20th November 2007:
AWW!!! I'm dancing around in a happy dance. I loved this!! I'm favoriting it. It's an exquisite piece of literature!!

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Review #11, by lucielle_malfoy Alive

1st November 2007:
aw. that was SO cute. loved it =)

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Review #12, by Venus725 Alive

29th October 2007:

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Review #13, by TrogDorLuver Alive

20th October 2007:
Very well written. and entertaining!

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Review #14, by coolsilver Alive

4th October 2007:
I love this story.

actually, I love all your stories. You're a quite good writer, which makes me think that you should actually become an actual author. =).

The banner rocks too.


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Review #15, by hogwartsismyhome_2 Alive

3rd October 2007:
wow, that was really good and fully of passion. 2 thumbs up!!


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Review #16, by Beci Alive

30th September 2007:
I absolutly, completly and uterly adore you and your stories. You are the best writer ever. You can get me believing in things i caould hardly imagen. I have also read some of your other stories, and i love 'stranded'. please update it soon. i am hooked onto all of your stories. You are my insperation.


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Review #17, by CutieBritty31 Alive

29th September 2007:
Ah..It's so beautiful!

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Review #18, by 1MysteriousSoul Alive

29th September 2007:
I don't do one-shots but I am a big fan of yours so I had to - and once again Not let down ... .. Great story , thanks for writing all the stories you do .can't wait for another

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Review #19, by MandySLupin Alive

28th September 2007:
Ah. That was so beautiful.

Weeell done! *claps wildly*

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Review #20, by slytherinprincess_xox Alive

28th September 2007:
yay! i love it! it was beautifully and wonderfully written! it was an original plot and i enjoyed it greatly! :D 10/10

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Review #21, by light_blue Alive

28th September 2007:
Poor Hermione. Even though I believe in Ron/Hermione, I do love Draco/Hermione fics, and this is so far the deepest tale ever! :D

There were a few repetitions, especially on Hermione's feelings but other than that, it was good-I really love how you created Draco's character! :)

Rating: 9/10
From light_blue

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Review #22, by dramionefan Alive

28th September 2007:
wow i added tht to ma favs 10/10

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Review #23, by HarryxLovee Alive

28th September 2007:
wow very nice. exciting! keep up the good work
xox Liz

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Review #24, by Curiosity is not a sin Alive

28th September 2007:
Very fluffy! Absolutely love the banner! 10/10 for the banner!

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Review #25, by Twippy Alive

28th September 2007:
Total fluff - but I loved it anyway! :)

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