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Review #1, by forevergryffindor October 17, 1948

4th February 2014:
Amazingly in sync with d books..

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. I try hard to be in cannon. Let me know if I'm ever not :)

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Review #2, by safa October 16, 1948

24th January 2010:

this is great...i love this story please continue writing quickly
but can you make tom confese his love oh please this is lovely and breath taking !

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Review #3, by :) isabel December 25, 1942

24th September 2009:
Hmm, i love the fact that you did a tom riddle/ OC but theres this little deatail that i cant seem to keep away. Its about her personality , It shifts from a sad emo girl to a happy one, keep it steady okay? But other than that i do hope you keep writing darling, I would root for you if you get a dobby award for this ;)

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Review #4, by Cyanide_Induced October 16, 1948

20th September 2009:
:D yay an update! And an awesome one at that! Can't wait for more.

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Review #5, by Kismet October 16, 1948

15th September 2009:
Yay! Thank you for updating!
Haha it has been a long time :D

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Review #6, by Cyanide_Induced June 13, 1948, cont.

24th August 2009:
I'm in love with this story so far! It has enraptured me! Can't wait for more! :D

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Review #7, by ipek June 13, 1948, cont.

25th April 2009:
please continue the story im really loving it since the beginning im checking for some time now and still theres no new chapter im looking forward to it ;-)

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Review #8, by kittyscouldron June 13, 1948, cont.

21st December 2008:
I really am enjoying this. I stopped reading Harry Potter fan fiction a long time ago. Quite honestly, it takes too much trouble to look up and I can never find what I want. At first, I was a Harry freak. Then, a Cedric freak. Then a Draco freak. Then a,Tom/Voldemort freak. Now, I think it's Slytherin in general, but I do favor Tom more. XD This is the only story that I do think that I'm still reading. Partly because I bookmarked it a while ago. I've bookmarked a lot of stories actually, this is just the only story that I still read. I really do love this story. I'm not going to go fan girly on you right now. Haha. I'm just telling you straight up, I love this story. I like it because there's not a lot of "Tom" in the series. Actually, there's very, very little. You quench my thirst, and the story is well written, researched, and as far as magic, wizards, and manticores go, haha, very believable.

I'm just now getting to the chapter thanks to uncomfortable circumstances, but I really do hope you continue rather quickly on the story. Haha. I enjoy it a lot. You're the only "Tom" story that I can safely say that I love, save maybe one other ((but I never finished it. bad ending)). Despite such a long review, I loved it. Please, do continue. I'm here for support!! ((holds up sign)) Haha.



P.S. Btw, you've got a 14/10 for me. Haha.

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Review #9, by kittyscouldron December 31, 1947

20th December 2008:
Love it. Love it. Love it.

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Review #10, by kittyscouldron November 1, 1947

20th December 2008:
Oh no!! Poor eva!! Keep up the awesomeness. ^.^

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Review #11, by MrsMarkDeRosa June 13, 1948, cont.

19th November 2008:
okay, i love the story, but seriously, are you EVER gonna update the one on fanfiction? i've been waiting forever!

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Review #12, by kittyscouldron July 4, 1947

17th November 2008:
Love it. 14 out of 10. C:

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Review #13, by lala June 13, 1948, cont.

10th November 2008:
so i said i would write a review on chapter 16.. and here i am :)

this story is so interesting i cant stop reading it!! i really LOVE the character Eva, and i think her and tom should get a little lovinn going on soon.. tom may be the dark lord and all, but he is STILL a guy :P
(i think it would be really cute because Eva would be so happy)
ahah anyways i really enjoy your writing and i would be so thrilled if you updated soon!!
regards, lala
(the person who is clearly not creative enough when thinking up names)

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Review #14, by Dandylion200 June 13, 1948, cont.

1st November 2008:
I love this story, I can't stop reading it!
Eva is such a cool character, well done with her. And I so want Tom to love her! But it's your story, so your choice =]
Update soon please!
God Bless

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Review #15, by femina solunae June 13, 1948, cont.

25th October 2008:
ahhh another wonderful chapter. :)

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Review #16, by Kismet June 13, 1948, cont.

5th October 2008:
That was a great chapter! Thanks for updating! I really like this story. Please keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you for your review :) I'm glad you enjoy Tom and Eva! I'm having such a hard time continuing, what now with school and all, but I am trying. Thank you for being patient (everyone!)

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Review #17, by jkgiggle June 13, 1948, cont.

1st October 2008:
wow, that was intence. i wonder... what was tom thinking tho??? really... huh

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! For now, all we can assume is an educated guess in what goes on in the mind of the world's worst villian...

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Review #18, by hElen June 6, 1947

8th June 2008:
it was very good cant wait for nxt chap!
Keep writting!!

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Review #19, by Lexi Riddle June 6, 1947

2nd June 2008:
Pls write more ASAP!

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Review #20, by kittyscouldron June 6, 1947

31st May 2008:
NO!!! THE LAST CHAPTER! NO! Is Tom easing up?? OOoOOooh!

Author's Response: No, Tom's not easing up soon. I'll update the next chapter when I can. Thanks for reading.

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Review #21, by hawaiianfate June 6, 1947

29th May 2008:
wow...thank you, that was a really awesome chapter, please keep writing more!

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Review #22, by moon_black11 June 6, 1947

22nd May 2008:
i love it i lvoe it i love it! it's been a while since an update. but that's ok! i loved it.

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Review #23, by Princess Di June 3, 1947

22nd May 2008:
Lovely chapter, can't wait to read more. 10/10 I'd love to see that yearbook type thingie. So can you e-mail it to me at Thanks.

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Review #24, by Princess Di April 28, 1945

22nd May 2008:
I really like this story, and I'm glad it's going to be uber long! 10/10
You Know You Love Me,
.:Princess Di:.

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Review #25, by Princess Di December 25, 1942

22nd May 2008:
Wow, all I have to say is that Veronica Lake is awful pretty, and Vincent is cute in that 'dark mysterious' way.
Anywho, nice spin off. So she will be a Death Eater... OK, that sounds cool.
Oh and, you can learn Legimmans [sp], can't you? Snape tried to teach Harry, right???

Author's Response: You can learn how to block people's mind, but you can't learn how to constanty read others' minds (or at least that's what I believe). Anyways, she conveintly forgot about that so... About the who they look like- yeah I like pretty people :D

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