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Review #1, by Alopex Don't Tell Harry

14th February 2009:
I really liked this little story. I thought it was a good portrayal of Ginny's emotions; very realistic. I think you wrote Neville to be a very decent fellow as well, which is the way I like to think of him. :-) He was the perfect character for the part he played in this story. Neville and Ginny have a history as well, at least a small one, so that's an additional reason to choose him for the role. I'm glad you didn't go off and make some passionate, AU romance. (Though I do enjoy some of those ships lol.) And I would have been furious if you'd put her with Goyle or something horrible like that.

Author's Response: I'm so pleased that you liked my charactersation in this fic, I really didn't want to stray from canon with my portrayals of Neville and Ginny. I definitely didn't want to make this an AU romance, I just had this little 'what if' idea of what might have happened while the others were off hunting Horcruxes. I'm glad you liked it, thanks for reviewing.

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Review #2, by chiQs09 Don't Tell Harry

2nd October 2008:
Hi Jo, I'm back again to review. :)
A nice plot! I've never read this ship before! Ginny kissed Neville because she missed Harry. She was even honest with Neville when she told him why she did it.
I just can't see Neville responding like that, without hesitation or even having some conscience that his female friend was just hurt or emotionally broken when she kissed him. I don't see him "taking advantage" of the situation. He would probably talk to Ginny first...

The only CC I could give is:
You started almost every sentences with "Ginny/She". I found it a bit distracting. Your vocabulary is nice, just try changing the sentence structure a bit.

Other than that, well done! :D
Mitch ^_^

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, Mitch.

I got the idea for this ship from GoF, when Neville takes Ginny to the ball. I got the idea that Neville may have always had a soft spot/crush on Ginny after that. I guess that's why I had him respond the way he did, though I'm sure he felt bad afterwards.

My other inspiration came from wondering what it was like for Ginny and Neville stuck at Hogwarts while the trio were out Horcrux hunting. And I got an idea that perhaps they would have become quite close during that year.

Thanks for the CC, I'll definitely keep that in mind ;)

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Review #3, by Sundevil6 Don't Tell Harry

21st March 2008:
I read this story about 4 months ago, thinking about how great it was, the only problem then I wasn't a member so i couldn't add it to my favs, (and i didn't leave reviews back then) and its kind of funny but I have read many many stories but this one semed to be stuck in my head(in a good way)so I just want to say good job 10/10 p.s i have always thought that neville had always nursed a soft spot for Ginny

Author's Response: Thank-you so much! It's great to hear that you still like this story so many months after you first read it. It feels great as an author to know that one of my stories could leave a lasting impression.

I have always thought, too, that Neville always had a soft spot for Ginny, which was part of my inspiration for this story. :)

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Review #4, by harrylilyjames Don't Tell Harry

2nd February 2008:

Just one thing, Ginny didn't know that Hermione and Ron were with Harry, they thought Hermione was in hiding with her parents and Ron was sick in bed.
"a drink on a table in the corner of the room"- 'a' meant to be 'and'.
The story could have a it more detail, im not saying what you've written is wrong or bad, its just a small pointer. So instead of "Ginny nuzzled her head back into Neville’s chest and wrapped her arms around Neville's neck" - it would be - Ginny softly nuzzled her head against Neville's heaving chest, and wrappd her arms loosely around his skinny neck.- just a small example.
It was a nice story, I liked the lat line. “Don't tell Harry"- that was soo sweet. Poor Ginny =[

Author's Response: Thanks for the constructive criticism.

I believe Ginny did know Hermione and Ron were with Harry, all the Weasleys would have known this. It was the rest of the wizarding world that didn't know. Well, that was my take on the situation when I read DH anyway.

Thanks for picking up on that typo, I must have missed it when I proofread, I'll fix it up.

I'll have to go back over the story one day when I get a chance and see if I can add more detail, thanks for the pointer.

Thank-you so much for reviewing this story for me. :)

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Review #5, by slytherin_girl135 Don't Tell Harry

31st January 2008:
really interesting. ive always wanted to see teh hogwarts side in deathly hallows. good job

Author's Response: Thank-you. It has always interested me, too, what happened to Ginny and the others at Hogwarts in DH.

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Review #6, by shade_of_lovely Don't Tell Harry

13th January 2008:
hmm...Neville took that really well (is he secretly in love with Ginny?!)
well, anyway, great one-shot! I can't wait to read more of your work

Author's Response: I always got the impression from the yule ball in GoF that Neville secretly had a crush on Ginny. Thanks for reading and reviewing, I hope you enjoy some of my other stories, too.

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Review #7, by midwinter_wolf Don't Tell Harry

15th December 2007:
Aw! The title opens up a whole load of possibilities and I have to admit, I was preparing myself for a slightly trashy sordid love affair kind of thing when I started. However you completley didn't do anything of the sort and I loved every minute of it.

I'd also like to congratulate you on your opening lines. They really draw the reader in and make them want to know more (like all of your stories.) Don't stop writing and have a very merrry christmas!

Author's Response: Thank-you so much. I am so glad you enjoyed reading this. I am always very conscious of my opening lines to any story, as you say they are very important in drawing the reader in, so thank-you for your positive feedback on this.

I don't think I could ever stop writing ;)

I hope you have a Merry Christmas too!

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Review #8, by topspin320 Don't Tell Harry

13th December 2007:
great one-shot, its very well done, keep up the writing

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, and I don't think I could ever stop writing!

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Review #9, by celestlyn Don't Tell Harry

19th November 2007:
I just love this tender little story. Of course, Ginny would wait for Harry, but sometimes you just need some comfort from a warm body. Great job!!

Author's Response: Thank-you so much! It definitely would have been hard for Ginny waiting for Harry to return. I'm glad you enjoyed reading this story.

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Review #10, by Pookha Don't Tell Harry

17th November 2007:
This was a very sweet story. You can tell how much Ginny loves Harry when she never gets tired of waiting for him.

Poor Neville, "The let's just be friends" speech is one of the hardest things to swallow for guys. It's so obvious from the books that he has a major crush on Ginny. I was glad to see him be a gentleman here, which I believe is totally IC for Neville, especially around the time of HBP and DH.

As always, well written and edited.

Author's Response: Thank-you. We know Ginny was patient in waiting for Harry, after all she had already waited several years for him before he realised he liked her, I guess it is really like that old saying, "If you love someone let them go, if they love you they will come back to you."

Yes, poor Neville, I have always had the impression (since GoF) that Neville had a crush on Ginny, but Neville is so sweet and definitely a gentleman. I was so glad to hear he eventually found love in his life when JK said he marries Hannah Abbott.

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Review #11, by MyronWin Don't Tell Harry

1st November 2007:
While this is not my favorite of your stories, I did like it very much (a hint of what my opinion is for your stories). Neville and Ginny, two characters who deserve all the stories they can get, were certainly in their prime, fighting the good fight while Harry and the others are gone. And I can certainly see why they would be momentarily attracted to each other. We know with whom Ginny ends up, though that aspect of Neville's fate has been kept from us (unless there's a piece of gossip I missed) and I can only hope it is someone deserving of a person of his character. I was also glad to see a hint of life at Hogwarts during that year. Keep up the good work. Thank you for your story.

Author's Response: Thank-you again, for another lovely review, MyronWin.

Neville and Ginny are definitely characters that did not get enough time in the spotlight, especially considering their heroic actions in DH. I think Neville may have had a crush on Ginny since she went with him to the yule ball, and as for Ginny, I think it must have been extremely hard for her during DH emotionally.

BTW, it might interest you to know that JK Rowling recently said in an interview that Neville ended up marrying Hannah Abbott (who became landlady of the Leaky Cauldron).

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Review #12, by Oksanna88 Don't Tell Harry

17th October 2007:
Poor Ginny:(. You portrayed her feelings very well.

Author's Response: Thanks so much.

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Review #13, by SBSL Don't Tell Harry

16th October 2007:
aw, sweet neville/ginny. neville is such a great friend, and ginny wasn't exactly cheating on harry, he told her it was over! wonderful job, jojo. thanks for reviewing mine! (innoncence, which has the second chappie!)

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing mine too! And even though Ginny wasn't really cheating she still felt guilty because she was waiting for him.

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Review #14, by iloveseverus Don't Tell Harry

7th October 2007:
brilliant, just that buit where neville says "I understand, I know you love Harry. It can't be easy for you, not knowing where he is. I believe he will come back. He will save us all. He will come back to you.” it doesn't really sound like neville.

Author's Response: Thanks again, for another review!

I think that Neville may have grown a lot in character in DH, which is something we don't get to see except for the end when he kills Nagini. We do know that he believes that the trio will come to Hogwarts to save them, he had even promised Ginny that if the trio turned up he would send her a message to let her know (ch. 29 in DH).

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Review #15, by Luna_Lover Don't Tell Harry

24th September 2007:
Poor Ginny. I really like this story. Its very interesting.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #16, by Labby Don't Tell Harry

23rd September 2007:
This was a great story! I love reading about missed moments from the story and it was nice to see a take on what happened at Hogwarts without Harry. I can definitely see this as actually happening. I've thought that it must have been difficult for Ginny and the others at Hogwarts, while Harry was off fighting, and this definitely showed a good perspective on what it was like.

I really liked this line: Ginny's breath intermingled with Neville's as her tongue probed the wetness of his mouth. Beautiful word choice!

The story was well written altogether and I really don't see much to criticize at all. The only thing that I can think of is that Ginny could have had a little more emotion at the memory of Harry and that could have been extended some. That way I'd be able to see more of how she'd been missing him, but it doesn't have to be done. It worked well without it. Great story!

Author's Response: Thank-you so much for your review, Labby, it's greatly appreciated. I too wondered what was happening at Hogwarts while the trio were hunting horcruxes, I guess that's part of my inspiration for this story.

Thanks, too, for your criticism, maybe one day I might go back and consider extending upon this.

I'm glad you liked this story, I'm actually quite proud of it and it's good to get some positive feedback. So thanks again!

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Review #17, by elle25253 Don't Tell Harry

22nd September 2007:
wow, this was an amazing one-shot.
I thought it was really well written and was an excellent plot line. I could also see this happening and thought it was very realistic.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review. I'm so glad that you thought it was realistic. :)

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Review #18, by screaming_madman Don't Tell Harry

22nd September 2007:
I like these little one shots that cover aspects of the book that were left blank by JK. This one is no exception but is actually one that sets the bar for others to follow. Not only is the story good, but it's well written. So often we see a good story that is poorly written, or excellent writing that puts us to sleep, but you have managed to be both interesting and articulate, good job. I could actually see something like this happening. People make mistakes but usually see immediately their error and try to correct it. True to character Neville doesn't try to take advantage of the situation but acts like a true friend. I looked hard to find something to provide CC on but there isn't really anything worth mentioning, just nitpicky stuff. I liked it quite a bit, good job.

Author's Response: Thank-you so much for reviewing screaming_madman, I really appreciate it.

I agree that it is at times hard to find a story that is both well-written and a good read. I'm a teacher and I also did a writing major at university so I am a real perfectionist when it comes to my writing.

I'm glad you enjoyed this one-shot :)

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Review #19, by HarryGinnyFan18 Don't Tell Harry

16th September 2007:
Hey! I love it. I did not get the story "Don't tell Harry, Oh Ginny kissed Neville . 100-100! Jackie.

Author's Response: Thanks!

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