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Review #1, by Dinthemidwest Half Three in the Morning

5th July 2016:
Just realized that this is the END so far! I fervently hope you come back to the story.. It is so much fun & your characters are great!! Dialogue, pace; all so very well done!

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Review #2, by Navera Half Three in the Morning

26th May 2013:
I LOVED THIS!!! thanks for sharing!

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Review #3, by emmykat113 Flaw in the Plan

23rd March 2010:
I PICKED REMUS! lol 10/10

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Review #4, by emmykat113 And it Was Then That...

23rd March 2010:
Q1: Maybe
Lol =D Great story so far! 10/10

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Review #5, by blacklilly4ever Half Three in the Morning

1st October 2009:
Oh come on!!! That's just not fair!!! This is such a great story and you stopped writing it at the best part!!! Please will you finish it?? Please?? For me?? I really really REALLY like your James and Lily...*pleading puppy look* please?!?

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Review #6, by gliter girl And it Was Then That...

31st July 2009:
1. Yes
2. Kim- she is moer fun, but she is being a bitch to sirius
3. sirius 4 eve x

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Review #7, by sligers118 Half Three in the Morning

30th July 2009:
well, i said i'd write a review, so here it is.

I really like this story - it's really original and funny. LOVE your disclaimers - i laugh a lot.

don't worry about remus; I, at least, love him. I think it's just because he's mentioned a little less than the other two...?

oh and I really like your scorpius story, i just forgot to review it...

Author's Response: Sweet! I'm glad you enjoy my writing, and yeah, the Scorpius one right now is my main focus, it has about five chapters left, and this one has about seven, so I figured once I finished Breaking Tradition I'd come back and finish this one. Thanks for the reviews :D

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Review #8, by sligers118 And it Was Then That...

30th July 2009:
i haven't read the chapter yet. i'm just having a monty python appreciation moment for your disclaimer.

i'll do a proper review once i get to the end of everything you've written so far...

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Review #9, by Half Three in the Morning

18th April 2009:
this is a really good story. and i like the way you put a funny/witty disclaimer at the start of each chapter.
i like reading the A/N's as well. please update quickly i cant wait to read the next chapter! xxx

Author's Response: I'm working on it! My other fic is kind of sucking up my life right now though, I'm glad you like my disclaimers :D

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Review #10, by RonNiffler Half Three in the Morning

18th April 2009:
So will she get all her memory back? At least we all know how the story ends in the end, them married.
Well great chapter and please please please update SOON!

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Review #11, by Starved4Romance Half Three in the Morning

28th March 2009:
Nooo ooo ooo ooo ooo !!! !!! !!! Don't just leave us hanging! It's a good story! I WANT TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! *whines in baby-like manner* Oh, yeah, I'd have to say, I think that Remus is my favorite in this story. Perfect amount of sarcasm

Author's Response: Awe, yay! I'm glad someone likes Remus, he was feeling a bit unloved from the poll. And I have the next chappie about 3/4 written, but I'm mainly focusing on my other novella right now, Breaking Tradition. You should check it out sometime if you enjoy sarcasm :] Thanks for the read and review.

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Review #12, by Jameslovelily123 Half Three in the Morning

9th February 2009:
AH whats gin to happen? keep up your good work!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! And I'm working on the next chapter.

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Review #13, by Jameslovelily123 And it Was Then That...

9th February 2009:
yes i do think lily will get her memory back
james is my fav marauder
kim is my fav oc

Author's Response: 1. Hmmm, I don't know... :X Can't tell!
2. I am actually quite fond of James myself :] Perfect boy, basically.
3. Kim is based off of one of my very close friends, and I'm glad you like her character!

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Review #14, by Jameslovelily123 She Has Brain Damage!

8th February 2009:
AH She kissed him. AW young love lol keep up your AWESOME work and note to yourself I LOVE TO TYPE IN CAPS!

Author's Response: I LOVE CAPS TOO! IT MAKES EVERYTHING SEEM SO MUCH MORE ENTHUSIASTIC! Thanks for the read and review :]

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Review #15, by Jameslovelily123 Do I Know You?

8th February 2009:
hmm... well thats wonderful everyone loves to lose their whats its called o haha memory . o and i'm just being sarcastic or sardonic which means to be grimly mocking or cynical. Ya i'm a freak but otherwise love the story. I really love lily and james fics and i'm on the verge of writinh one now but i'm going to write it first on a paper them type it. but if james really liked lily he would probably just say to lily you are my girlfriend. But in your story he might act better. Ya so when lily hit her head in potions class why did she fall?.Was it because of the veritisaum potion?ok so keep up your good work !

Author's Response: Glad you like my story, and thanks for your continued support!

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Review #16, by ginnygirl808 Half Three in the Morning

7th February 2009:
amazing story! love it! keep up the good work! update soon!

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Review #17, by ginnygirl808 And it Was Then That...

7th February 2009:
1) yes lily will get her memory back but she will still like james. . .
2) kim

Author's Response: I love Sirius too :] Thanks for the read and review!

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Review #18, by Harry and Ginny Half Three in the Morning

30th December 2008:
Great story. I can't wait to read the next chapter.^_^


Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #19, by rosie13 Half Three in the Morning

26th December 2008:
i just love this story so much!!!

i can't wait for the next bit!!!

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Review #20, by rosie13 In-Between Time

24th December 2008:
“Lily, listen to me. I would never, ever break up with you because some nutcase wants me to be one of his groupies. I would never, ever not date you because you have muggle parents! You know I don’t care… right?” James said, this time making Lily look at him.
this was the most funny/romatic thing i've read!! i love it!!

Author's Response: Awe yay! I'm glad you like this story and I hope you keep up with it. Chapter eleven is almost done and it should be up after the queue opens back up again. Thanks for the read and review

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Review #21, by dalsibaby Half Three in the Morning

10th December 2008:
I am absolutely loving this story.
What an interesting idea to start off with.Lily losing her memory especially when she does is the time she realizes she actually likes James!
Keep on writing and please update soon! I can't wait for Chapter Eleven...You said it would be good!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like my story and think it's interesting. I tried to take an original approach on James/ Lily. And chapter eleven will be epic. That is a promise lol. Thanks for the read and review!

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Review #22, by James_Girl_Lily Half Three in the Morning

31st October 2008:
Lily's getting her memory back! James and her are so sweet together! Great work! 10/10 =)

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! But you can never be too sure about Lily getting her WHOLE memory back... :X Thanks for the read and review!!

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Review #23, by beckylouiseblack Half Three in the Morning

20th October 2008:
im in love with this story
tis actually amazingg

Author's Response: Yay! That is definatley a compliment! I hope you keep reading!!

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Review #24, by Tanya1032 Half Three in the Morning

7th October 2008:
Heey! Awesome chapter! Lovin' the ending!
Can't wait for more!
Lots of love,
Tanya. And all the voices inside my head.

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you liked it. Now what will be the aftermath of their little randevouz? Keep reading and reviewing!

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Review #25, by Alassie Half Three in the Morning

6th October 2008:
AH. Yay. So I am sitting here, being told I am a horrible person, and I needed a little pick me up, so I came to read Fatal Accident. Good Job. That made me happy. Love ya, UPDATE SOON! See you tommorow for our chat!

Author's Response: Yay! You were the 101th reviewer!!! I LOVE YOU and if you want to talk, i'm here yo.

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