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Review #1, by kiwigirl Christmas Surprises

18th February 2008:
buon giorno savi. Haven't i already left a review for this chapter? I thought I had.Oh, well. Yes, I am reading hpff, but i'm not writing right now. I will probably do a huge amount over summer, and when I get back into internet access, I will probably have a billion other stories. Well, ciao!


The Supreme Poobah, aka kiwigirl ;)

Author's Response: so you aren't done with the site! i knew it! hehehe! i absolutely adore the banners you made!! they are fantastic!! i think ill try to put one up today!

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Review #2, by x.sirius.x Christmas Surprises

26th January 2008:

Author's Response: it's done for now, but we have had a lot of people wanting more. Eventually, we might return to it! sorry, but im glad you liked it!

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Review #3, by iluvharry81 Christmas Surprises

21st January 2008:
That's a really mean thing 2 do 2 ur readers. The least u could do was make the ending better.

Author's Response: sorry. but kiwigirl and i didn't want to add more. really all i've gotten is good reviews for it, so i feel bad that you think that

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Review #4, by dogsrox94 Christmas Surprises

19th January 2008:
that was really cool. write more! u should definetly finish this one, make them get back together adn stuff it'd be a great story!

Author's Response: it's done for now. kiwigirl and i just aren't getting the inspiration and we're both working really hard on our other stories.

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Review #5, by fanwright19 Christmas Surprises

23rd November 2007:
who is that man I cant wait to see who it is PLEASE UP DATE SOON!

Author's Response: that was originally going to be the end of the story, but kiwigirl gave me some advice and so i decided to keep going, i can't wait to see everyone's reactions at who it is!

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Review #6, by Light in the dark Christmas Surprises

22nd November 2007:
please update soon, I think it is really good - though Ginny was a little out of character in the last chapter. Keep it up!

Author's Response: what do you mean out of character because we're trying to make it as alike as possible, so any advice is very helpful! i think in this chapter she was really just happy and slightly intimitdated by harry, and we never really see that in the book, so she might act a little different!

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Review #7, by prettywheezy Regrets

18th November 2007:
i like it, at first i was'nt so sure but it's pretty good. although i don't think harry would leave ginny and i think ginny would tell harry if she was pregnent.

Author's Response: i know harry would never leave her, but that's what makes the story. and i think ginny had sort of just realised she was pregnant and was going to tell him, but it was too late after, and she decided to raise the baby on her own

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Review #8, by NevillesSoulmate Questions, questions, questions

17th November 2007:
Bien. ; ) I'd try to say more in Spanish, but I'd probably butcher it. I think it's neat how you switched point-of-views.

Author's Response: thanks, i like the switching point of views too! it's ok, im sucky at spanish too!

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Review #9, by jane eyre Regrets

14th November 2007:
hey i think it is great cant wait for next chapter

Author's Response: thank you so much! the next chapter will be out as sson as i can get it validated!!!!

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Review #10, by mrsmarauders Regrets

10th November 2007:
aw. the holding the picture of harry is adorable. maybe i'm just like a hole-finder but what about harry's scar? oh well.

anyways i can't wait to read more! i'm assuming harry will confront ginny.that could be intense!

Author's Response: yes, the confrontion is coming up!! it will be an intense chapter, but very sweet! and i have been wondering about the scar, i didn't put it in because i kind of wanted it to have been gone, which is what jkrowling was going to do. but i think i might go back and fix that later, because it could get very confusing.

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Review #11, by mrsmarauders Questions, questions, questions

10th November 2007:
it's really cute so far! i love james he sounds like a sweetie pie. i'm guessing the man from the candy store is harry...probably lol. i'm not sure how he would recognize him and not ginny though but i guess we'll see!

Author's Response: i really like james! he's so adorable in this! yeah, you guessed it, it is harry! but he did recognise ginny. he was just slightly distracted by the fact that he had a kid and didn't even know about him.

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Review #12, by LoonyLovegood Regrets

9th November 2007:
Make a new chapter soon! Verey good.

Author's Response: thanks! the next chapter will be out as soon as i can put it in for validation! and it'll be long!!!!!

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Review #13, by fanwright19 Regrets

9th November 2007:
I like the story very much it is sad that harry dosen't know his so and I still dont get why he left their has to be a bigger reason why they are not together please up date soon.

Author's Response: the reason will get bigger, but probably in a few chapters to come! it will be updated as soon as i can do it!

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Review #14, by Mrs HJ Potter Regrets

9th November 2007:
How sad.Harry is an idiot for leaving Ginny!

Author's Response: yes he definitely is an idiot! but i sort of picture him as sort of selfish when he broke up with ginny.

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Review #15, by Katrina Regrets

9th November 2007:
This is VERY GOOD you should keep doing this I really like what you have been doing.

Author's Response: im glad you liked it!! the next chapter will be out soon!

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Review #16, by The Secret One Regrets

9th November 2007:
This story's pretty good! I really want to read some more!

Author's Response: the next chapter will be out soon!!! and it's going to be over 2000 words! which, for me, is a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's going to be co-written with kiwigirl from now on!

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Review #17, by laela_perch rixon Regrets

9th November 2007:
Aahhh it's cute. I liked it...Just one thing,wouldn't he have to change a bit more than just the colour of his eyes so people wouldn't recognise him? But otherwise good!

Author's Response: well, i sort of imagine that most people recognize harry for his eyes. he also cut his hair really short, which probably looked awful! and he might have other ways to change himself if he was going somewhere for longer, but he was just getting chocolate for Hermione.

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Review #18, by stella Regrets

9th November 2007:
its all right but you need to complete them youre the best author ive ever seen

Author's Response: i think im going to start co-writing this with kiwigirl, who is a fabulous writer! the next chapter will be put in for validation as soon as another chapter for a story is validated.

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Review #19, by kk36 Regrets

2nd November 2007:
this was good better than your first chapter. just work on making it really clear!

Author's Response: i do like the chapter better. the first chapter was really hard, because i had to introduce everyone while making the plot start, and explaining what happened to ginny and harry.
thanks so much for reviewing!! i have decided that i will officially re-edit every single chapter of this story either this weekend or the next, since we have a four day weekend next week. so major edits will be happening to make the stories even better!!!
see you on monday!

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Review #20, by kk36 Questions, questions, questions

2nd November 2007:
good kind of confusing in the manor that in the beginning in the candy shop you don't know who anyone is.

Author's Response: you're not really supposed to know who everyone is, you're supposed to figure it out. as the story goes on, it makes it more obvious who everyone is and explains their significance to the story.

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Review #21, by kiwigirl Regrets

16th October 2007:
heh heh, i have taken over your mind and made you like my stories. mua ha ha. im working on the banner ideas, and i think i know how to get it to work, in theory. So, i was thinking that you could add some more detail, and maybe longer parts (scenes, sections whatever.) and also maybe go into more detail about harry and ginny's relationship and why it didn't work. maybe Ginny could tell james everythingin a chapter? i dunno, but i think that would help.

Author's Response: thanks for the review! i'm going into more detail for ginny and harry's relationship and what happened. also i kind of want james to figure everything out instead of ginny telling him. but u know me, ill probably change the whole idea!!!!!!!

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Review #22, by Ariana_Gryffindor Questions, questions, questions

28th September 2007:
Hey hplover,

This is a good first chapter, it was a god mix of not too exciting but making you want to read more.

Btw, i have to thank you for your reviews on my story A Dance with Fate, if you have any idea's that can help me i would love to hear them/

Well done on a nice chapter

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! i love your story! please update soon!!

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Review #23, by kiwigirl Questions, questions, questions

11th September 2007:
hey hjp; im not sure if i reviewed so here it is. me gusta mucho, mucho mucho. necesitas escribir mas, pronto! hee hee, te gustas mi espanol? ciao bella

Author's Response: nice, but ciao bella is not spanish!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe!! i reviewed ur story and im making a banner pronto!

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Review #24, by hjplover Questions, questions, questions

11th September 2007:
Oh! very suspensful! ,l;'iou guess who this is! it's not you!

Author's Response: Soph! get off! Hehehe merlin don't rate me 1! lol!

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