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Review #1, by ms simone Pale September

5th September 2010:
love it!!! blaise always seem mystery to me.. b/g llok cute together!

Author's Response: thank you for the review!

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Review #2, by Erudessa94 Pale September

1st September 2010:
aw wow I'm a die ahrd Draco/Ginny fan but it was refreshing to read something else. I really liked it, you're a great writer:]

Author's Response: thank you - im glad you enjoyed this hun!

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Review #3, by AceMalfoy Pale September

3rd June 2010:
So cute(: I loved it!

Author's Response: glad you liked it hun!

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Review #4, by Miss_George_Weasley7 Pale September

27th November 2009:
GREAT! I love it!(: Keep on writing!

Author's Response: i shall and thanks!

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Review #5, by TheTenthWeasley Pale September

13th November 2009:
I loved it, it was very sweet.

Author's Response: im glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #6, by DramioneGirl9 Pale September

12th November 2009:
I love Ginny and Blaise!
They are so cute together!
I thought it had a good story line and it kept me reading wondering what wa sgoing to happen next

Author's Response: thanks heaps for reading and reviewing - im glad you liked it!

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Review #7, by The Empress Pale September

8th September 2009:
Aww, Kate, I love this! Why are you so amazing? Huh? I'm glad you are though :D Gives me wonderful things to drool over :P

I haven't read much Blaise/Ginny, but this one-shot was beautiful and made the ship very believable. I loved it! It's so sad, and lovely. Their pain and hunger for something real really comes through. And the characterizations you have of them are exquisite.

In fact, that's the exact word I'd use to describe this piece. Exquisite. Beautiful, charming, heart warming, moving: Exquisite.


Author's Response: awww shiloh!! you're way to nice to me you know that?
im so glad you liked this - im actually in the process of doing some editing on this piece - a few things i need to change/fix up!

*squishes back*
thank you!!
kate xx

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Review #8, by Daphne 13 Pale September

19th August 2009:
LOVED IT!! excellently written, great descriptions and amazing fluency!! ; )

Author's Response: thank you so much hun!

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Review #9, by Charlotte Pale September

2nd August 2009:
I love it. Very well written. When I read it was about Blaise and Ginny I doubted it would read well but once again your work amazes me. I must read more.

Author's Response: thank you charlotte! im pleased you enjoyed it and the ship worked for you.

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Review #10, by Amrei Pale September

27th July 2009:
Very nice.
I really liked the way you described Ginny beeing heartbroken and her hesistation to have a new relationship.

Author's Response: thank you - im very pleased you enjoyed it!

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Review #11, by rougette Pale September

13th May 2009:
I have to say that I enjoyed this. Normally I don't like first chapters to be so long but it worked out nicely. Yu protrayed the characters in a very realistic light and I enjoyed that greatly.

Author's Response: thanks hun - glad you liked it. its actually only a one-shot, hence the length ^_^

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Review #12, by Scoot Pale September

1st May 2009:
This was amazing. Blaise and Ginny are perfect together here and I would love to continue reading more about them. You did a great job, don't ever stop writing!

Author's Response: alas, ginny and blaise don't like speaking to me as a couple, lol. i tried to extend this but it didn't work :(

thanks for reviewing and im glad you liked it!!

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Review #13, by Roni Pale September

15th November 2008:
I love this engaging plot! Please write more.

Author's Response: thanks for reading

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Review #14, by inkismyworld Pale September

6th October 2008:
Brilliant. I love Ginny/Blaise- I love the detailing in this story I love everything about this one-shot :) great job!

Author's Response: thank you hun

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Review #15, by xX_Gryffindor_Xx Pale September

21st May 2008:

Author's Response: i tried i really tried, but no. no more :(

thanks love

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Review #16, by hxcgryff23 Pale September

1st May 2008:

teach me your secrets!

Author's Response: if i knew what i did, i would ^_-
thanks again hun!!

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Review #17, by Kiersten1218 Pale September

19th April 2008:
Awe, I love this :)
It makes me want to cry at the end!
Great chapter.
Your such a good author :) (L)

Author's Response: thanks hun. im glad you liked this one. i wanted to try a different pairing.

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Review #18, by OvergrownEden9 Pale September

25th February 2008:
It was beautiful. I loved it. I think this would make an amazing story. We could find out who Blaise's love was, and Ginny needs to punch Hermione :P 10/10, you're an amazing writer. I hope to god you know that xD x

Author's Response: im not continuing it - sorry! i wanted too, but blaise was being tight-lipped!

im pleased you liked it tho and thank you for your encouraging words!

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Review #19, by Gwendolyn Pale September

31st January 2008:
This is very very wonderful.
And I love the way you write Blaise.
I vote YES to the short story idea.

Author's Response: thank you hunny!

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Review #20, by muggrrl Pale September

13th December 2007:
*grins as wide as humanly possible*
i admit i was sceptical. i stared at the banner and summary for about 5 imnutes befor actually deciding to read the story cos im realy not into ginny and afraid she would taint blaise... but the story was... wow. heart warming!

and kudos on writing ron out of the script!! nicely done, i might steal that move "yeah, uh, sorry kids. ron moved to the south pole." i like it! (honestly, not being sarcastic)

this story NEEDS a sequal. it needs a bloody novel!

im forever i awe at how you manage to create such lovely storys and being able to clearing portray whats going on in so few words...

i think you could possibly make me like any ship- ever!! hey even if you write a harry/voldie it will probibly be spectacular and from then on i wont be able to read anything but h/v ships... im rambleing

anyways... nice.

and please please pretty pretty please write a sequal (but only if you feel up to it... and arnt finishing off 'broken'...hint hint) :P

thanks for giving me somthing enteratining to read when theres nothing on tv!

Author's Response: hello darling ^_^
thank you so much. i'm glad you enjoyed it. heehee i hate ron. he deserved that. feel free - steal away! if enough people do it do you think we could write him out of existence?? lol.
a novel? nah, i can't. but i am thinking of writing something from blaise's perspective...perhaps the same fic, but from his POV. not sure yet.
a harry/voldie?? heeheee not going there!
actually, on Broken...the next chapter will be up soon!
thanks hun and glad i could be of service, lol!

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Review #21, by Magical Ram Pale September

5th December 2007:
Wow, what a great story!!
I really liked all the drama and how Blaise and Ginny found each other. It tells me that even though you've been hurt, it doesn't mean there's no hope for you.

Author's Response: thank you for understanding my message hun! i'm glad you enjoyed it!! ^_^

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Review #22, by DenijaForShuggyBlack Pale September

1st December 2007:
so sweet and lovely. ^_^

Author's Response: thanks hun ^_^

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Review #23, by avani1230 Pale September

25th November 2007:
I absolutely adore it!! Amazing!! i love love love it!!! =]

Author's Response: thank you ^_^

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Review #24, by PadfootBlack16 Pale September

23rd November 2007:
I loved it, Kate. Im pretty sure Id read a very early version of this story, and it changed a lot from that version to this one. Both were great, but im here to review the final version :P It was greatly written, your descriptions really pulling the reader into the story, as always. I could feel, see and smell eveyrthing that Ginny did (figurativly, of course :P) and it was also so easy to feel what ginny was feeling emotionally. You did a great job at portraying that `heartbreakĀ“. both characters were tremendously well written, and I congratualte you for that. Of course, you have written Blaise before but I hadnt seen you write Ginny too much before this, and i quite like what you did. Great job! 10/10 Going in my favs Cheers, Drew

Author's Response: hey drew!! yeah, i think you did read another version...ages ago! thanks as always mate for a wonderful review! ginny is hard to write - i'm not as connected to her as hermione, for instance, but i think i have to take her out of the Hogwarts context. she was easy to write as an adult.

thanks drew!! in favs? *huggles to death*
Kate xx

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Review #25, by Clare Roy Pale September

20th November 2007:
That was amazing!! I've never really liked Ginny before in fanfictions, but this story made me sympathize with her. I loved all your details, like the favor of the drink and way Blaise looks.
I really really hope you continue this! It's one of the best story's I've ever read. =)

Author's Response: thank you. ginny has been hard for me to conquer, but i liked writing her like this. i'm glad you were able to sympathise with her.

i'm still wanting to continue, i am, but blaise...well he's being stubborn and doesn't want to be written at the moment.

thank you for your lovely review!

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