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Review #1, by Hmscherer Chapitre un

1st March 2014:
Molly couldn't have been at hogwarts then they mentioned in the books that when her and Arthur were there they had a different care taker than filch and we know that filch was there for the mauraders therefore she could have been there while they were there

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Review #2, by Me Chapter 29 part 1

21st August 2013:
Good story but I think a banner would make it eyecatching I usually don't read stories without a banner and this is the first one I did. I think having a banner would be really important

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Review #3, by Anyone Chapitre un

20th August 2013:
Good story! I just think that the way the chapter is laid out and how all the lines are bunched up makes it slightly difficult to read

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Review #4, by Angie Chapter 13

11th June 2013:
Can I just say, Orenda said she's shag Dracula, who Garry Oldman happened to play in a Dracula movie one time. I thought that was ironic, and that if you didn't know already you'd like to! >.< Keep up the good work on this story and LOVE THE MARAUDERS!

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Review #5, by Anonymus Seis part 3

28th October 2012:
NO!! I hate this chapter... No offense. I really love this story, but i hate that James and Ranie are together.
Also as a proud Hufflepuff I take quite a bit of offense to: Why? Are you scared of being attacked by a Hufflepuff?"
Hufflepuff isn't the weak and pathetic house you may think it to be :(

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Review #6, by Princess Lucy-anne Merribelea Lily Rayne Rynna Knight The Th Chapter 29 part 2

11th June 2012:
i think i no who her soulmate is... but i ai'nt tellin u
..evil grin complete with evil laugh..

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Review #7, by Seriously_Sirius93 Chapter 55 part 2 (The end)

25th July 2011:
Holy God! How did you write all this??? I'm feeling light-headed... Yes, I read this. It's brilliant. I

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Review #8, by Val Chapter 54 part 2

28th February 2011:
Love the entire story! But I'm confused... How did Dorcas, marlene, and Raine all die?! I think I missed a part of the chapter earlier when they died... Or did you just happen to mention it later and not have an entire scene dedicated to it? I would really love for you to have put how raine died... Thays something I've been wondering since Ore told Rab about Remus being part of her death... So what happened?? Loved the entire story it was well worth the read!!

Author's Response: There never really were chapters on how they all died. With Dorcas they don't really know what happened. With Marlene the death eaters took out her entire family. With Raine I'm not sure I want to full write out what happened, she didn't know he was a werewolf though and someone had to be so far a way from his house to be able to disapparate. I'm really glad someone liked it so much. I have a hard time continuing to post my chapters of stories when I get so little feedback. Raine's death is never really addressed in the sequel either because no one wants to talk about it.

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Review #9, by seeker4u Chapitre un

10th July 2010:
Wow, this is going to sound awful.
I think that it is over the top awesome that you have written 114 CHAPTERS!

that's just ahmazzing. never before heard of ahmazzing

can't wait to read, but I just hope the papragraphs and dialouge won't be as choppy as this one. and more background would be way helpful!

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Review #10, by leeann Chapter 49 part 3

16th April 2010:
i have just read your story and it's good, but there is so much monotony and tediousness. there was so much of asking so...what do you want to do?-I don't know what do you want to do? Also the drama is never ending and again it's always the same drama over and over and over again. Like with Raine, people are mad and frustrated with her then they aren't then they are and then they aren't again. i just feel that if you have 102+ chapters, then you should have more variety in the story so that your readers do not get bored. because honestly speaking i was bored and only read about 20 of the chapters, but because the whole story is so repetitive i didn't miss anything.

Author's Response: Thanks for the ideas - I wrote this story over two years ago now, and I'm just still trying to finish posting it. I know there are a lot of problems with it but I was writing with someone else and the first story takes a lot of work to figure things out. Overall I feel like the other stories we've written are better however the first two aren't so good. I found the drama annoying writting it but Raine was her character and I wanted to kill Raine because what she kept doing what annoying so I found it hard to write the characters not wanting to do the same.

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Review #11, by Angelina Chapter 25 part 2

13th March 2010:
Why is this story so pessimistic? I hate how mean all of these girls are, I dont understand why every1 gets so pissed at raine. Raine and Sirius would be really good together if they stopped being so evil all the time. You really should have written these charactors with out so many freakin fights.

Author's Response: I wrote this story about two years ago, with a coauthor, and the story took on it's on ideas. I found that fighting to be very annoying as well, and overall I don't find this story one of my best. Thanks for the review though, and I'm honestly not sure how you're going to feel about the rest. There are two other stories in this one, however I'm not sure either of them are much more uplifting - all of them have their points when they are though, and I'm glad you do read my story though.

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Review #12, by roxyroxtheworld Chapter Ten

9th November 2009:
Okay so voldemore has a sense of humer? wow! i never would have guessed. but i like it.

Anyway i'm tired so i'm going to bed but i can't wait till i read more!!! (yup i only read this at night cuz if i do in the day then i will get in trouble and i might get cruciod so i'm going to go to bed now before if get cruciod. j/k but i am still going to bed.

p.s. i liked this chapter cuz it was different and wasn't wasn't about hogwarts. But i do still love all the chapters. the brake was nice though.

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Review #13, by roxyroxtheworld Chapter nine

9th November 2009:
Okay? So orenda cheats then when her boyfriend breaks up with her she cries? weird.

Anyway i love this story and can't wait to read more!!!

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Review #14, by roxyroxtheworld Chapter 8

9th November 2009:
Wow!!! A lot happened in this chapter!!! And i don't understand raine right now but hopefully if i keep reading then i will.

Anyway this story is freaking awsome and ican't wait to read more so i think i will right now!!!

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Review #15, by C_R_Tulssri Chapter 28 part 1

27th October 2009:
Okay so:
I have been saving my review for a good ways in and here is my general report:
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your plot! Raine is a fun, easily accessable character and you've developed her well. Some parts, like the constant break ups, make ups and screw ups are a little redundant, but mostly good.
Now, storywise, I have only a few complaints.
The "-sex scene-" bits are irritating; you can skip a sex scene just by making an allusion and then trailing off.
Also; the flipping back and forth between Raine and Orenda is a little confusing.
Finally, you seem to end almost every chapter with someone falling asleep. This gets really old, really fast. For example in this chapter, you could end it with Lily's "Whatever."
My final note is that you, my fabulous author, need a beta (editor, etc.). You miss letters in words and your grammar needs some help. I would love to go through your work and just change the grammatical errors if you wouldn't mind.
Once again, I LOVE your writing!
Thanks for being brilliant!

Author's Response: If you want to be my beta i'm good with that, I haven't looked over the story in about a year, because the entire thing is done so if you'd like to let me know and I can send you the story and you can read over it and fix pieces for me, and I do believe most of the sex scenes have been cut down a lot, because I found them annoying when I would read over it.

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Review #16, by roxyroxtheworld Chapter seven part two

19th October 2009:
How sad :(
i hope neiva's okay. anyway i love this story so very much and even though its no as late as it was last time i am still very tired and want to go to sleep but i will read more when i can!!! and i can't wait!!!

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Review #17, by roxyroxtheworld Chapter Seven part 1

19th October 2009:
Wow!!! where do you come up with all these funny hilarious sweet things?

anyway i love this story and can't wait to read more!!!

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Review #18, by roxyroxtheworld Seis part 3

19th October 2009:
Aw!!! How sweet!!! so james and raine are back together again!!!

And theres a swimming pool in the teachers lounge!!! how come nobody ever told me? j/k

anyway this is a way awsome story and i can't wait to read more!!!

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Review #19, by roxyroxtheworld Chapter Seis part two

19th October 2009:
I'm back!!! and i loved this chapter!!! anyway i'm going to read more cuz this story is so dang awsome!!!

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Review #20, by roxyroxtheworld Chapter seis part 1

16th October 2009:
Lovely train ride hu. and it didn't sound like raine was getting raped unless everything is said was a spell rosier did to make it sound like that. and there are actually decent slytherins hu. and gideon isn't over raine yet? hm. he didn't deserve her anyway.

this story is so awsome!!! i haven't stayed up this late to read a story for 3 months and i just couldn't stop reading cuz its so dang addicting but i must go to bed now cuz its like way late. but i will read more when i can!!! and i can't wait till that is!!!

Author's Response: I'm glad that you like it so much, and I can't really say what you're going to think of what happens later because I don't really remember, i wrote it so long ago now. I know there are parts and people I hate in it, and would have done differently but a story will write itself.

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Review #21, by roxyroxtheworld Chapter Cinco part 3

16th October 2009:
wow!!! i'm going to love reading about how james and apparently nate can't talk to raine. and i do wonder what nate was thinking and i just love this story and i can't wait to read more!!!

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Review #22, by roxyroxtheworld Chapter Cinco Part 2

16th October 2009:
Okay this chapter was good. first i love how the prewitt brothers stick together but second i hate how they think theres an okay reason to cheat. cuz theres not. its not like cheating is the only way to get over things is it? i wouldn't know cuz i'm not old enough to be in a relationship yet and my parents are way protective so yeah. but i do love them very much cuz i know there only trying to protect my and i'm grateful for that cuz i have a reason to never mind i'm blabbering. sorry.

anyway nates an awsome cousin but it kinda sounded like it was okay for gideon to cheat to cuz he was having a hard time.

and her family is turning bad? and they still well aiden still sounds like he would never hurt raine. i'm thinking that aiden doesn't know waht he's got himself into. and dange anyway i can't wait to read more!!!

p.s. oh and i forgot to tell you that i love raine and james standards about not having sex till there engaged. thats one of mine to but i've also put kissing in there to so yeah. anyways so i guess i'll keep reading!!!

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Review #23, by roxyroxtheworld Chapter Cinco part 1

16th October 2009:
Holy cow it turns out i was right about gideon. (i think) He sure does pretend good tho. (if he was pretending) i mean i never would have guessed if james didn't tell cuz his present was so dang good.

anyway if lily gets to go to the ball then how come sirius can't? and james is pretty awsome and i can't wait to see what james and nate gave to raine!!! anyway this story just keep sgetting better and better!!! and i can't wait to read more!!!

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Review #24, by roxyroxtheworld The Best Proof of Love is Trust Chapter 4 part 2

16th October 2009:
HOLY CRAP!!! whats up with the prewitts? the last part there sounded like Gideon didn't even like raine and he just wanted to get a good shag out of her. but then he would give up cuz she's taking so long or he really does want to be with her or he made a bet? anyway i can't wait to read more!!!

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Review #25, by roxyroxtheworld Chapter 4 Part 1

16th October 2009:
lol!!! awsome chapter!!! its so freaking hilarious!!! but james and sirius seriously do go to far a lot in this story. and hm. its just so freakin funny!!! but i can't wait till raine is ready for gideon to shag her cuz i just can't!!! (if it ever happens.)

anyway awesome story and i can't wait to

p.s. i don't like the remus on this story cuz he sounds to much like percy and i don't like percy but i still LOVE the story!!!

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