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Review #1, by Noonie Moony ~ What Life was like through photographs

11th February 2010:
It was good, I'll be sure to read your other stories!

Author's Response: omg wow i havent been on in over a year.. and I have reviews

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Review #2, by Dreaming of Remus ~ What Life was like through photographs

20th November 2009:
Like it alot. Never really thought him seeing guys hitting on her and then her turn them all down. Nice touch

Author's Response: Thankx, I always did.. she's ment to be a spunky kinda girl who wouldn't hit on her and they work together so he's have to see it sometimes...

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Review #3, by brunettesrule ~ The sex she slipped into my coffee

15th February 2008:
oh, my! *fans self down with hand*... well Remus did get his "something hot", didn't he?! :P

I love it when she's soaked by the rain (as opposed to the kind Remus created... lol jk!)... I got the image PERFECTLY... it's when your that drenched that you literally can't hide anything because the clothes are just STUCK to your body... loved it!

Ooh you did well with your spelling and stuff cos it flows really well - a few minor things I'm sure I'll catch you up on eventually... (Muggle instead of Muggel, croaked instead of crocked etc) We're definitely not the kind of people that consider it more important than the language Kaz, are we?!

And you mirrored her body language beautifully - how she almost withdraws into herself when she thinks he's turning her away, how upbeat and confident she is all the other times... I'm jealous missy!

Anyway, I updated SOM just now, so SOMEONE owes me again... MUAHAHA!!!

Beautiful chappie girl! :)

Author's Response: lol... You're a cheeky bugger.... I know what you were talk about...~ she's soaked~ *Shakes head*

lol, yeah we cant really escape all spelling mistakes in my fics can we :p their like my mark :p heheh lol.

I'm glad you liked, TY for the R7R girl....

Oh and dont worry I'm catching you up... TABAD isn't far away from being updated :D soon you'll owe me hehehehe

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Review #4, by brunettesrule ~ Things ainít how they used to be

6th January 2008:
I love how she tries to be sexy at the start but can't keep a straight face... cos i think the humour and laughing is what makes her sexy. so loved that bit.
And her eyes changing, that was beautiful, girl! NOw you admitted you gotta post it. c'mon or i shall start a mob again. *grabs the dusty old poking tools*

Author's Response: lol, Yeah thats our Tonks alright. I couldn't have her all sexy and flirty... I mean come one... It's Tonks.. she has to giggle and pull funny face's :D

She's like us :p lol

**Hands in the air**
OK OK!!!!.... Down girl!! Take it easy....
**Goes off to edit chapter 3**

Bye Jess & TY for the Read and Review girl..
Luv you Girl...
~ Kazz

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Review #5, by brunettesrule ~ What Life was like through photographs

6th January 2008:
Was this the thing you said I'd love? haha, if it is you're right, if not... well i do anyway! :)

I loved how Sirius took the picture and they didn't notice and how remus is surrounded by the memories of James, Lily, Siri etc...

Also think its good you put it that Tonks turned down guys for Remus cos that obviously happened at some stage!
Off to the next chappie! *grin*

Author's Response: lol, **Runs up to jess & Gives her Hugs**

Heya Crazy!! Yep this is the fic I said you'd love. Yeah I thought it would be cute and totaly something Siri would do :D

lol, You like that scene, that one was totaly for you girl.. :p

**Runs off to read next review**

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Review #6, by Metamorphakassie ~ Things ainít how they used to be

19th September 2007:
It's okay. you're style is good.

Author's Response: Thankyou, I hope you continue to read :D

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Review #7, by Metamorphakassie ~ What Life was like through photographs

19th September 2007:
This one's pretty good. Nothing beats "The Moon Taunts Me", though. I like how you made Tonks the one who sends the message to Sirius and Remus about the Department of Mysteries thing. I'd never thought about it that way!

Author's Response: Hey thankyou so much for coming to check out this one aswell.. :D I means alot.

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Review #8, by Paloma Patil ~ Things ainít how they used to be

15th September 2007:
I love that her emotions manifest themselves in such a physical way. He can SEE that he's doing the right thing once her hair changes. Well done, that. You need to write more, Miss Luna D. This is great so far.

Talk to you soon.


Author's Response: Hey Girl,

Yeah I liked the idea of her hair changing it just worked. :D I'm glade you're liking it.
The story is finished I'm just waiting a while before I post the next chapter. :D


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Review #9, by Paloma Patil ~ What Life was like through photographs

15th September 2007:
This is wonderful, Keira-Lee! I don't know the song, but does it EVER work well. Also, there is such a sense of LONGING in your writing - you've voiced that really well.

(Typo Alert: "He could recall the convocation like it was yesterday." It must be "conversation", yes? I kept reading it, looking for a graduation ceremony!)

Off to read then next - can't wait! Paloma

Author's Response: Well Helllloooo Miss Paloma, Long time to see. :D

It's Great to have you back, Doesn't the song rock!! I got this whole idea for the story because of the song and I just fit soooo well. I'm glad you think its wonderful, it's always great to hear that :D LoL

Typo has been fix should be changed in 24 hours :D .. THANKYOU!!!!

Off to answer your next Review.. ~ Keira-lee

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Review #10, by tonksloveswerewolves ~ What Life was like through photographs

7th September 2007:
aww, it;s cute!! 10/10

Author's Response: Thankx for the review,
The second chap has been submited.. :D

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Review #11, by Ellepaul ~ What Life was like through photographs

6th September 2007:
Love it!
You did a great job at capturing their feelings.

Author's Response: Hey Thankx Ellepaul.

I'm glad you loved the first chapter, Its always good to here things like that :D Well I do hope to hang around, I'll try and submit the second chapter tomorrow!

~ Keira

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