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Review #1, by chinery13 The Quiditch Match

1st February 2008:
this is a great start to your story adn i would really like to read more. please keep writing and updating.

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Review #2, by chinery13 The Dream

1st February 2008:
lol i liked it. the dream was good. great job.

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Review #3, by Moondanser83 The Quiditch Match

10th October 2007:
This is deff going to be an intersting relationship once it develops. Can't wait for the next chapter... please post soon! :)

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Review #4, by Moondanser83 A Change Of Heart

10th October 2007:
When love and hate collide... ouch.. poor hermione... :( think draco's going to have to change some of his ways if he expects to be with harry... ;)
On to chapter 4.

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Review #5, by Moondanser83 The Dream

10th October 2007:
And the confusion begins.. should be interesting when they figure out what it is they're actaully feeling... on to chapter 3 we go! ;)

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Review #6, by Moondanser83 Return To Hogwarts

10th October 2007:
Great start... and on we go to chapter 2 ;)

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Review #7, by Lovely_Slytheriness The Quiditch Match

5th October 2007:
aaah cliff-hanger!!! I really think your launguage is a lot better, and I love this plot. I love how you stay true to the characters and sorta involve other relationships (ron/hermione moment at the game, anyone?) it really add some spice to it, and it keeps the story realistic. I aslo like that you don´t rush the plot, you let things take their time. Well, finally, I love this story and please, update as soon as you can!!
x x x x

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Review #8, by kinday The Dream

3rd October 2007:
woah ew!

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Review #9, by ditto Return To Hogwarts

3rd October 2007:
this is weirrrdd...

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Review #10, by Lovely_Slytheriness A Change Of Heart

28th September 2007:
yey, an update! this was a good chappie, but what will happen next, I wonder?. hmm plot thickens! update soon :)


Author's Response: six more days to go =P keep checking tho it does get better
thank you so much for reading and reviewing i really appercitae it =] XD

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Review #11, by Lovely_Slytheriness The Dream

22nd September 2007:
Oh-o! The plot thickens! I like your way with the characters, good job. I really like this story, keep it up! I know you have just updated, but I say this anyway: UPDATE! lol!


Author's Response: why thankyou, yes the third chapter will be up very soon, its called A Change Of Heart oooo whats gonna happen lol =] thanks for reviewing its highly apperciated keep reading thank you =]

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Review #12, by snuffles_stay The Dream

21st September 2007:
aww the dream was so cute! please update soon! pretty please, im guessing it's already posted somewhere ealse isn't it? Well i'll review here to boost them up for you :)

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Review #13, by snuffles_stay Return To Hogwarts

21st September 2007:
"his lemmings followed closely behind him. " hmm, i thought this was brilliant :D

The arguements between Draco and Hermione were actaully quite playful on a certain note, i really enjoyed this good chapter, i've added his to my favourites!

Author's Response: OMG thankyou so much =]
yh i thought it was quite playful and yesh i am just about to add chapter 3 please please keep reading =]
it gets better hehe XD
thanks again =]

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Review #14, by Lovely_Slytheriness Return To Hogwarts

18th September 2007:
Well, this might turn out to be something interesting! I really like it so far, but just watch some of the mistakes you make, like; "your" instead of "you´re". *feels so harsh* Sorry, those small things tend to bug me, especially since I really like this story. I hope you´ll update soon, I´m adding it to my favs XD Always Draco/Harry!


Author's Response: Thankyou so much!!!
The next chapter is currently in validation so it should be up by tomorrow
please continue to read and just for you i'll try and sort out my homophones lol
much apperciated!! =]
keep reading
xxxx =]

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Review #15, by ravenclaw94 Return To Hogwarts

12th September 2007:
it is kinda confuzling in the middle when cho walks bye cuz i didn't get if she sat down or kept walking so you might want to clear that up. it might just be my problem though. probably is. Good story keep going.
i will have a story up soon called "Voldemort, i am your father" so when that goes up i kinda want reviews so if you have the time, could you read it for me?please reply.
Great story!

Author's Response: yeah thanks for the review =]
cho was sitting down and then harry got distracted then she went to talk to to him
but i undertsand if u didn;'t get it sorry hehe
well my next chapter is in validation please please please keep on reading it is a good story i promise lol
and i shall reveiw tht it sounds wicked
thankyou again!!!
=] xxxx

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Review #16, by converse_rocks345 Return To Hogwarts

8th September 2007:
Waoh Harry/ Draco right?


ps Love the name Dude_wheres_my_wand like Dude, Where's My Car?

Author's Response: YEAH IT IS!!!! =] dude wheres my car lol, well i thought it was funny haha

wow you are totally bitchin ;) lmao

and yh it is harry and draco fic. haha

yh it's MCR as well =]

thanks for reviewing is highly apperciated =]

will update soon =]

♥ xxx

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Review #17, by Joanne K Return To Hogwarts

5th September 2007:
This story has definitely sparked my interest. It is well written, I loved the descriptive opening paragraph. Your grammar is good and I only noticed a couple of spelling mistakes. I can't believe Harry took Ginny's virginity at the Yule ball, she was only 13!

(btw, I love your pen name!)

Author's Response: Why thankyou =]

i'm just about to put chapter 2 up so please keep on reading!!

it's gd i promise ;) lol

and yh i kno it was just something i felt needed to show harry's interest *or in this case lack of haha* in girls and how rubbish his relationship with cho is goin =]
but yh thankyou for reviewing it is highly apperciated XD
=] xxxxx
yes i love my pen name also =] xxxx

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