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Review #1, by rosemarie Suantraí

24th March 2009:
damn, that's a great story. truly beautiful in a morbid way, but still magnificent. it's so sad and so is requiem! i keep coming back to read both again and again - just now i decided to review.
you write amazing stories; you know how to exactly capture the feeling, you know?
10/10 is the only rate i can give you.
congratulations on your great work!

Author's Response: Wow. You come back and read them again? Daaang. Now I'm amazingly flattered and I feel on top of the world! I'm really glad you decided to review -- they really make my day, especially when I find out that you've read them more than once!

:D Thank you! I... don't know how I can capture feeling, honestly. Well, I have an idea, but it's a depressing idea, since stories are the only way I can confidently express myself (I am a coward, actually, haha).

But thank you! SO MUCH!


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Review #2, by Voldemora Suantraí

8th June 2008:
Very simply, a beautifully written story, and very sad.

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Review #3, by henryjones Suantraí

4th March 2008:
hey! another brilliant one shot. i liked this one as much as the other one (about alice) even if you didnt. the touch of the pixies, the idea of the lullaby (more so than the requiem). but all in all, really similar to the one about alice. it wasnt that you wrote the same things, but it had the same feel to it - sort of sureal. and sad.

Author's Response: Wow, you're just eating up all my stuff, aren't you?! Thank you very much! It's so... wonderful, haha!

I'm glad you like it as much as Requiem. :) I'm starting to like this one more. It's a little crazy, but then again, a lot of my stories are a little crazy, seeing as how /I/ wrote them. The pixies HAD to be in this one, because I dunno.. It just popped up in my head one day. I'm becoming obsessed with symbolism and foreshadowing and stuff like that. The lullaby in this is supposed to tie it in the the requiem in the other. Frank is already insane, and his story is a greater glimpse of his mind after it has been pretty much destroyed. Requiem, on the other hand, shows us Alice's path to insanity and a brief glimpse of her destroyed mind.

Ah.. Yes, I tried to keep it rather similar but I wanted it to be different too. I'm glad you find this one brilliant though. :P Thank you very very very much!

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Review #4, by SereneChaos Suantraí

16th December 2007:
*gasps* How can you say this is unworthy of the original?! It's beautiful in its own way! As it shoudl be, since this is from another pov.

It's absolutely haunting, the way the pixies are dancing, the way Frank is both seeing things and trying to stay aware of the real world, and Alice calling out to him is heartbreaking.

This is a beautiful piece, and I honestly could expect no less from you.

Excellent work, Munira!


Author's Response: ... I'm a horrible person because I never replied to this. I did once, but my login timed out so.. it was very sad. Because that reply was long. :(

But hello. I'm sorry I never replied. Life got the better of me.

Anyways.. Yes, it is unworthy of the original. Not that the original is that great to begin with, but hey, whatever! :P

I'm glad you found it haunting. It was supposed to be, haha. Pixies -- I just HAD to have pixies, because y'know, pixies are hawt evil little.. chicks. And.. male-chicks.. Lol. Hehe, yeah, that was supposed to be heartbreaking.

You should expect horrific things from me, goodness Serene! But I'm glad you like it and you flatter me way too much!


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Review #5, by Evee Suantraí

16th November 2007:
O_O!! I envy you so much you have a great talent to write this piece so hauntingly and vividly in my mind, this is scary part of this incredible writing and I love Requiem so much that it is beautifully written as this piece is so raw with many emotions, angst and power. It's not horrid, it's totally blown out our minds out. Furthermore, are you Wingless-Tenshi-Chan? If you are, you recognize my name. :-D

Author's Response: Actualllllyyyy.. No, I'm not Wingless-Tenshi-Chan! But when I saw your review, I was kinda like,"Yay! A fellow Anime-Fan!" :D

EEK! Don't envy! I don't want to make people envy. :) Hehe... Thank you very much though. I'm actually a bit glad you found it a bit scary.. And haunting! That was my goal!

Wow! This story is almost two years old, I believe. I'm so glad that people still love this one! I'm really glad you found it so... beautiful? It really makes my ego inflate when people tell me that! Hehe!

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Review #6, by Nymphie Lupin Suantraí

2nd October 2007:
Oh, no. this is amazing. Definitely a beautiful sequel to Requiem. Just as poetic and everything is just gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. :) As we all know, the sequels to books, movies, etc. tend to be crap compared to the awesome first... Well, sweetie, you have totally proven that theory WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!

You should be very proud of your work, all of it. Because you are, quite simply put, one of the best writers I know. I don't think you quite understand that what you write is beautiful... and all the breathtaking details create for your readers marvelous imagery. AMAZING, you are. Have you ever thought of writing a book or something... You'd be a very good writer. Hell, you should even try free verse poetry. Your readers know darn well that you'd rock the house! :) :) :)

Well, sorry for the late review. First month back to school was LONG!!! :( And miserable. I actually read this in an effort to procrastinate on my English project. I really DO NOT like that class. At all. *groans*

I really should've been reading that book cuz I've had it for a week and am only on the first page o.O ... shoulda coulda woulda but I didn't LOL! I'd much rather be reading your work seeing as you have way more talent than an author who ACTUALLY got published... Whatever

Fabulous story, I simply loved it. Rating = one gagillion out of ten

Thanks for the awe-tacular read. :)


Author's Response: Zomg, I've finally replied to all my reviews (I've been holding it off for about two months. Aren't I horrible?).

First off! Thanks so much for reading AND reviewing. You make me so happy. :D Hehe, I'm glad you like this sequel, and I know what you mean! Most sequels SUCK. It makes me sad. Like the sequels to all those Disney movies. -sniffs sadly-

O_O Um. Wow. Nymphie! You're totally blowing my ego up! Quickly, deflate it! I don't want to become extremely snobby and stuck-up! Well, I'm so happy and giddy you like all the details and such. It really pays off when your reader acknowledges those tiny details so lovingly. So thank you. :) And hehe.. I'm actually writing a book right now. I've been working on it since I was.. twelve and a half. :) I have some of it uploaded somewhere on the internet -- I'll let you read it and then you can see my horribleness when A.) I was younger and B.) I don't edit out the mistakes/fix things up. Free verse poetry.. I have some poems online too. XD I don't get many reads or reviews though.

It's ok! School's been killing me too. College + High School is difficult. Very. I don't like English either. It's too.. analytical for me. But I applied symbolism to this story, which I learned in English! ^_^

Hehe.. I'm flattered! Glad you like this more than the book you're reading! Thank you SOOOOO much!


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Review #7, by Pretty Purple Pelican Suantraí

18th September 2007:
It's a very haunting piece. Excellent. I mean, I did like Requiem better, but it was good that you tried this, too.

Author's Response: Hehe, thanks. I've been iffy about Requiem for a long time (I meant to rewrite it in August). But I'm glad you approve of this one!

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Review #8, by Unwritten Curse Suantraí

9th September 2007:
By no means is this a 'horrid continuation of Requiem.' I think I need to smack you for saying that. Both were wonderful.

To be honest, I thought your first was a bit easier to follow. Alice's train of thought seemed to flow along in one path. But I believe this second one was a bit more imaginative. And although Frank's was a little more choppy, I think it showed the difference in their two characters. I was afraid this one would be incredibly like the first one, yet you've managed to really make them stand out as two separate pieces.

Once again, very real and beautiful. I felt I was going through this pain with Frank, along with seeing all the terrible things that his mind was creating. Bravo, and definately favoriting you.

Author's Response: I'm so sorry! I took FOREVER to reply. I'm horrible. Sorry, sorry!

Anyways... hehe. Sorry again. I'm glad you approve of this sequel!

Ah... I see what you mean. I think that was one of the differences I wanted to show between Alice and Frank. Alice was really focused on one thing -- who was torturing her, where she was, the pain. And she slowly lapsed into insanity. But with Frank, I wanted it to be different. I wanted to use a lot of symbolism (wow, I'm finally making use of English!) and have Frank's train of thought to be a lot more difficult to follow.

Hehe.. Thank you! You flatter me!

Many, many, hugs,

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Review #9, by Romina Stephanie Suantraí

5th September 2007:
Munira, I don't know where to begin. You're keeping to astound me with your figurative language and heartwrenching emotions. This was... so raw and tore at my heartstrings. I'm glad you decided to post this; his stupor into insanity was... horrible. Not horrible horrible, as in the way you wrote this, but the many happenings and feelings... I would never want to feel that. I liked the scenes, how everything wasn't explicable and how you jumped between a scene and the other at a rather rapid pace. But it was never rushed, because you really took the time to paint the pictures and I'm glad you did. This wasn't flawless though; I did find typos and there were some sentences that I didn't really understand. Here are the typos I found:

But I feel only peace. It wraps it's cool, tender loving arms - I'm not brilliant at grammar, but is the little it is suppose to be its?

I try to shake my head free of such odd contradictory thoughts, - and - I slowly dip my plum quill into the inkwell, gazing in a trance at the swirling, cerise liquid. - I added the little and because I thought it sounded a bit better. In my eyes =)

A smile spreads across my face face. - You've repeated the word face, :teehee:

Their bodies are thing and grey - Thin?

Freedom. Everything we fought for. I added this sentence just to tell you how much I loved it. It just stood out amidst everything else and at that point, I felt my eyes water. It's just... I think I would've preferred death instead of insanity and it pains me to think of their fate. They hadn't done anything to deserve it either... As for Augusta Longbottom lulling her grandson to sleep; it seems very reasonable to me. She is very dignified, but she is human and she has feelings. I think Neville does mean much to her, though she doesn't show it. Until DH, where she stood by his side fighting. I really liked the fact that Frank heard his mother as he silently drifted off into an unknown place.

And lastly, the closing lines. Relaxation descends into my soul and core. The moon sobs and my boy wails and my wife screams. And I weep, wondering mournfully if this is what dying feels like. GAAH, I want to weep along with Frank! But I can't 'cause I'm at school and I would embarrass myself... Munira, this was simply superb. It had its flaws (the tiny typos), but aside from those, I simply loved it. Oh, and a final thing (but I'll hurry because it's lunchtime, yippie!): the Suantraí. I loved the fact that this had a connection with the Requiem Alice heard and I really think that it kept both stories together. Like a red thread. It also kept Frank and Alice together, in a way I can't really explain now... Anyways, wonderful job and keep it up.


Author's Response: I'm so sorry it has taken me SO long to reply! Life's been smothering me, so.. I'm sorry. Anyways.. I was very hesitant to upload this, but I'm glad I did now! Thank you SO much for pointing out those mistakes and I've fixed them now. I'm extremely happy you like the language and found it horror.. ful? Hehe.. I really wanted Frank to seem emotionless and unfeeling (not because he's an uncaring man, but because he doesn't understand what's happening), up until the point where he saw Alice's body. Heh.. In Requiem, I didn't really describe Frank or Alice, because that was how I wanted to show Alice's slow detachment from reality and sanity. But here, I wanted Frank to be totally conscious and just.. aware when he saw Alice's body. But at the same time, he doesn't get what's happening. All the fantasy and imagery are supposed to symbolize what's really happen -- take the knobby fingers of the pixies; those are the wands of the Death Eaters. :P Meh.

That line!? Hehe, I love that line too! It kinda just popped out, but I think it makes sense. After all, that's what they're all fighting for. And yeah, I really wanted Augusta to seem that way. An emotional, caring woman who puts up walls to hide it around others.

Ahhh.. those last lines. Again, that just happened. I didn't really know how I wanted to end this piece until the middle. I just knew I had to reiterate the first line. It had to connect! :P WEEPING IS GOOD. But yeah, school peoples might've thought you were weird if you cried over a story. :D

And the connection! It doesn't seem like I'm trying to hard to connect it to Requiem, does it? Because I don't want it to seem like that! I've been wanting to write a story called Suantrai, and I realized it would be rather nice as a sequel to Requiem. Hehe..

Anyhow.. thank you so much for reviewing Stephanie! -hugs-

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