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Review #1, by ruby_slippers This Wicked Tongue

10th February 2009:
great story i really enjoyed the original read

Author's Response: Thanks ruby_slippers. I really enjoyed constructing this story and playing with canon elements versus the fanon so I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #2, by lupinlove This Wicked Tongue

10th June 2008:
wow. let me start off by saying that you have a gift for creating all things related to magic. as i read this, i found myself marvelling at how much you had created. the wizarding circus, vesta's obsession with fire leading to her invention of dr filibuster's, the healing properties of salamanders ... everything about this one-shot felt like it was straight out of jk rowling's brain.

you write really well and there was a real eloquence in the way you made time pass. everything that needed to be said was said, and there were no obvious fillers. the read was really very smooth/flowing. the relationship seemed perfectly matched, as did vesta's and sirius's respective lives, and it was overall just wonderful.

i don't know what to say other than great job and good luck with your writing!

Author's Response: Thanks lupinlove for the great review, it was so familiar to me that I needed a fresh opinion.
In regards to all the magic, that is what I love about these books, there is so much knowledge and background info that JKR can just refer to things in passing. Luckily we can then pick them up and have a play.

Thanks again,


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Review #3, by seulette suis This Wicked Tongue

26th September 2007:
more more more more more!!!

please?? haha

Another excellent one-shot!! :)

Author's Response: Thanks for that. I wish I could say that there was more coming, but I find myself a little stuck.
I have a few ideas but nothing that has really grabbed me. But thank you soooo much for the encouragement, I'll persevere! I'm glad you liked this one.

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Review #4, by SorceresSectumSempra This Wicked Tongue

5th September 2007:
Eeeks! I'm very sorry that this review is lateee! Things have been extremely crazy and they are continuing to be crazy! But I have found time in the craziness to do the whole reviewing shabang! bwahaha

It twas a splendariffic oneshot, as usual =) It makes me oh so very happy that you have done another Sirius/OC! teehee..WAIT! HIT THE PAUSE BUTTON! I have just thought of a song...i've been in a very musical mood lately! Anyways it goes YOU'VE MADE ME SOOO VERY HAPPYYY! Oh yes, such a splendid time to sing a Blood, Sweat and Tears song! teeheee

Ah, you have made Vesta to be a very unique and fascinating character...SALAMANDERSSS! Yeah, okay so when I saw the salamander thing in the summary and then reading about her obsession with them...I TOTALLY SQUEALED! haha, Because you see, lately I have been finding lots of salamanders crawling around my's so insane...and I name them all Skywalker...and I even told one of my hpff pals about this and we ended up writing this weird story about salamanders...but anyways it was just so odd that your fic ended up involving SALAMANDERS! Woot woot! Very exciting, I must say...

Wonderfully bittersweet oneshot! CLAPS FOR SIRIUSFIN! *claps and claps and claps* Sheesh-o, the more I say claps, the weirder it sounds...I don't think I like that word anymore! Alright, looks like instead of claps I shall give you...A STICKER! Yes because stickers are fun and stick to things and just make people happy! So here's a nice virtual sticker for you *gives a sticker of an awesome looking salamander*

*runs away giggling*

Author's Response: How bizarre,
and salamanders crawling around your house!!!
I suppose they're just lizards so that's not wierd, but still to find this story, hmm, very strange.
Thank you for the review, and thank you for the odd BST moment (I've never had anyone sing to me in a review before, but I must say it's a trend worth starting!!) and please no apologies for the delay, I'm not going to dock you pay or anything ;)

And thank you so much for the sticker *claps.. oh yeah it is wierd* I have it stuck on the cover of my fanfic folder :)

And yeas, I think I will be writing more Sirius/OC, they're soooo much fun!!


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Review #5, by summerlove x3 This Wicked Tongue

31st August 2007:
Wow everything, I feel, was really thought out, from Vesta's name (I'm thinking it's not coincidental that the Vestal Virgins guarded a fire in Latin mythology) to her whole occupation and such. It was really unique and I have neve rread anything like it! Great job! I can't wait to read more of your work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!
I was having trouble with the ending, I wanted them to see each other again, but when would Sirius have had the chance.
Then I remembered at the begining of GoF he was in hiding, sending letters via brightly coloured birds, and Harry was left wondering where he was...

Well picked on the Latin connection!! And her surname, Gabija, is the Lithuanian goddess of, yep, fire :)

Thanks for leaving a review.

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Review #6, by Lia This Wicked Tongue

30th August 2007:
Actually very intresting

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #7, by Enidda denwoodihn This Wicked Tongue

30th August 2007:
wow. Thats all I can say. WOW. I. LOVE. THIS. FIC. I LOVE it! I luv any fic about SIRIUS! KEEP ON WRITING!!!

Author's Response: THANK.YOU.SO.MUCH, ha ha ha !!
I have written a couple of Sirius fics, so please check those out. Thanks again.

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Review #8, by Hanna_Louise This Wicked Tongue

30th August 2007:
Woaw! That is so great - but he's got to come back to her!

Author's Response: Hey thanks for the review. I hope you got the connection between Vesta's bird and the one that was delivering letters to Harry at the beginning of Goblet of Fire ;)
I'm really glad you liked it.

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