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Reading Reviews for Mary Sue
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Review #1, by Avantgardess The Chamber with Secrets

24th July 2009:
XD Funny and interesting idea. You parodied the cliches and wrote it well.

Author's Response: hehe thanks! Glad it made you laugh :D

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Review #2, by delikizzz The Chamber with Secrets

2nd June 2008:
omg great story i love it its so funny update asap 10/10

Author's Response: I am happy you like it and I will do my best to update as soon as I can...as long as life and other plot bunnies don't get in the way hehe

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Review #3, by war and peace The Chamber with Secrets

21st February 2008:
tehe... loved it once again. Now I'm going to have to read the rest of your fics! :)

Author's Response: lol good to hear :D

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Review #4, by war and peace The Girl With Two Names

21st February 2008:
tehe! I love it.. going on my favourites for sure!

Very interesting concept - and very well done. Great job!

Author's Response: awesome :) glad you liked it!

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Review #5, by Wolfsis The Chamber with Secrets

24th November 2007:
More, more, more please! I love it. Its so clever and well thought out! I enjoy the jokes and connections. Keep up the great work and update soon please! 10/10

Author's Response: 5 more chapters to go hehe glad you like it so much :D I am going to start the next chapter soon I promise!

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Review #6, by Labby The Chamber with Secrets

30th October 2007:
haha.. this is great! I love Mary Sue and I love the whole concept - it's actually really original. My favorite line from this chapter: I got the perfect body, long lushes hair, full lips, great muscles cause I’m a star Quidditch player, a tattoo to match my greatness, and I just sneeze sparkles don’t I? Well sorry, my name's not Serenity." lol.. anyways, I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: hehe you can thank Morgan, the creator of Stalking Snape, for that lol go see her webpage and read her hilarious comic :D but I loved it so much I had to add it hahaha anyways glad you like it and I'll keep up the good work :)

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Review #7, by MischiefGirl The Chamber with Secrets

29th October 2007:
Hahhaha, awesome, very original. I really like the overall idea of the story and your writing is great as well. Keep it up! ;)

Author's Response: yay! happy you liked it and that you thought it was original :) I promise to keep at it hehe

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Review #8, by miss_remus The Chamber with Secrets

26th October 2007:
OoOo this is getting soo good!! I really can't wait to see what happens next, because this seems like it is going to be really interesting.

One thing I noticed is that you used "quest" several times, when I suspect that you mean "guest".

Anyways, great story, and please update soon :)

Author's Response: lol thanks for pointing that out, I'll be sure to change it...stupid words xD

anyways, glad you liked it!! :) the next chapter is based of the third book obviously and includes a bunch of cliches Mary Sue has to deal with hehe should be really fun to write and read :D

thanks for the review yet again! *hugs*

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Review #9, by Faiiry_PriiNceSs The Girl With Two Names

29th September 2007:
I've seen questions about this story all over the forums and I have finally found it! It's amazing, everything I expected and more. Please keep up the amazing job!
I love all the connections you make between the books, You do a wonderful job with them. It's a really amusing story so far =]

Author's Response: aww so sweet hehe glad you found it and liked it :D

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Review #10, by miss_remus The Girl With Two Names

18th September 2007:
Wow this story is amazing so far!! It's so clever and original and Im dying to read more. I love all the jokes you throw in, it really makes the reader interested. Please update soon!!
10/10 and will add to fav's

Author's Response: yay thank you! glad you liked it :D chapter 2 coming very soon!

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Review #11, by LunasNargle The Girl With Two Names

16th September 2007:
why the cliffhanger? That was so good, i wanna know what happens next, like fast! great character.

Author's Response: because cliffhangers are fun hehe :) the next chapter is mostly written so it will be up shortly

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Review #12, by caryjanecarter The Girl With Two Names

16th September 2007:
Well well. I remembered this story from the forums, and decided to check it out.

Some things I noticed that subtracted from the story:

It was rather rushed. Slow down the pace, and a few sentences here or there.

The definitions at the ending? Don't put them. We can make the connections ourselves, and it completely subtracts from the story if you think you have to spell everything out for us. It's like putting character descriptions at the end or beginning of a chapter - completely unnecessary.

But otherwise, not a bad start. Not a bad start at all.

~ Caroline (Ellarose)

Author's Response: it is a time span of like 10 mins for both parts so yes everything is happening very fast :)

The connections are listed at the end of the chapters because some people might not be able to make the connections and I don't think its far to them to not know so I just made it easy for everyone, whether they can find them on their own, can't, or just want everything spelled out for them so they don't have to bother :)

Anyway, thanks for the review Caroline and I am glad its a good start, I was really worried she might come off as Anti-Sue or whatever hehe (hence the A/N) :D

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Review #13, by Aisu Hoshino The Girl With Two Names

15th September 2007:
Wow, I really did love this...it was something pleasantly different and surprising.Mary-Sue reminds me of Cinderella. I love ya'll you've really made her a unique character right of the bad, and it's ironic considering her name. It is weird hearing about her being teased so much when I don't think I know anyone who knows what a Mary-Sue is IRL, but it could be location...small town Texas sounds way different than her atomosphere...and I LOVE Alex PLEASE tell me he appears more...oh, the sinking in the bathroom reminded me of the vanishing glass in SS.definitely looking forward to future chapters!

Author's Response: yay! so glad you loved it hehe

In high school, at least when I was there, if people wanted to make fun of someone they would find away. So consider that Claire and co wanted to make fun of her and so found a way: by finding out about her name :)

as for Alex I hadn't planned to use him except in passing really cause she is in a different world now but who knows ;)

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Review #14, by marieluz The Girl With Two Names

15th September 2007:
alex looks like hes a nice character

Author's Response: why thank you, he is nice :)

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Review #15, by Lovehpforever The Girl With Two Names

15th September 2007:
Haha, love it! Thanks for letting me know it was up, I had totally forgotten about it.
Can't wait for the next chapter, this is gonna get really interesting :D

Author's Response: hehe glad you like it! the next chapter is written but I need to edit it so soon :)

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Review #16, by Lily Opal Evans The Girl With Two Names

15th September 2007:
oh! i spotted another one "Well, it's a good thing I don't live forever then" or something along those lines--philosophers stone hehee.
I really enjoyed this, it's original and extremely well thought out! It must have taken you ages to plan it against the books!
Thanks for telling me it was up and I will check it out when you have the next chapter- oh, is there going to be a chapter on Deathly Hallows and are their only going to be 6/7 chapters?

Author's Response: lol I haven't read the books in awhile so there might be some I add in unknowingly xD anyways, yes only 7 chapters and the last will be on HPatDH :)

It took a surprisingly short time to plan the story against the books actually...only two days haha, but I think it will come out good.

I'm glad you liked it and I hope it stays original, the next chapter should be up soon!

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Review #17, by sexyseverus The Girl With Two Names

14th September 2007:
I liked it! =]
Thanks a bundle for informing me of when the story was posted. ;]
It was well worth the wait.

Author's Response: hehe you asked and I told :D glad you liked it! The next chapter should be finished here pretty soon :)

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