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Review #1, by Gladis Gudgeon The Object of My Obsession

22nd July 2014:
Ha ha. Poor Harry. That was awesome!! I live the amount of detail in only a few words.

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Review #2, by Katey The Object of My Obsession

27th April 2014:
Awesome job :) well done

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Review #3, by WhereTheFreaksAllComeAround The Object of My Obsession

30th January 2014:
That was very interesting. I've always wanted to have a series of slash Drarry similiar to this set in sixth year. Do you think you could do more, please? You're a nice writer!

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Review #4, by missxbasalisk The Object of My Obsession

30th July 2012:
in recently (about 10 minutes ago) read 'the M word' and in the end i told you i loved you. i think we have a real author reader relationship going on here. i mean first this thrilling and appetizingly spectacular mystery with one of my favorite ships. and now THIS. this has to be tied with my all time favorite ship of Sirius/OC. then we have Draco/Harry then dramione. and i can never NEVER find a good Draco/Harry slash. so thank you. i bow to you oh jessica!

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Review #5, by DatingDraco The Object of My Obsession

12th April 2012:
Loved it. As always it was brilliant

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Review #6, by Autumn Skyie The Object of My Obsession

29th September 2010:
I adore the way you portrayed Draco in this! :D

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Review #7, by Signe Hubert Kane The Object of My Obsession

4th January 2010:
Oh my gosh, that was frigging fantastic!
From now on I'll never be able to read or watch the scene without being reminded of this.

(sequel please!)

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Review #8, by TheDirigiblePlum The Object of My Obsession

23rd July 2009:
I loved the intensity of this, and the way Draco's anger mutated into lust, and then he cursed Harry and left him in the train! I thought it was a great mix of the real scene, and the one that you made.

The transition between them hating each other and then "loving" each other was smooth, and I liked it that they didn't try and get with each other as soon as they were alone :D There was angst first, which always makes a story interesting. :)

Great job!

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Review #9, by Ashlee The Object of My Obsession

19th July 2009:
AHH! THIS IS THE ACTUAL SCENE (minus the sex) FROM THE SIXTH FILM! WHY WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?! IF PEOPLE READ THIS BEFORE SEEING THE FILM THEN SEE IT... OH MY... you know what, I don't actually know what would happen. Nvm lol!

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Review #10, by Galasriniel The Object of My Obsession

16th April 2009:
Ah, this is the awesomeness! I love this original take on the scene, whenever I read the book now I won't be able to get it out of my head! Great job xx

Author's Response: Thanks. :) This one was lots of fun to write. I like taking actual parts from the books and re-writing them.

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Review #11, by Tink The Object of My Obsession

23rd November 2008:
Really well written.

Loved how you wove it in with what really happened in the book - really clever, well done! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

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Review #12, by Tom_DracosGirl The Object of My Obsession

23rd October 2008:
I loved how true to character you kept them both, especially Draco, his need for control, for everything to be about him.

This was a great new take on the origianl scene and I enjoyed reading it. I thought this was really well written. Great job!

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Review #13, by x0xcaitlinx0x The Object of My Obsession

21st October 2008:
I love when people twist real scenes to make them better :P If only JK had written it like this, well, it would have been pretty cool. Anyways, the characters were IC, the writing was good, and I love a good Draco/Harry ;) Great job!


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Review #14, by magicalperfect The Object of My Obsession

19th October 2008:
I haven't read a Harry/Draco slash story in so long that I just had to give it a shot when I saw your request. My goodness, I did not expect this one-shot to be so well-written. Most of the ones I've read around here don't capture the characters in their true feelings. You don't see Draco fondling over Harry or showing him his truest feelings. I really enjoyed reading this, because you definitely stayed true to the way both of these characters need to act.

I particularly love stories that take gaps from JKR's world to create something really creative. It's amazing because now that I think about the scene, this very well could have happened to Harry. I also found it funny how Ron, Hermione, and Neville talked about Harry's obsession with Draco right at the beginning. I'm sorry that my review sounds like I'm rambling. Very well written dear, I'm going to try to read all of your other slash one-shots also. Since slash writers don't get much attention at all.

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Review #15, by never_too_old The Object of My Obsession

3rd May 2008:
Wow. Great one-shot! I just don't even know where to start. The way you just tied it all in from the book was great. :) And yes, it definitely was about Malfoy, wasn't it? "That's from my father" OUCH! Absolutely wonderful! :)

Oh, and to answer one of your replies from another story, yes, I am a slash fan (ESPECIALLY Harry/Draco). I'm actually writing a novella right now with these two (it's a prequel to my Lucius/Severus fic) There's just something about slash I love, you know? Anyway, good job once again! Hope to see some more Harry/Draco fics in the future!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I love taking scenes from the books to twist around.

Slash is awesome. :] I have other Harry/Draco's up if you're interested. And I will check out your stories once I am on summer vacation and have some time! Haha. I have finals coming up right now, so I think a good dose of FF will be perfect when I am done with school. :D

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Review #16, by DracoxxxHarry21 The Object of My Obsession

25th March 2008:
A sequel sounds great...
You need to do it...
I know I reviewed again...
And I reread it...
Still loving it...
The fact that you made it lustful and not personal and emotional was...

Author's Response: LOL! Thanks for reviewing again. And reading again too, lol. I guess you really liked it. :D I'll think about a possible sequel, but don't hold me to anything. Yeah, I admit this one-shot was pretty emotionless and completely full of lust, especially on Draco's part. But hey, that's why we love Draco. :P

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Review #17, by DracoxxxHarry21 The Object of My Obsession

25th March 2008:
My names itself clearly states...
That was so sexy and so hot...
Draco probably smells like sex...
What will Pansy think...

Author's Response: Haha!! Yes, I do love putting our boys together, lol. I wonder what Pansy will think too. Do I smell a sequel beginning to brew in my mind? lol ... :P

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Review #18, by Moondanser83 The Object of My Obsession

20th March 2008:
Yet another great story... and I would expect nothing less from you at this point... Here's yet another story that I know I've read before... and think I even reviewed.. but I couldn't help it.. the box was here... so I had to leave another review to tell you just how great I thought it was... still haven't figured out why I seem to enjoy the slash stories so much but I do... go figure...
Great work!
Much Love

Author's Response: Wow, well thanks for coming back to leave another review! lol. I didn't know you liked slash. And don't worry, a lot of us slash lovers don't know why we enjoy it. We just know that we do, and that's enough for us, haha :D

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Review #19, by Moondanser83 The Object of My Obsession

20th January 2008:
The was great.. and totally in character for Draco. good job :)

Author's Response: Thanks. :]

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Review #20, by chinery13 The Object of My Obsession

8th January 2008:
That was brilliant!! I feel all hot flushed. Great great great.

Author's Response: Aww thank you!

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Review #21, by PotterGirl75 The Object of My Obsession

4th January 2008:
i think that you are a very good writer.. third slash i have every read.. the first two where also yours, and once again i don`t overly read them, but yours are intreging. ten out of ten. great fic.

Author's Response: Thank you for another lovely review, I'm so glad you liked it.

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Review #22, by TrevorTheFrog The Object of My Obsession

23rd October 2007:
Um. that was quite interesting. As a matter of fact, that was the only slash i have ever read on this site, but it was very well written!

PS: I made the banner. And I was just going through my gallery and noticed what a horrendous job I had done. Then I wondered maybe ud want me to do a do-over? If so, just leave it in the reply. ;)

Author's Response: Wow, I'm honored to have been your first taste of slash on this site, lol. Hope you liked it at least!

And I like the banner you made. If you would like to make another one that would be fine ... maybe send me a PM at TDA (my name there is the same as it is here). Thanks. :)

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Review #23, by canhuffnpuff The Object of My Obsession

7th October 2007:

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Can.

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Review #24, by Green Sky The Object of My Obsession

7th October 2007:
I like how you used what actually happened in the book in the story too. Made it seem realistic in a way.

Author's Response: Thank you! When I read that scene in the book, it was just SCREAMING for me to rewrite it with some H/D action. haha.

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Review #25, by Pookha The Object of My Obsession

30th September 2007:
After reading your H/L story I had to read this. It reminds me why slash isn't really my thing, but also is very well-written with a believable motivation from Draco. I have a little more problem with Harry's motivation, but that might be my own slash aversion. 8//10 I wonder if they might continue in the future in a D/S relationship.

Author's Response: That's ok if slash isn't your thing, lol. But I appreciate you reading and reviewing it anyway, and for commenting on my my writing rather than leaving me a nasty comment about the pairing like some people tend to do, lol.

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