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Review #1, by Lillylover22 Love. Hate. Passion. Liar!

3rd October 2009:
oh god!! this cant end well!! i never thought george could do something like that!! gosh!! 9/10 =]

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Review #2, by Lillylover22 Cruel Realisation and New Love

3rd October 2009:
oh gosh!! poor Talia!! was her mum bewitched or something because it sounded like she was fighting the urge to kill her family!! 9/10 =]

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Review #3, by penname Love. Hate. Passion. Liar!

25th March 2009:
I LOVE IT. I'M SO VERY HAPPY YOU DECIDED TO MAKE THIS A STORY! I was in love with this plot the first time I read it. It's absolutely amazing!

Author's Response: Thanks! It took me like two years to finish! (computer viruses and such...)
Just started working on the next installment!

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Review #4, by PotterGirl75 Cruel Realisation and New Love

29th December 2008:
woah.. okay.. i mean.. hmm.. interesting. but that can't be it, there had to be something more in validation. I loved it.:D

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Review #5, by Georgesgrl9296 Cruel Realisation and New Love

29th May 2008:
This is soo cool! :D...hehe...'Cause, I, Myself, am blind :)) hehe...
This fic is great! :D

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Review #6, by Eloise_Phelps Cruel Realisation and New Love

29th April 2008:
Awww... that was sooo sweet? Is there a sequal?. if not... write one please. I loved it... 10/10


Author's Response: Hey hey. Sorry it took so long. Computer troubles. Ugh.
Anyway the next chapter is finally up if you wanted to know.

Its called 'Love. Hate. Passion. Liar!'
Should be available soon!

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Review #7, by amb Cruel Realisation and New Love

29th April 2008:
oh my god... (that means very good btw)

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Review #8, by luv2theWeasleys66 Cruel Realisation and New Love

27th March 2008:
hello! this was a great story but i wish i didnt hav 2 end so abruptly!! i luv sirius black!

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Review #9, by lilysnape14 Cruel Realisation and New Love

18th March 2008:
this was the greatest story ive read so far!
plz rite more!

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Review #10, by lilysnape14 Cruel Realisation and New Love

17th March 2008:
that was awesome!!! write the nexxt chapter!!!

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Review #11, by werewolf_at_heart Cruel Realisation and New Love

7th March 2008:
That was amazing! I don't really know what to say but I really enjoyed this. It's a work of art! Wow! Is there a sequal? I would read it in a heart beat!

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Review #12, by YouWannaChallengeMoiInHPTrivia Cruel Realisation and New Love

1st March 2008:
must get more chps i'm ding from the stress.

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Review #13, by xXharry and draco_luvrXx Cruel Realisation and New Love

26th February 2008:
omigosh i just cannot beleive it
it is such a cliffy

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Review #14, by nymphadoralupin21 Cruel Realisation and New Love

24th February 2008:
Wow...this was a really great story! Very well-written! I hope you write more like this!

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Review #15, by IS bookworm Cruel Realisation and New Love

18th February 2008:
OOH!! Did she turn back to looking like her previous self? Just curious! I loved it! That was very cool. Keep writing! :7)

Author's Response: well...IS bookworm, im not sure. I am open to anyone who would like to write a sequel to this story as i am unable to at the moment!
So sad...i guess but anyway...keep an eye out for the new song fics i wrote: The Reason I Love you and its sequel, You'll Be In My Heart

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Review #16, by SADFREDSGURL1988 Cruel Realisation and New Love

12th February 2008:
That was sad. That poor girl. Was the mom being controlled be deatheaters or something? I liked it though.

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Review #17, by penname Cruel Realisation and New Love

10th February 2008:
This is really good! please please please make a sequel!!! I'm absolutely begging you! 10/10

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Review #18, by toothpick Cruel Realisation and New Love

10th February 2008:
Bordering Mary-sue (her appearance) and agressive personality. Disappointing portrayal of Pansy. Needs paragraph. Intersting story, though.

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Review #19, by Journey Cruel Realisation and New Love

10th February 2008:
great story, well written, but kinda drops at the end. it would be better if there were more chapters or a sequel

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Review #20, by Billion Cruel Realisation and New Love

23rd October 2007:
Interesting story and good use of dialogue in narrating.

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Review #21, by lil_miss_granger921 Cruel Realisation and New Love

19th October 2007:
mwahahaha special thanks to sapphirejem 4 makin me a fave story ! yay! thanks so much

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Review #22, by Mione_Jane_Malfoy Cruel Realisation and New Love

15th October 2007:
oo nice chap i sooo cannot wait to see wuts up next! =)

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