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Review #1, by Lolo_Lex_gryffindorgals The Snail on the Fence

23rd December 2007:
that was great a slow start yes, but I can tell that something good and interesting is going to happen. Keep writing please. Also I wanted to know if you do your banners or if someone else does them? If you do them could you please, please, please, please make me and my dear friend Lolo some for our stories.

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Review #2, by Sir Squigglim The Snail on the Fence

13th October 2007:
nice comment. sorry youre sooo stressed! cute plot- never heard anything like it! its great how jazzy accepts being a squib- actually, shes excited! keep writing!

Author's Response: I am stressed. Really, really stressed. I may need a holiday.

Cute plots are what I want to read, and, beacuse of the server lack of them, i decided to write one.

Jazzy loves being a squib. But don't worry, she is still human and will want magic sooner or later.

I have half of the next chapter written so watch out!

Thanks for the review!

Love always,
Mrs Becky Lupin

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Review #3, by tashhh The Snail on the Fence

3rd October 2007:
This fic is really good. Id like to see where it goes. I've only really read a few fics about Jame's family but this one is definately one of the best so far.

Id like to read some more, Cant wait for the next update =]


Author's Response: You think? I've had this plot for a while so I thought I'd get it out. The second chapter is coming along nicely!

Thanks for the review!

Love always,
Mrs Becky Lupin

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Review #4, by MeghanElizabeth The Snail on the Fence

6th September 2007:
Hi! I just read this, and as completely lazy as I am, I wasn't going to respond. But then I saw that you only had one so far, and that made me feel guilty, as this story is really good so far. Then, I read said review, and saw that it was from someone who it seemed like you knew, which made me feel even more guilty, thus the derivation of this review.

Sorry if that was utterly confusing. I'm still too lazy to proofread.

Anyways, I actually do feel semi-special for being one of the first to review. So, I guess I just want to say, I really like it so far. I like the idea of James having a younger, squib sister, as the only other stories with James's family usually ends with James's Sister and Sirius falling deeply and passionately in love, and then she is just completely forgotten about by the time Harry is orphaned. And, seeing as how Jasmine and Sirius really couldn't get together in this story without many readers questioning both your sanity and moral values, I am looking forward to reading the rest.

I like the writing style, it's simplistic yet intriguing. I really hope you continue describing her feelings towards James's 'star child' role, and her father's fame, etc. Don't just focus on her and Lane, although they are incredibly cute.

Well, I should probably go since this review is almost longer than your chapter itself. But, if you promise to update within the week, I'll promise to push aside my laziness again and review the next chapter. And you should be honored, as I rarely am able to overcome that character flaw. Lol...never mind, I'm a rambling idiot...anyways, 10/10.

Author's Response: I bet you aren't as lazy as I am. I was supossed to wrap a prestent for a friend and couldnt find wrapping. So, as always, I grabbed an old pizza box and shoved it in there. I forgot about the cheese. Heh. Oops!

Yeah, the girl who reviwed first is the one I dedicated the story to. :)

Ew! Sirius and James' siter? That is wrong in so many ways. Well, I hope you won't find the need to question both my sanity and moral values. I plan to not make Jasmine fall in love with Sirius at any stage in this story.

I won't just focus on Lane and Jasmine. I promise! And if I start heading that way, whack me on the head with a saucepan. :P

Well, I'll get a move on with the next chapter. I hope to see another review!

Love always,
Mrs Becky Lupin

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Review #5, by Mrs Jenna Black The Snail on the Fence

3rd September 2007:
Aww...thanks for making it for me, love you too! :) Great start, I love little Jasmine, I would love to be James' little sister, how awesome would that be! Jazzie and Lane are sooo cute! Especially together. I'm hoping to see some Sirius and Remus!
Love always,
Mrs Jenna Black

Author's Response: Your welcome! Love you!

Jasmine and Lane are adorable, no? I wish I was related to James. Hopefully not Remus, otherwise it would be weird to marry him. Remus and Sirius coming up!

Love always,
Mrs Becky Lupin

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