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Review #1, by SmartieGranger It's Your Fault!

20th April 2015:
Woah! You weren't kidding when you were saying Hermione had a big mouth. I never thought I would be debating this, but who is worse? Malfoy or Hermione?

I thought it was a bit...odd... I'd give it a 7.

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Review #2, by Brillio Getting Detention.

29th March 2010:
I think you're pretty good haha, creative and very funny even if you havn't perfected the skill yet, not that I have any writing skill myself haha just an avid reader. But i am liking your storys so im going to continue to read them ^^
and again very funny!

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Review #3, by NessaTelemnar It's Your Fault!

31st January 2010:
I like it ! ^^

Nina x

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Review #4, by seera It's Your Fault!

15th December 2009:
it is appreciated. anyways, good story! keep up the good work :D i hope you are not having a writer's block, because i want to read the next chapter asap and the following and so on and so forth until the end :D

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Review #5, by DramioneFan4Eva It's Your Fault!

4th December 2009:
Oh no flames whatsoever:) It was good, I liked it alot:) Although It was slightly weaker that the 1st chapter than you posted. Haha, Draco has a bit of gayness in him nw;) ?? Now that's a first. Haha. Nice work.
-Emma xx

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Review #6, by moodyprince Getting Detention.

30th April 2009:
Sorry but there were far too many typos for me.You need to get a beta or spellcheck because I couldn't even get into the story because of all the typos.

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Review #7, by ratnasri It's Your Fault!

5th December 2008:
it is very good..
i like it...

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Review #8, by Raven Chaos It's Your Fault!

30th October 2008:
O nice what arethey going to do now? Seen as Hermione is picking on Draco?

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Review #9, by Anastasia It's Your Fault!

25th October 2008:
I found your reply to my previous review interesting. I didn't intend to make you feel bad; I mostly just wanted to point out where you needed to improve. I do commend you for taking the time to post something, however I would recommed that you take a little bit more time reviewing your writing before you post it. A little editing can go a long, long ways! Also, I understand that you only have two chapters posted so far, and thus have a tad more leeway in regards to character develpment; however, in reading your story I find that neither Draco or Hermione (especially Hermione) are true enough to their characters in the books to be entirely beliveable. Their characters are depicted a tad shallowly (again, especially Hermione) and for future chapters I would suggest exploring their complexities a bit more. In no way to I mean stick to the dimensions set out in the books though - there is no problem with making a character your own and giving them original or "undiscovered" traits, I just feel that you should make both of them more well rounded. Finally, don't just balk at me when I tell you that your writing isn't "stellar, moving or well-written" - so far it has not been! But in any case, don't just sit there, tell me I suck and then turn out more pith - take my advice and wow me!!!

Author's Response: I look back on this from three years ago, and I want to thank you. For not only the advice, but for putting up with my younger attitude. I'm still writing a bit, check out my most recent story, "Watching You.", I belive I've improved. Again thanks for reviewing.

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Review #10, by Anastasia It's Your Fault!

24th October 2008:
You shouldn't catagorize a story as a one-shot if it has more than one chapter. Unless of course you originally wrote a one-shot and then got such rave reviews or such an amazing bout of inspriation that you just had to write a continuation. I can plainly see that you had neither. Your writing needs quite a bit of polishing, your grammer is abhorrious and you switch point of views all over the place. Your story also lacks the amount of depth I would require to consider this a well written story. Overall I think you have potential, and I commend you for trying, but if you want better reviews, don't just ask for them - earn them through such a stellar, moving and well written story that demands good ratings.

Author's Response: Well ummm...confused at how to respond to this it is dissapointing,yet it tells me where to improve.and I know that I am absolutly no good right now,i'm trying to get better...obviously it's not working though.Sorry that my story is not "stellar,moving or well writen"as you say i just put some thing up and hoped for the best!Ummm...thanks but no thanks.

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Review #11, by madison_rankin Getting Detention.

3rd November 2007:
hahahahahaha I can so imagine Hermione skipping around Draco singing your gay!

Author's Response: lol lol lol I could too.thats why I wrote it.
thanks for the review!!!(-:

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Review #12, by sweeterthanhunny Getting Detention.

12th October 2007:
mwahahahahaha that doesn't prove he isn't bi...

Author's Response: True lol(-; mabey the future chapters will or wont!!!!(-;

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Review #13, by darcysunshine Getting Detention.

25th September 2007:
a young writer shouldn't rate her stories mature=]..technically, she can't even read them...plus sorry but your grammer isn't good at all. i didn't understand it. i mean it was kind of pointless...the entire story was about malfoy looking at ron and harry's butts. and he kissed hermione once...um, deep.

Author's Response: I'm not an adult,no,but I'm not as old as some of the writers I've read from,some of them have been older than 35,just because I'm not that old I'm sorry I wanted to try to write a story,sorry I didnt mean to rate mature,I meant only 15+,I screwed up dont be so mean,Its because of people like you young writers dont improve at our skills because you get us down and we normaly quit.Ya know what,forget you I aint quiting,so if you dont like my writing then stay the crap away,Ha Ha Ha thanks for the review)-=

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Review #14, by ilovseshy Getting Detention.

24th September 2007:
Your story was very good Elizabeth. This is Tom Felton I look forward to reading more of your stories.*Tom Felton*

Author's Response: Ha Ha,thanks if your realy Tom Felton,oh well reviews are good thanks again(If your tom felton I love you)!!!!!(-;

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Review #15, by candz Getting Detention.

3rd September 2007:
i like it
the paragraphing isnt so good and its hard to read but all the same its great! fluff, i like :P

Xxx 8 outa 10

Author's Response: thankz

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