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Review #1, by MsErrol A Sirius Tale

21st September 2013:
hahahaha this is so well done

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Review #2, by a4apple A Sirius Tale

24th April 2009:
sirius-ly.dis d best way d sirius/serious pun has been put to use.SUPERB!

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Review #3, by kat A Sirius Tale

11th April 2009:

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Review #4, by Ginny/Harry_Believer A Sirius Tale

13th June 2008:
O ME GEE!!! I LUV IT! ^.^

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Review #5, by Liz A Sirius Tale

11th June 2008:
So I thought this was a cute little story, I very much enjoyed the banter. Question though, why on earth are they talking about rheumatism? Rheumatism is "any disorder of the extremities or back, characterized by pain and stiffness." --dictionary dot com.

So I don't know where that's coming from, if there was some automatic adjustment by your text editor or what, but I just thought I'd point that out to you.

Have a lovely day!

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Review #6, by ilovesirius-sirius-ly A Sirius Tale

23rd April 2008:
that killed me!


Author's Response: Sorry! :) But I hope that means you enjoyed it!

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Review #7, by SiriuslyInspired A Sirius Tale

30th March 2008:
I have never seen so many puns in my entire life.
hilarious and orighinal idea!
nice work, 10/10

Author's Response: Yes, there are a lot of puns. It's kind of pun concentrate all the way through - like orange juice concentrate, but, y'know, of puns - yeah... love ya!♥♥♥

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Review #8, by A Diffrent type of Flower A Sirius Tale

25th February 2008:
oh.My. God. thant was effing amazing. Wow. Great job =]

Author's Response: I know. *shrugs immodestly* I rock. I rock. I rock your socks off!
Seriously though, thanks so much for reviewing! I ♥ U

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Review #9, by unicorn_magik A Sirius Tale

23rd February 2008:
I love this!! Sirius-ly, I do!! Ugh, now you've got ME doing it!!!

Author's Response:

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Review #10, by _Martha_ A Sirius Tale

14th February 2008:
LOL! that was sooo funny. And sirius-ly confusing!
Loved it!

Author's Response: Awwww! Thanks SOOO much - I'm sorry I confused you. LOL!!!
Ps. I luv ur name.

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Review #11, by tanisha A Sirius Tale

23rd January 2008:
seriously it was nice

Author's Response: Thanks!!!

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Review #12, by marauderluverz A Sirius Tale

14th January 2008:
That was so cute! I LOVED it! 10/10 Id say more but theres really nothing left to say.

Author's Response: Thanks! That's really kind of you. I appreciate your review and give you a truckload of virtual chocolate (I got that from a really good author, Zokara!)

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Review #13, by HP7LVR A Sirius Tale

30th December 2007:
Padfoot: oh.my.bloody.gosh. t-t-that's genius!! i've been bugging moony for the past WEEK w/ the Sirius/serious pun. she's just about ready to kill me actually, but anyway totally amazing, this and snappy retorts for dummies are my all time fave. fanfic =)
Moony: just for the record moony and padfoot are nicknames. we're girls. ha. And the moony grammer thing was perfect, i loved it =)

Author's Response: Hee hee, you're a very good reviewer, I love you! Anyway, snigger snigger. and I'm glad I could provide you with some of your fave fanfics!

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Review #14, by Sarah A Sirius Tale

29th December 2007:
Haha oh who doesn't love Sirius being annoying!

Author's Response: I know, I love it when he's all... er... annoying! Couldn't'a put it betta me-self!

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Review #15, by jameslily1313 A Sirius Tale

11th December 2007:
ok that was just annoying i give u a 1/10

jk!!! that was awsum!!! its fun 2 watch as stupid siri is bein... stupid!!! but hes still hawt and in my good- no best- books!!! i luv havin a weird mind!!! 10/10

Author's Response: I read your first bit and I was like 'awww, shucks...' :(
Then I read the second bit and I was like 'YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!◘☻☺♥♣○'
So there you go.

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Review #16, by anyavioletta A Sirius Tale

26th November 2007:
lol. that was funny. the sirius pun, however, is sirius-ly doing my head in. lol

Author's Response: Did you know that I'm currently in love with/marrying two of my reviewers?
So (as I'm at least a two-timer already), you shall just have to be my BEST FRIEND EVER!


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Review #17, by blimey A Sirius Tale

5th November 2007:
wow. now i'm all confused.
good work, though! very funny!

Author's Response: thanks a lot! I'm sorry for confusing you

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Review #18, by lollipop_marauderette A Sirius Tale

12th October 2007:
hahahahahhaa almost peed my pants loved the scientifical serious- i mean sirius!


Author's Response: Thank you! I'm sorry you almost wet yourself.

It was very fun writing a load of nonsense for the scientific part!

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Review #19, by Wicked Vixen A Sirius Tale

5th October 2007:
Lol. That was cute! In spite of the punny-funny jokes, I loved it all!

Author's Response: Thank-you. It was all a bit simple but I quite liked that story anyway.

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Review #20, by lovegoesfar A Sirius Tale

2nd October 2007:
haha! tas funny!

Author's Response: Thanks! It's good that you think it's funny.

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Review #21, by Ozoh the Wise A Sirius Tale

18th September 2007:
That was incredibly funny, I love the word 'rainbowic'. Great work!

Author's Response: I made that word up all on my lonesome!

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Review #22, by DenasDreams2 A Sirius Tale

15th September 2007:
Sirius-ly hilarious! I can totally imagine Sirius acting exactly the way you described. I laughed out loud through three quarters of the tale. The last quarter was a nice bit of romantic fluff. Well done!

Author's Response: Merci! Which is French for thank you, BTW.

I know - it was a bit too soppy (the last bit) for my taste. I don't usually write like that. But I figured, WTH (what the heck/hell/hey). I'll do it, just this once. And it turned out A-OK.

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Review #23, by Lily_Potter23 A Sirius Tale

14th September 2007:
I defitnaly don't say this very often...BUT I LOVED IT! Sirus-ly, almost as much as James loves Lily. Almost as much Sirius loves his puns. ALMOST AS MUCH AS LUPIN LOVES TO LETCURE ABOUT PROPER ENGLISH!!

*cough* Okay, I'm done! =)

Author's Response: I'm with Remus! I love lecturing about English! It's so thrilling!


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Review #24, by AK CARMEL A Sirius Tale

8th September 2007:

Author's Response: merci! 谢谢! 謝謝! dank u! danke! σας ευχαριστούμε! grazie! ありがとう! 너를 감사하십시요! obrigado! вы! gracias!

That means thank you in lots of different languages!

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Review #25, by Mz Black A Sirius Tale

4th September 2007:
OMG . i LOVED T SOO MUCH . it was hil`arious

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I did intend it to be funny but I wasn't sure if it was... confirmation is EXCELLENT!

Ps. MONKEES and thanks for reviewing!

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