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Review #1, by snapeluvr Blue Periwinkle

11th January 2009:
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE! Omg I love your stories they r amazing B. you have to not give up girl!!!

Author's Response: Well...because you asked so nicely.

Nah. I think I've had enough time apart from this plot and we both have worked out our issues with the other ^^

I might have to do some revamping but you should be seeing some new chapters in the distant future.

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Review #2, by FadingAntigone White Carnation

7th October 2008:
You have a very beautiful way with words. I really enjoyed this piece. I work in at a Garden Center, too, and have slowly become obsessed with flowers. I really enjoyed this and can't wait to read more (:

Author's Response: Aww... thank you for such a sweet review!!

Honestly I can't thank you enough and I am so glad that you liked it!!

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Review #3, by The Hogwarts Ghost Blue Periwinkle

12th June 2008:
Once again, I love your story. This one seemed more like a filler, however, but it kept my attention and was very enjoyable nonetheless. And all the Beatles references! Paul, the yellow submarine, Lucy...did you by any chance write this on National Beatles Appreciation Day? Again, I love the story and await your next chapter, as every flower added makes the Bouquet more beautiful!

Author's Response: Hehe yeah someone caught the Beatles references!!! Yeah I was listening to Beatles while typing this up.

Wow your analogy is amazing!!! I should write that down somewhere... hehe

Thanks for reviewing!!!

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Review #4, by Jacqueline Noir Purple Hyacinth

12th June 2008:
Oh, wow!
I can't imagine what would get possibly be wrong with Lily, but I adore this story!
As for the rest, I'm speechless!

Author's Response: All I can say is like review, like response. You have left me speechless (and with a scary large ego XP)

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Review #5, by Jacqueline Noir Phlox

12th June 2008:
Your descriptions are just simply gorgeous! The family live you described is perfect! I like your Petunia so much...
Then, this is how I've always imagined Lily's and Petunia's parents. A beautiful, tender mother and a patient father with wisdom to offer ho his Children.
Great job, dear!

Author's Response: Thank you thank you so much for your absolutely reviews!! You prove that a few kind words can go a long way. Where would authors be without amazing reviewers such as yourself?

As for your views on Petunia's parents, great minds think alike!!

Thank you so much for reviewing!!

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Review #6, by Jacqueline Noir Baby's Breath

12th June 2008:
I am officially impressed!
This was one of the sweetest chapter I ever read! The birth of Lily, who would have thought? And then I like the names you choose for Lily's parents.
Your Petunia is a very intriguing character. At least at the young age of three.:) I feel so sorry for her...
The conversation between Petunia and Emmeline is also interesting and I am running now to read the next chapter!:)

Author's Response: Aww this was one of the sweetest reviews I have ever read (hehe). I'm glad that you liked the parent's names. Good old Where on Earth would I be without it? I always saw her mother has having a more French sounding name. And then Jaxith just seemed to fit (:

Still continuing our journey of being glad that you liked it!!!

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Review #7, by Jacqueline Noir Forget-Me-Not

12th June 2008:
Who would have though I'd love Petunia? But in your story she seems such a nice girl...
I think I always wanted to know more about the life of Evans family. I knew Petunia really didn't stand her little sister, but you've imagined a reason for this: Petunia wanted to become a witch. Quite clever, actually...
Your story captivates me!

Author's Response: I totally know!! I started out hating her, which was weird b/c I am supposed to be showing her in a different light. I guess that as the story progressed and I got used to writing her and thinking as she would she became one of my favorite characters.

Ahhh another sad thing to the fact that JK only wrote 7 books, she created all of these wonderful characters and she simply didn't have time to delve deep enough into some potentially amazing characters.

So glad that you like it!!

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Review #8, by Jacqueline Noir White Carnation

12th June 2008:
I must admit that this is the first fanfiction I read, that has Petunia as a main character.
But I must say that what surprises me at this story is its originality. The scene you've described here is quite astonishing and I've never pictured, in my head, Lily's funeral...
I am so eager to see what's going on next!

Author's Response: Oh thank you for reviewing (Now I feel bad b/c I haven't read your 2nd chapter. Must go do that next)

Yes, I tend to pick characters that most authors don't write about. Guess it's part of this originality complex I have XP!! I'm glad that you liked it!!

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Review #9, by SilverThimble Blue Periwinkle

10th June 2008:
It was a kind of short chapter. But it's great to find out more about the kid's dislike of the Snapes. I didn't think about that, that he's only 3. The poor kid :( I think it's strange how they think he's "a myth made up to scare you at night", but you know, they're only six.
I'd just say that the story doesn't really seem to be moving along much at this point. I do like reading about Petunia's childhood, but at this rate you'll be writing about it for about 20 chapters. And there's couple of things you've only mentioned once or twice and then sort of dropped (her dreams, lily's illness).
Seeing as the next chapter is going to be longer (is is, right?) I'm just going to have to say update soon!

Author's Response: Hello again and thank you for reviewing (as always)!!

Yes, I know it was kind of a short chapter. The next will be longer, I promise.

I know it kinda seems like things aren't really going anywhere but I do promise that in the next handful of chapters things will all start to tie up and fall into place. Everything happened so far for a reason, you'll just have to wait and see....

Glad that you liked it and about the update, you should being seeing one very soon b/c I'm officially done with school (woot!!)

Thanks for reviewing again!!

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Review #10, by Labby Blue Periwinkle

2nd June 2008:
Aww.. Petunia's making friends. I love the little kid gossip, especially about the Snape family, and Petunia realizing that Lily and Snape would be in the same grade. It's kind of funny how they're wondering if he's real or not.. kind of cute. And he's only 3 and he's hated already? Wow, poor boy. That just goes to show the tradegy of his character. Anyways, as always, I'm loving this story and looking forward to more!

Author's Response: Yes Petunia actually has friends (I decided not to be totally heartless XP!!) Yes poor Snape never really had a chance now did he? Well then again niether did Petunia...

Glad you liked it! And thank you so much for taking time to review!!

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Review #11, by The Hogwarts Ghost Holly

1st June 2008:
Wow, this was a great chapter. Beautifully written. I love the way you took all the qualities of Luna and brought them out through her mother. Even as a minor character who may not even be mentioned again, she makes such a great addition to a wonderful story. I must say, bravo. And sorry for the late review. You know I am always the first to read your magnificent stories, but I am pressed on time to review them.

Author's Response: I personally loved Luna (see penname) and thought that JK went into her character beautifully but never did much with it. So I like to sneak in little snide hints about character favorites of mine! Oh and don't worry about the late reviews yours are defintaly worth waiting for!!

Thank you for reviewing!!

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Review #12, by The Hogwarts Ghost Begonia

1st June 2008:
Well, you have done it again. I must say, my favorite line in this one is the one about the box of five-year-olds dumped on the floor. The entire chapter was filled with description and detail that make it so captivating. As all your stories do, it kept my interest to the point where I wouldn't have noticed an earthquake. Should I know who Lucy is? I don't remember her name from anything, but she seems like she will be an important character. Anyway, good work, and I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: God I love your reviews. They are pretty enough (and nice enough XD) to be published or something!! I'm so glad that you liked this chapter. I do hope that you would be able to notice a earthquake b/c if anything happened I wouldn't get to recieve anymore lovely reivews (plus I'd miss you too much)!! Yes Lucy is a very important character. You'll see *wink*

THanks for the review!!

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Review #13, by foreverlucky14 White Carnation

22nd May 2008:
Hey this is realize from the forum. I am here to review.

I would first like to start by saying I am sorry for keeping you waiting so long. I hope that this review shall make up for it. However, like I said in my new rules. I will only review one chapter of a chaptered Fic. Okay I read the summary, and that really made me cringe, and think cliché. The beginning was filled with mistakes, and it was not that good. There was some description, but nothing that made me go wow. I feel as though the funeral was not planned out very well, and there were so many things that could have been added to make this story much better. I have so many questions. Why only one rose, why aren’t other people described, what do the other gravestones make him feel knowing that this person is soon to join them? Is there any sorrow or misery, or even a hate for being alone, or for the person dying?

Yet more questions arose as I read further on, trying to see this in my head. Did not other people notice him? Why had not you given us an appearance, what does all this mean? Why did they feel in their hearts? I just feel that even though you have created a character, you do not really know who they are. Try to make them like you. Let them show emotions toward the neglect, and cruelty throw upon them. We are human, not robots. What would it have done had they cried? Maybe you should make your character strong and realize that the strong do not cry, they learn to deal with pain, because that is the way the world is. Nothing is perfect, and everything can cause pain. Your story has the potential to really touch peoples hearts, but not if you keep it like this. All great writers take the time and learn their characters, and try to think of things that would cause a message to be sent to the readers.

I also see that you could really use a beta. There are several Spelling/Grammar mistakes that should be corrected. I just see that this story needs a lot of work done; I give it a 5 /10


Author's Response: I want to start out by saying thank you so much for your brutally honest review. I actually really appreciate it.

I guess with this chapter I focused more on the physical what was happening and then throughout the story you would figure out who exactly Petunia Evans-Dursley really is. I completely see your point though, one that I strongly believe in. People aren't robots, life isn't perfect, and yet you have to keep going. I'll go back and look through and make some changes.

Thank you for your honesty. I honestly appreciate it.

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Review #14, by northern lights Forget-Me-Not

21st May 2008:
WOW, nice chap!! i really reallly like the fact that you are telling this story through Petunia's point of view (i don't like petumia much, though, think she's a bit bitchy...) but if you carry on like this i'll think i'll end up liking petunia!!

Author's Response: Hehe that was funny!! I actually hate Petunia so much but after centering my life around hers for the past few months I'm starting to actually like her more now (weird what writing does to you)!! Thank you so much for the lovely day-making reivews.

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Review #15, by northern lights White Carnation

21st May 2008:
i'm just speach less,tis was absolutly entierty truly amazing! if the folowing chapters are like this one... then i'm going to call bloomsburry or schoolastic or any publishing house to get them on paper! :D

Author's Response: *stares speechless at the computer with a big grin plastered on my face* I can't even form sentences right now that express how truely honored I feel to have a reivew like this!! Thank you so much for the amazing review. You have inflated my head to a dangerous level XD!!

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Review #16, by Ollie Vander White Carnation

12th May 2008:
Hey, it's me. Well first off, great chapter. It seems to correspond with my "rabbit Food" which is a bit freaky. Anyway...I really really liked it. There isn't much constructive critsim to give...mayeb the tenses, they jump a bit, but are mosty good, characterization good, great description...what more is there to say? Going on-

Author's Response: Ooo yeah!!! Thank you for the review!! I actually haven't had a chance to read your "Rabbit Food" yet (stupid life) but I'll get right on it. I'm glad that you like it!!! Hope you enjoy the rest!!

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Review #17, by SilverThimble Begonia

9th May 2008:
Brilliant chapter! I love how you're getting the Snapes in, and I loved how the kids explained magic. It was so funny when Petunia didn't want to go to school - I really liked how you wrote it. Description was fabulous, and so was the dialogue :) The whole thing was wonderfully written, and so believable. And there was a character with my name! yay! Sorry, that was very exciting ^-^

You have to update soon :D

Author's Response: Thank You Thank You for reviewing, as always!!!

Ahhh the infamous Snapes, notice how they love sticking their (abnormally large) noses into a lot things. You'll be seeing a lot more of them soon *winks*

It was so funn writing how Petunia didn't want to go to school. She seemed to me like the type who would dread it. Not me man, I ran into the building and made about 6 friends in 2 minutes. I loved school, until I discovered homework *shudders*

You liked the dialouge, yay!!! I was worried about it b/c this chpt is mostly dialouge as is the next, and I wanted it to be good b/c dialouge is my weak area. But it went well *wipes brow*

Yeah I stuck a Clara in there as a subtle thanks to such an awesome reviewer (you gave me my first one...still haven't forgotten)!! Thanks!!!

Next chapter coming soon, just has to validate!!! Glad you liked it!!

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Review #18, by Labby Begonia

8th May 2008:
Yay, an update! I love this story and I'm so glad for a new chapter finally! And another one soon? Anyways, I liked this chapter a lot. I really like getting to see Petunia grow up. I love that they knew about Snape's mother. I wonder why she did that? Was the tree branch the wand? And she was Obliviated? Hmm.. interesting. I'm glad you're incorporating Snape into this. That should be interesting. Great job with this chapter!

Author's Response: Oh god I know this chapter took forever to get up I felt so bad that actually wrote two so the next one should be up soon.

Ahh yes grade school gossip gotta love it!!! Yes the tree branch was a wand. Snape's mom had it out doing God-knows-what (probably fixing something) and then Rebecca saw her doing magic. The first time she wasn't obliviated b/c she ran away too fast but then Snape's mom caught up to her and cast the spell.

Yes Snape plays a major role in the demolition of Lily and Petunia so you will be seeing a lot more of him....

Thank you so much for the reivew!!! Glad you liked it!!

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Review #19, by lost_in_love Baby's Breath

15th April 2008:
Jeez, you have the most random conversations going on on your reviews. Oh yeah, and I finally am reviewing (as you can see), so no more pestering me in study hall, where we are suppposed to be studying...
*giggles behind hand*
yeah right.
Anyway, Blayre (ha ha) this is an awesome story, so keep on writing (or else you will like, die).

Author's Response: I have random conversations in study hall? Why would I do that!! I was clearly studying!!!

And you think I'm random!! Jeesh Catherine be a bit more ADD in your reviews why don't you!! Jk! Glad you liked it!!

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Review #20, by science is better that english Baby's Breath

11th January 2008:
wow, that was long. but really good. i really liked how you described the waiting room. i can just imagine the sickening walls and torn up furniture.

i really liked how you described the really frantic dad. that was good stuff.

i would probably say more, but it's kinda late. and i'm kinda tired. and i kinda can't focus.


Anyway, I'm glad you liked it!! Yes, there you go, there's the setting and surroundings description you wanted XD!! I love Jaxith in this chapter, he was extremely funn to write!!

WOw Ann loses focus, I didnt think that was possible!! Hehe!!! Glad you liked it and much love for the review!!!

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Review #21, by gonna miss 3rd Forget-Me-Not

11th January 2008:
i would like to say that i love the way you can paint images in the reader's mind. you have a serious freaking awesome gift and don't ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever wasted by doing stupid like trying to light a cigarette while you're hooked on an oxygen anasthesia thing-a-ma-whats-it. (sorry, i just saw this episode of grey's anatomy and some idiot tried to smoke when he was hooked to a machine feeding him oxygen.)

i think the biggest issue i have with this is it's like...rushed i guess is the word i'm looking for. like you could have slowed the scene down by painting a more vivid picture in the reader's mind but you just continued with the story instead. i mean like, i know what the couch looks like and the fire, but what about the rest of the room? oh, and i thought petunia was a brunette. or are you getting to that later?

otherwise, it's really awesome, and keep up the good job. (btw, i still want that hard copy of that thing you promised.)

Author's Response: Ahhh...I'm gonna miss 3rd block as well!! Thank you for the lovely review!! I'm suprised that you read it!! WOOT!! YOu like it!!

WOw, I think that you have to be the only person in the history of EVER to tell me that I need more detail! I wanted to focus more on what was going through Petunia's mind and how she was feeling rather than what the setting looked like. If you use to much setting detail,as I have found, it chops up the flow of the story.

Oh and Petunia is a brunette in the MOVIES but in the BOOKS she is blonde! Glad you liked it!! Oh and the thing you are talking about is up on the forums, so you can view it there. Bye and thanks for the review!!

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Review #22, by Mrs. Sirius Black Holly

11th January 2008:
jeez this was a confusing chapter but i LOVED it. leibe was most likely lunas mom right? and she met dumbledor at that shop. as for the other questions, i have no idea.
i really like the description of lunas mom. Luna is my favorite character. oh yeah and how did she get petunia to hear the rain like that?
well awesome chapter!!:)

Author's Response: Wahoo!!! You read it! I really need to get your phone number Haylee so I can call you. I'm glad you like my chapter!!! OK, yes Liebe is Luna's mom! I love Luna, she is such an amazing an insightful character that I thought that we should know a little bit about her infamous mother ;)

You were right about Dumbledore, that was MAJOR scene. Well, for me at least. That officially marks the twos first correspondence.....

Ok to answer your question, Liebe didn't really lure Petunia into the rain purposefully at least. Petunia was drawn to the sheer power of Liebe's magic. Once again, I know that Liebe is only 6 but I always imagined her as freakishly powerful but in a very Luna way ;)

She didn't mean to draw Petunia into the rain but her accidental (kinda) magic of her not really getting wet lured Petunia down. The reason it wasnt full accidental magic was the fact that Liebe really didnt want to get wet (but she didnt want ot risk it w/an umbrella XD!!) so since Liebe kinda thought about it, according to JK, that is not fully accidental.

While she was out there, the same type of thing happened with the "listening to the rain". As I told Labby, Liebe really wanted Petunia to expierence what she had.

Did I confuse you!!! If i did I'm sorry!! I hope that explains it well enough. It's supposed to be a confusing chapter so dont feel bad. I'm glad you liked it though!!! THANKS FOR THE REVIEW!! Hopefully all of your questions shall be cleared up in good time.....

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Review #23, by SilverThimble Holly

10th January 2008:
Yay! a new chapter!

Woah...I have a feeling I should be paying more attention. Very complicated plot going on, judging by the questions at the end. I don't think I'm smart enough for this story :D Hang on, I have one: Liebe is Luna's mother. Am I right? She's so great, by the way.

The description was absolutely phenomenal, as usual. The first paragraph was beautiful.

Um, I have nothing critical to say at all. Great job!
Update soon please!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review!!! And yes you are smart enough for this story!!! I'll tell you what I told Labby. This was meant to be a confusing chapter!! I am evil, I understand this (hehe). Yes Liebe is Luna's mom (see you are smart XD!!) I love her as well!!! She was unbelievably fun to write. Now I know how JK felt about writing Luna (I'm suprised there isnt more of her in the books XD!!)

For the sake of my hands so they dont fall off, read my response to Labbys review that pretty much explains everything and if you are still confused then dont worry I'll explain everything in good time.....

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Review #24, by Labby Holly

6th January 2008:
Oh yay, an update! I thought this was a great chapter as usual, and I'm glad the queue opened so that you could post it. :)

I love going inside Petunia's mind, and you've done such a wonderful job with this story so far.

As far as the questions, I really have no clue. From the beginning I thought Liebe sounded like Luna, so I'm guessing that it's her mother? Besides that I'm not completely sure what's going on. I liked it though.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review (and the lovely compliments!!!)!!!

Yes Liebe is Luna's mom!! Wahoo!! First answer is a correct one!! As for the others, if you didn't get the answers then I wont tell you because it will be revealed later in the story. Luna's mom wasn't really essential to the big story but she does help with something (I'll hit that in a minute). The building that Petunia and her mom passed on the way to their second store (Under One Roof, which btw is a total figment of my imagination if you didn't catch that) was St. Mungos. I tried using some of the dialouge JK used in the 5th book to help hint at it (as I did with Luna's mom which was a bit tougher since we knew virtually nothing about her) as well as hint at mystery magical guest number 2 (who plays a key role in the story).

Sorry about the confusion (but thank you for the compliment)!! I got kinda mixed up writing it so I had to edit some things but I totally dont blame you for the confusion. The thing with Liebe was pretty much Petunia's first expierence of magic. Yes I know what your thinking, How on Earth could a six year old (Liebe) produce that kind of magic at such a young age? The truth is that it was in a way accidental. Liebe really believed all that she was saying (like mother like daughter) and wanted Petunia to feel it to so desperatly (sp?) that she subconciously controlled Petunia for a brief moment. So it was partial wanting and partial accidental magic (wait until the Ministry hears about a 6 yr old who is able to succonsciiously control people...hehe...) Yes I have read the Harry Potter books and know that controlling someone is very hard for an upper level (evil) student let alone a 6 year old. My explination to that is that Petunia was in a relaxed state and that, in a way weakened her defences. Also, as Luna said "My mum was an extodinary witch" ;)

Hope that cleared up your questions!!! Thanks for the review!!!

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Review #25, by Fish and Bird Baby's Breath

28th December 2007:
Hmmm - an original take on things! How did this sweet young thing transmogrify into the horse-faced sourpuss we all know and love?

Author's Response: An interesting question that I soon hope to answer!! The road that poor Petunia travels down from introverted, kind, and considerate young girl to as you so wonderfully put it "horse-faced sourpuss" is full of torturous obstacles that need not be in the way and heart breaking trials that test the depth and strength of the bonds of sisterhood. Where these occur and exactly how and why are questions that shall all be answered in good time...

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