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Review #1, by quickquackduck4 Chapter 3-The Heathrow Airport adventure.

6th April 2008:
funny and cute! one of my favorites!

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Review #2, by ParalyzedInHeaven Chapter 3-The Heathrow Airport adventure.

6th February 2008:
oh my God. I think i nearly wet myself.. I can just see ercy standing there with a camera and everyone screaming at the flash. Good lord that was so funny :)

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Review #3, by hedwigeon Chapter 3-The Heathrow Airport adventure.

23rd January 2008:
this story is to funny =]

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Review #4, by sillywhippet Chapter 3-The Heathrow Airport adventure.

22nd January 2008:
I love this story, it's great...

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Review #5, by iloveseverus Prolouge

24th December 2007:
please write more of this story. it sounds like it is going to be really good.

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Review #6, by jkrowling_fan Prolouge

29th October 2007:
One of the best fanfic really
written inn a beautiful way
and it makes the reader connect with the characters, whom we all kno

very gud
continue :D

p.s. you get banners at the tda
for more, type "banners" in the help of the site

hope that helped u!

i've made it one of my fav stories...

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Review #7, by ravenclaw_girl308 Prolouge

8th September 2007:
that's hilarious I love it!
"They where going to Australia. One killer of the Dark Lord and his girlfriend. Two killers of Voldmorts Horcruxs’. An over excited ex-Ministry poodle who had never seen a girl out of socks. A randy war veteran and one who would much rather be in his bed drunk on firewhisky." ha ha ha ha ha! that is really good hurry w/the update

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Review #8, by HarryGinnyFan18 Prolouge

2nd September 2007:
~hey~ I love it! It was nice of Hermione to take the Weasley brothres will not. Bill & Chairle. Yeah u should do a Weasley Family vacation. 10-10! Jackie, UPDATE.

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