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Reading Reviews for Letters of Love
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Review #1, by al E is for End

12th June 2008:
i love it...great job

Author's Response: thanks. i'm glad you liked it. thats what its there for, after all.

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Review #2, by Al L is for Letter

12th June 2008:
omg! i absolutely love this story so far only on first chapter but it's soo good *giggles*

Author's Response: ah, thank you. thanks for reviewing, as well. makes my day!

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Review #3, by blimey L is for Letter

27th May 2008:
This is such a sweet chapter! I loved Bill's threats. :)

Author's Response: oh yes, his threats... had to get SOME brotherly-like threats in there, didn't i? what kind of a writer could i be if i didn't threaten the hero in some way?

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Review #4, by No_1_pottergrl V is for Verses(the Final Battle)

16th January 2008:
It all just seems really rushed. It would have been better if you would have described Ginny seeing Harry again before the battle began and when she's fighting with Molly to stay and fight, and also to describe her reaction when she saw Hagrid carrying Harry's body. Also if you talked about Harry's side, like him seeing Ginny before the battle and when he's walking to the forest, and also when he's thinking about her right before Voldemort "kills" him. That would have made the story even stronger.

Author's Response: thanks. your critisism is probably the best yet.

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Review #5, by No_1_pottergrl O is for Optimism

16th January 2008:
Alright, just seemed a little rushed.

Author's Response: thanks. yeah, i know its a bit quick. i may go back and edit later.

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Review #6, by No_1_pottergrl L is for Letter

16th January 2008:
Good...I like the idea, its really unique.

Author's Response: thanks. it juts kinda popped into my head one day.

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Review #7, by dobbysgirl E is for End

9th January 2008:
this shouldn't be over!! u left at the exact wrong time!! i was just getting really happy with u!! boo hoo

Author's Response: i'm sorry! i really am! but i did what i started out to do, and i wasn't going to drag it out. but i am going ot do a sequel. i was thinking about it today. i just want to get the dates right and stuf. and i'm waiting for my muse. there wil be more. i might even make it a whole series of letters of: or i might just start a story based on what happened after. i don't know. but don't give up on me! while your waiting, you could try my other story, what love is.

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Review #8, by jenkent E is for End

7th January 2008:
Very wonderful story! I really liked it! It didn't seem too fluffy to me. Great job!

Author's Response: o thanks! this last chapter i had so much trouble with, but im so glad you liked it. its over, but i may be doing a sequel on it. maybe. after i'm done with a couple other stories that pose a little more interest to me as of now.

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Review #9, by jenkent V is for Verses(the Final Battle)

7th January 2008:
Very nice! I really liked this chapter! Great job!

Author's Response: thanks. your one person that keeps reviewing.

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Review #10, by jenkent O is for Optimism

7th January 2008:
Great chapter! I don't think this story too fluffy as of right now. Again great job!

Author's Response: thanks. i love fluff, but i think i'm glad you don't think i overdid it.

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Review #11, by jenkent L is for Letter

7th January 2008:
Aww...very cute starting chapter! I loved it!

Author's Response: thanks. this story just came to me. what can i say? i'm brilliant! jk. i'm not.

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Review #12, by ANA V is for Verses(the Final Battle)

31st December 2007:
very nice, great. i love ur story. waiting 4 ur next chapter(E).

Author's Response: thanks. i just put chapter 4 up. poo. it had 1 hour validation, which i've never ever seen before, so i put it up, but its still not validated. o well, as long as it gets validated.

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Review #13, by ginnyweasley_potter O is for Optimism

29th December 2007:
okay people! well, i am here now, so i'm going to say this in a review, then an authors note later. I had a little mishap here, so we're going to pretend that they were by the lake for longer, and that they actually slept, k? i am a sucker for sticking with the books, but this fit, and i actually like this chapter, so i'm leaving it! so thats that! Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! as an old friend would say

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Review #14, by ginny_roxmysox V is for Verses(the Final Battle)

26th December 2007:
Aw! So sweet! I love H/G!
~Sabrina :)

Author's Response: o thanks! i'm still not sure if i like the last chapter, so thats why its not up. but its done. and betad. i just have 2 beta it myself

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Review #15, by ginny_roxmysox O is for Optimism

26th December 2007:
This was so funny! I love Ron's reaction. So typical. So perfect!
~Sabrina :)

Author's Response: i know. thanks! i've always felt a bit of a kinship with ron. just cuz... well, i have no idea actualy! i guess because i'm an older sibling? well, i could just see how he would react.

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Review #16, by thegoldensnitch V is for Verses(the Final Battle)

2nd December 2007:
loving it!
x golden x

Author's Response: thanks. the next chapter will be up in a couple weeks

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Review #17, by Squibwife V is for Verses(the Final Battle)

1st December 2007:
cute! Got to love the fluff!

Author's Response: thanks. i love fluff 2. the next chapter gets even fluffier :P

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Review #18, by insider V is for Verses(the Final Battle)

1st November 2007:
Superb. I'm starting to really like this story...& it's already going to end ): Oh well. & i'll be your beta. and i can make you a banner. Just email me at hurricanecat04@hotmail.com (:

Author's Response: OMG! THANK YOU! i SO need a banner, and i have a new story thats goin 2 need some stuff 2. glad you liked it. Yeah, i hate the stories that are all short and stuff, but i'm pretty much a beginner and I just wanted to give a couple of missing moments that made the story make more sense.

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Review #19, by arabelleskye V is for Verses(the Final Battle)

30th October 2007:
OMG megan! i cried a little! did u say that both creevy brothers died? i thought it was just colin! o btw this is danielle

Author's Response: I don't know if they both died, but i'm so happy I made you cry! well, no, I'm not, but, you know what I'm saying? Anywho... we've got to get someone like Dennis to read... haha. Did you like it?

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Review #20, by ginnyXharry V is for Verses(the Final Battle)

20th October 2007:
I'm waiting for the E anxiously...

Author's Response: so u caught on YAY! i need to change it... a lot... it sucks right now :( its really long and stuff. RRR! anyway, i need to edit.

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Review #21, by A Diffrent type of Flower V is for Verses(the Final Battle)

16th October 2007:
umm that was good...

Author's Response: thanks. updating soon. maybe. i lost my beta :(

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Review #22, by ravenclaw_girl308 V is for Verses(the Final Battle)

15th October 2007:
this is great. "finally caved in" I love how you put it. can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: thanks. next chapter up soon. i just have to look it over, and see if i want to change something. i lost my beta, so i am my new beta. that isn't the best, but hey, its my story!

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Review #23, by Stu_Black O is for Optimism

19th September 2007:
This is great keep it up, hope to read more in the future ^_^

Author's Response: hey, thanks, i actually just read one of yours, and it was good, i can't remember which one, i just know that it was good, and i will prob not be updating till sunday, cuz i just found out i have to do work! ugh!

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Review #24, by WickedDreamz O is for Optimism

17th September 2007:
Again, I love it!! 10/10! Please write more

Author's Response: thanks, i dunno if it is cuz skool started again, or this is just to long for many people to bother with it, i don't think its to long, but... well, not many people have read it, but its great to hear you like it. i haven't had time to edit the next chapter yet, cuz i was catching up on skool, but i should be posting on thursday or saturday(friday is full day) keep checking for updates

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Review #25, by WickedDreamz L is for Letter

17th September 2007:
Aww... Such a nice chapter!! The letter was sooo sad!! I almost felt like crying! But we all know it turns out well! *wink, wink*
This is really great so far and I can't wait to read more! 10/10

Author's Response: yeah, it was really sappy. i had a friend read it, and originally it was in romance, but after she read the whole story put together, i decided to put it in fluff. thanks for reading

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