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Review #1, by snapeangel Fighting for You

31st May 2009:
amazing sad SS was killed off in JK's stories as he was..but I enjoy the fact you continuted on with SS where JK just dumped him into the abyss the story

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Review #2, by bron Fighting for You

27th January 2008:
thats so sweet! that was an amazing story. thats how i want to remember the great character that was Severus Snape. Your descriptions are amazing, and there is so much emotion in those last few paragraphs. i just want to read more of it, but sadly there is no more. I think it was obvious that he would go to heaven, because he was really fighting for the right side. Just a question, how do you know that wizards and witches believe in heaven and hell, i mean, i like to think they do but what is your reasoning?

Author's Response: Thank you very much! This is probably my favourite of my own stories, to tell the truth, I spent quite an amount of time on it. Anyway, I'm really happy to hear that you liked it.

Well, about the Heaven and Hell thing, I'm not actually sure they do. Religion is a touchy subject for me, as I'm Jewish but don't practice very much at all. So, I suppose, everyone can choose to believe in Heaven and whatnot if they want to, and in my opinion, Snape is definitely one to believe that there is Hell and that he is going to it.

So, thanks for the lovely review!


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Review #3, by Luv_sux_07 Fighting for You

17th January 2008:
tear. i love sevvie. tear. a lot. i love your storys. could you make a sirius/snape one?? that'd be cool to read. i have no plot, but if you could make one, could you write the story??

Author's Response: Haha, I love him too! He's probably my favourite character. And yes, I am working on a Sirius/Snape fic as we speak. Thank you for all your lovely reviews!


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Review #4, by AHP Fighting for You

15th November 2007:
I usually hate one-shots because they are so short and leave so much to be desired; but I read one of your other stories, so I decided it might be okay to read this. This one-shot really surprised me. It was awesome! I could tell a lot of emotion was put into it. Great story!

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad that I temporarily changed your mind. This story was very difficult to write; I was in tears the entire time. Thank you very much, I'm happy you liked it!


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Review #5, by TheFalk Fighting for You

7th November 2007:
anthor sad one.
verry well written tho!!

Author's Response: Aw, I'm sorry. I really have a thing for sad stories. I'm happy you liked it. Thank you so much for the reviews and the amazingly high ratings!


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Review #6, by essenni Fighting for You

11th October 2007:
I liked the ending, but I wouldn't say that you understand Severus completely. For example I think that Snape's main point of giving his memories to Harry was the particular memory where Dumbledore revealed that Harry has to die, not showing Harry that he was able to love.

Author's Response: Well, I'm happy that you liked it, but I disagree with you. For one thing, I'm sure that your reason was part of Severus's motive, but I think that he really wanted to show Harry that he had been helping him out all along because he was in love with Lily and also that Severus was good at heart. Anyway, thanks for the review.


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Review #7, by aron12323 Fighting for You

9th October 2007:
hang on, they slept together!?
but i thought she never loved him!,
oh but good story

Author's Response: Well, this is just my interpretation of what happened. I believe that she might have loved him somewhere in between their fifth year and her marriage to James. Anyhow, I'm happy that you liked it. Thanks for the review!


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Review #8, by Spock Fighting for You

2nd October 2007:
you woman, have it out to make me into a blubbering mess don't you?
shame on you. anyways, thats a great one too.
*adds to favorites*

Author's Response: Aw, I'm sorry! But I must admit; the point of this was indeed to make people cry and really feel for the poor character that is Severus Snape. I'm glad that I transfered the emotion into you, though I'm sorry that I made you into a 'blubbering mess'. But in all seriousness, thank you very much for the lovely review; it means a lot! Also, thanks for the favorite!


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Review #9, by snape_is_good Fighting for You

21st September 2007:
Aw! That's so sweet!!! I LOVE the ending sentence!!! It really wraps the story up!!! Poor Sevvie. He didn't deserve to die with all that pain. At least he is with Lily now. You did a GREAT job with the story!!! Snape seemed SO realistic!!! GOOD WORK!!! I absolutely LOVE this story!!! 10/10 :)

Author's Response: Hahaa, I'm really glad you like it! Especially that you enjoyed the last sentance; I tried so hard to come up with something that would sum up his life. I agree with you; he deserved such a better life and death! Anyway, thank you so much for the wonderful review and the high rating! You definitely made me smile.


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Review #10, by Strawcherry Fighting for You

17th September 2007:
Diandra, this was lovely! The moment in DH where Snape dies was one of the most gripping to me, being a Snape-fan, but to see it from Snape's POV is even more emotional. There were so many lines in this that I just thought were spot on. I loved that moment when he sees something from Lily in Harry for the first time when he looks into his eyes, that was so powerful. And then that last line... It sums him up, it really does, because all his actions, everything he did, it was for her, because he loved her and wanted to make it up to her.
I also like that you haven't given a clear view of Heaven. I don't believe in Heaven, per se, as a place where the dead live just as they did on earth, but the way you described it was very good, a sort of Snape-private-heaven, where all was well for him.
There was one thing I was slightly confused about though, and that was the beginning. Was it written at the point Severus was fetched from the battle? Because I thought he was rather surprised when it happened, since he didn't know about the Elder Wand.. Or did you mean to say he was expecting his death anyway, Elder Wand or not?
For the rest you wrote a great piece that really moved me!

Author's Response: Aw, I'm so happy you liked it! I agree with you about Snape's death (as I am, of course, a HUGE Severus fan as well); it was really horrible and so sad. I'm super duper pleased that you thought I carried his emotions off correctly, though. And I'm glad you agree with me about that last line; I wrote it to sum up his life after her death and during all of the war and chaos and everything. I'm glad you picked up on that one.
Hm, a clear view of Heaven. I suppose you're right, though I didn't even think much about that. I was just really focusing on getting Snape's thoughts correct. But now that I think about it, you're completely right; I wrote his Heaven without anyone but Lily there to bother him. It really is a Snape-private-Heaven. Haha, nice one.
Yes, I think you got it right with the latter; Severus knew that after all of his double- and triple-crossings, there was no way he would be able to survive this war.
Thank you so much, straw, this review was really touching; I'm glad you liked this enough to leave me something so long. Thank you!!


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Review #11, by Violet Gryfindor Fighting for You

16th September 2007:
Okay, that last line made me cry, so this review might not be as cohesive-sounding as I'd like. =P This was a really good story, Di. Snape was perfectly characterised, and the narrative reflected his state of mind well - sort of fragmented as he went from expecting death to finding Lily again. The ending was happy, and that's what Snape deserved. ^_^ The one part that was amazing was when you described how, when the snake bit him, both blood and memories flowed out of him. The image of that was so powerful and so heartbreakingly sad. Overall, this was a fantastic version of Snape's death and aftermath (most of us just left off with his death, do kudos to you), and I'm glad I got to read it. =D

Author's Response: I'm so sorry to have made you cry. I'm very happy, though, that you liked this story so much as to feel the emotional depth that I wanted the readers to. Horray for my Snape-characterization being correct; I've always wanted somebody to tell me that. For everything you said, I just want to say thanks a lot. This is such a nice review; I'm touched to have gotten it from you. Thanks Susan!


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Review #12, by toonmili Fighting for You

14th September 2007:
Whoa, That was so awsome. SO many emotions I felt there. In the middle of tear forming in my eyes I burst out laughing.(let James in). I don't know if it was meant to be funny but it was.

I really love that you wrote a piece like this. Now that everyone sees the beauty of the romance that maybe never was they all want to write Snape/lily stories and more devoted shippers such as ourselves have to really work to get ours read. To be honest some of them ain't that good. That's why I keep missing all my fav authors.

Anyway, I Love that this is so different than anything out there. It's a happy angst. I like to use those words together to describe Snape and Lily stories ending like this. it's perfect. It's enough to let our imaginations run wild with expectations. For instance in my head James is cast out Heaven and Severus takes his place and Lily doesn't really mind becasue she had years and years of James and he's a bit of a bore. Kidding. That's what I hate about Snape's death. Even in death there's still James there. It's like he can't escape him Ahhh. I hate James.

But I believe you are right. If HP wasn't PG lily would have so done it with Snape before James. I think there will be much more passion there than little Ole' Harry Potter can handle. That's why we need fiction authors. So we can lull over the possibilities of the romatic rendevous.

I can go on forever but I'll stop soon. Let me apologize for taking so long to give a review. I was in the middle of it when I noticed (much to my horror) that my class started five minutes ago. It's a fairly big campus so there was some speed walking involved to get to my class. Yes, I should say I'm back on campus. But here I am again today and I have all the time in the world because I have NO classes today ( friday) that will bother me or interupt my internet sessions. SO SORRY Again.

Author's Response: Wow, toon. I've been stumped about how to answer this for a while, but I decided I should just start answering what you said. I'm happy about the tears (just as you usually are) and also that I made you laugh in the midst of them. I'm not sure if it was intended to be funny either, but I'm glad that it was.

I'm so touched that you feel that way. I agree; I really get annoyed by all of the people who have now converted to Sev/Lily just because of book seven. We've been shipping it forever! It is more difficult to get read with all of the other Sev/Lily stories popping out of nowhere, but I'm glad you thought that mine was worth reading.

Haha, your words! Happy angst, that's just so Severus's life. Well, more just angst but I'm sure it was happy back when she was his best friend. James is SO cast out of Heaven...he does not deserve to be there! Severus will always be better for Lily, so I'm sure she'll be happy with him in Heaven. But that is terrible about Sev's death...James will always be there and Lily will always love him more (because she has horrible taste). Yes, I totally hate James as well (like you didn't know...)

Haha PG HP. She definitely would've, who could resist that greasy hair and big nose? Fanfiction=love only because of what you said. It's not too passionate for us ;D.

Thank you so so so so much for reading this, and especially for leaving one of the most detailed, through reviews I've ever gotten. NEVER apologize for leaving me a long review. I just love them. I'm so sorry I almost made you late for class! But seriously, it means so much to me that you took so much time to write this. Really, thank you.


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Review #13, by ginny_malfoy22 Fighting for You

11th September 2007:
Aw! Another great fanfic from Diandra! Woohoo! This is so wonderful! I felt myself starting to cry (I managed to stop myself though hahaha) Anyway this is so great! I love it!

Poor Sev!



Author's Response: Aw, thanks, gin! I'm so happy that you liked this one as well. I'm sorry about you crying, though it makes me proud to have written something so powerful. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I have one more new fic (I just became a Trusted Author) that just came out incase you want to read it. Thanks so much for another wonderful review!


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Review #14, by miss_remus Fighting for You

11th September 2007:
Ohh!! That was excellent!! Seriously, that was amazing and I actually feel really close to crying. The descriptions, details, and emotions you use really captivate the reader. I've always felt bad for Snape because he had such a hard life, and although this story is sad, it's also very touching.

I love the last line: “I’ve always been fighting for you.” because you cant tell that Lily is referring to the actual wae, but Severus is referring to his love for her; so cute :)

Well in case you didn't notice, I absolutely love this and I'm adding this to my favs and 10/10!!

Author's Response: Oh, miss, thank you so much! I'm so touched that you liked this enough to not only favorite it, but also to give it a 10/10 and leave me a lovely review. I'm very sorry about making you almost cry, though I must say it is an accomplishment. It is said that you know you've written something well when somebody cries over it. You know how bad I feel for Snape; I'm so happy to have gotten my point across.

Hm...the last line. I must say (sorry for not being modest) that I'm really proud of it. It's probably my favorite out of all the things I've come up with for my stories. You got it right about who's referring to what; I'm glad you caught that. I'm realllly happy you love this, thanks so much for the wonderful, kind review.


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Review #15, by LovlyRita Fighting for You

11th September 2007:
Oh my gosh!! I'm about to cry!! That was beautiful, Di! I don't even know where to start! You've taken one of my absolute favorite parts of DH and turned it into a beautiful piece of art! I loved when Severus was thinking about Lily, almost like he was trying to convince himself that he was destined for hell, not to expect anything but. I LOVED the last line too - "I've always been fighting for you"

To me, that is very very much something Severus might say. Because we all know that he WAS fighting for her, but to be able to tell her, to have that glorious moment...ahhh it was so wonderful! too bad it had to happen in death but, yay! And yay Lily too. They deserved to be together. Poor Severus.

I also liked the description of why he decided to bottle his memories, so that Harry would know, carefully chosing which to add. And finally, toward the end, when he realizes tha Harry might have more of his mother in him than his father.

Ah, the whole thing was classic! I love it, and I'm extremely honored to have such a wonderful piece of work dedicated to me :)

I love ya, Di, and I hope you keep writing lots of good Severus stories, because they make me happy. Oh, and to apologizing for rejecting your fic...I did it because you were my friend and I wanted to answer any questions you might have so it didn't happen again and you could go on and become a TA someday :) Lotsa Love to you!!!


Author's Response: I've been staring at this for days, wondering how the heck to answer this. It's such a beautiful review; you made my day (or week...month...year, maybe). So I'll just answer it with all honesty and thanks.

First of all, I'm so touched that you called this 'art'. I don't know why, but that really expresses a lot to me and I'm so happy that you think of my story as something beautiful. Also, I thought it was only right to make Severus feel as though he was going to where the sun don't shine, just because he's really down on himself and has NO self-esteem. And the last line...I think (sorry for all of the veinness) that it's probably the best thing I've ever written, only because it fit with the story so well. It just kind of popped out of thin air. I'm so happy you liked it.

Haha, agreed; yay! That's another reason I chose the line, because it's so completely true. The entire time he was fighting the war, it was for her. He protected her son just because of his love. Ahh...he's just so awesome *swoons*. And of course Severus deserves Lily, (though I'm not sure she deserves him. In my head, he's way to good for her, especially since she left him for *throws up* Potter.)

About Harry, I just thought that Severus might need to realize that Harry was actually good and modest and what not. Because however much I hate to admit it, I love Harry, and he deserves some props for what he went through. I still think that JKR should've had him be Snape's son, though... haha not really, but that would've been great.

Anyway, I'm soooo happy that you liked it. I had to dedicate it to you, you're just awesome and nice and lovly (hehe puns). I'm really happy that we're friends, because it's nice to know someone like you. You succeeded (sp?) with answering my questions; whaddya know, I became TA right afterward! Thank you so much, love ya too!!


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