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Review #1, by Blakstag Someone Else's Star

27th December 2010:
Please UPDATE!!! Don't keep us waiting!!! I'm so damn ANNOYED!

Or at least PM me and tell me what happens ;)

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Review #2, by emocut_or_blackrox Someone Else's Star

11th September 2009:
i know u havent updated in a very long time
like a year and more
but please update because i just wanna know the ending
there's only one more chap to go isn't there?
please update
i have waited so patiently for like forever
even please
i love this story
i love it so much
please update or write it
i might just die from waiting

Author's Response: Hello! :) Oh no, I'm so sorry, I have not paid much attention to this story because I've been focusing on Never All Together. I don't know when I'll be able to update this story. I'm sorry! :(

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Review #3, by Please - Someone Else's Star

2nd April 2009:
Please update!! love it!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you love it! :) I'll try to do so in May. :)

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Review #4, by DefyingBoundries Someone Else's Star

21st March 2009:
omg please update! 10/10

Author's Response: Hi, thanks for reading! :) I'm afraid I won't be able to update anytime soon though. Maybe after I finish updating Never All Together. But thanks so much for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #5, by ~anticipater~ Someone Else's Star

28th February 2009:
please update! I want to


Author's Response: Hi. :) Sorry I haven't got the chance to update yet. I'm still ironing out details for this story, plus I'm really busy with school and all. But thanks so much for reading! :)

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Review #6, by Ray Someone Else's Star

12th June 2008:
That was amazing. You have such a beautiful writing style. This story actually has the potential to make me cry! If James ends up with Lily, I will. Update ASAP!!!


Author's Response: Thank you! :D I'm happy you liked it. Hmm. No spoilers, haha, but I'm afraid it will be awhile before I update. Probably years. Haha. This story is on hiatus as of the moment, since I'm trying to finish Never All Together as soon as I can. :)

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Review #7, by Katielynn Someone Else's Star

22nd March 2008:
I absolutely LOVE this. Very very much. James is so great. And I love Isle. This is written so beautifully, I'm surprised I haven't cried yet. I'll be anxiously awaiting the next chapter. 8] (L) 8436737430974896835732/10

Author's Response: Wow. This review was so sweet and sincere. Thank you so much for this; I really appreciate your leaving me these words. :) Now I'll have to force myself to write the next chapter! Hahaha. :D

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Review #8, by Katielynn Count the Stars

22nd March 2008:
I feel so bad for her. The one thing I hate about reading James/OC stories is that more often than not, they end in James/Lily.
I really love this so far. I'm going to start counting the stars.

Author's Response: Yeah, me too. I guess people find it hard to break James and Lily's relationship, it's almost like a sacrilege to do so or something. :) I count the stars... Or I used to, with somebody dear to me as well. But I don't now. Hahaha. :)

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Review #9, by Girldetective85 Someone Else's Star

16th March 2008:
Oh my God I was so excited when I saw that you updated!! I love this story so much; the second chapter brought tears to my eyes just as easily as the first one did. Ilse's unrequited love for James is so realistic. His reaction to her confession was definitely not what I expected - I thought he would go on and ask Lily to marry him, yet always hold a special place for Ilse in his heart. What he did shows that he is a really caring guy, although a little stupid since Ilse pretty much told him that she's going to move on as much as she can. Also Lily is going to be disappointed now! I really liked your version of the Hogwarts graduation also. Sirius is so in character - he's so suave and dapper and yet underneath the facade I can tell how much he loves James and wants him to marry Lily and be happy. I just feel so bad for Ilse. I wonder how she's going to convince James that she'll be okay (I mean, she's always going to be sad unless he dumped Lily and decided to marry her instead - lol). The chapter far exceeded my expectations, as always! You are a brilliant writer and your descriptions were beautiful and touching. I eagerly await an update and I think you should keep typing up abstracts and discussions if this is the material that you produce afterward :)

Author's Response: Hi there. :) I owe you two reviews for "Give Up This Fight", haha. I've been checking your story almost daily as well, checking for updates. It's my favorite story for the moment. :) I liked the way you phrased James in this chapter, but there's a reason for it. Something that, I think, is psychologically plausible. But that'll come later. The Hogwarts graduation, it was conceptualised for "Never All Together", haha, but I suppose I can use it there. And OMG, your words put Sirius into perspective, and Ilse as well. I'm so happy that you get them. :) Thanks for leaving me this very long and insightful review!

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Review #10, by Slywolf9 Someone Else's Star

12th March 2008:
Oh my gosh, that was the funniest bit, when he just goes and tells her he is an animagus! HAH! I swear...So, is Sirius really interested in her or is he just being him? You have to wonder. Oh!! How do you pronounce Isle's name? I usually just sort of stumble over it, so it'd be kinda nice to know.
It's a real lovely story so far, and I am excited for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Uh, I wasn't really sure how to end the story, haha, so I decided on that bit. Nope, Sirius isn't interested in her. I'd imagine he would react rather differently when he's interested in somebody. And er... Ilse is pronounced the way one would pronounce Elise. I just altered the spelling, haha. :) Thanks for this review, sorry for the late response, and I'm glad you've liked this so far! :D

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Review #11, by Slywolf9 Count the Stars

12th March 2008:
You know that's quite an interesting beginning, I really do like it, and that is saying something because I never read OC fics. But well, your summary struck a chord within me, and it's just so well written out.I'll stay up a bit more and read chapter two!

Author's Response: Wow. Thanks for liking it; I don't like OCs myself, but this was written for a challenge, haha, so I had to make one. Haha. I loved the summary as well! :D Glad you agreed. ;)

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Review #12, by padfootprongslover (not logged in...) Someone Else's Star

7th March 2008:
Whew! That was intense. I have to say that you are one of my favorite authors on this site, your words, the punctuation, the dynamic tone...lets just say it was all excellent. You can see the definite character change that James was experiencing...and blew me away. Creative juices flowing or not, you have quite a talent.

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for reviewing this chapter! :D Yes, a change is coming over James, but he does not realize it yet. :P And oh, thank you so much for the compliments! You really, really made me smile. :D

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Review #13, by Me. Count the Stars

18th December 2007:
OMG That was sooo sad! I luved it sooo much. please continue!!

Author's Response: I will continue, don't worry. It's just that I've been busy with other things. :) I hope it won't be too sad next time. Haha. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by calderglen Count the Stars

20th November 2007:
:O all I can say.

Author's Response: Is that good? Haha. I've never been one to read emoticons correctly. But I hope it is. :)

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Review #15, by Summerdream Count the Stars

17th November 2007:
But her love clearly wasn’t enough to write a happy ending.

- That's the line I liked the best, perhaps because lately I've been feeling a lot like Ilse did...And, I liked when she said:“I didn’t need you before! I was fine before I met you!" - I totally know what she's talking about, unfortunately.

Anyway, I think this was amazing, the same kind of amazing like your other stories are :) Maybe because I can relate to Ilse I enjoyed this chapter.
Also, James is my favorite character in HP universe, and I love how you portray him.
I really don't know what else to say, except that I think you're a great writer and I love reading your stories... Can't wait for next chapter!


p.s.I liked the summary too!

Author's Response: I'm very sorry to hear that. I was kind of feeling the same way when the idea for this story struck me, so I can empathize with you. I hope things turn better for you anyway. :) I'm glad you liked this story so far. Thank you so much for your compliments! They really encourage me. Thank you, thank you! :)

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Review #16, by waffles Count the Stars

12th November 2007:
thats goood.

Author's Response: Thanks! ;)

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Review #17, by padfootprongslover Count the Stars

3rd November 2007:
I love your writing. It's simply oustanding. You described Ilse's character beautifully. I truly felt what she felt and it was a wonderful experience being able to read this. 10:)

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. :) It's not a one-shot, by the way, just in case you're interested in what happens next. Thanks too for reviewing! :)

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Review #18, by Zazuli Count the Stars

31st October 2007:
That was wonderful! I got all choked up when Ilse started crying :( Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hi! I'm so glad you liked this. :) I'll try to update as soon as I can. Thanks so much for reviewing! :D

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Review #19, by miss_remus Count the Stars

30th October 2007:
This was absolutely amazing! Everything from the dialogue, to the descriptions are just brilliant. I love your oc. The ways you use to describe her are so real and the whole thing with counting the stars-- woah, just blew me away. I don't know why something as stars could have that effect on me, but it did.

There's not much more to say, but I *love* this story and is definately worth a 10/10 :)

Author's Response: Oh, wow! :) Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the dialogue; I kind of wasn't sure about that. Stars are absolutely wonderful things, haha. I do know because I spend a lot of time counting them or just staring at them and admiring their beauty. Well, thanks so much for reviewing! :)

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Review #20, by DestinyPrayer Count the Stars

30th October 2007:
Or maybe she didn’t count because she wasn’t bright enough for him to see her, so that the only chance for her to shine was during the night. It was when she could twinkle dimly enough to be visible.

She wasn’t his sun.

Wow, that line really got me. I just had to take a moment to tell you how much I loved this. It feels like I really am Ilse(I wish :). You have some really beautiful writing going on here. From the moment I read the summary, I knew that this was going to be a great story. The way you write this it makes me think that maybe you have been in a position like Ilse. Have you? I sure have. But if you haven`t then you have a great perspective of someone who has! I must sound really cliche don`t I? Well, at this point I don`t really care becuase I`m reviewing for a really awesome story :) I put my favorite quote as the first thing in this reivew becuase that line really spoke to me. I`m am definitely adding this to my favorites! Awesome job, this definitely deserves a 20/10! Update soon and good luck with the next chapter!

Author's Response: I loved those lines too. :) I have, after all, always been fascinated with celestial objects. Hahaha. Yay! You also love the summary! :) Uhm yeah, I have been in somewhat a position like Ilse. Come to think of it, he was kinda like how James was in the story, treating me as his friend only when we were alone together and yet telling all the others we were friends! Hahaha. If you have a similar experience, I'm sure you related pretty well to the story. Well, thanks so much for leaving me a very long review. I love reading long reviews! :D I'll try my best to update soon. :) Thanks again so much!

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Review #21, by glacialangel Count the Stars

30th October 2007:
Whoa. Absolutely amazing so far. ;) Can't wait to see where it ends up next!

Author's Response: Hi there! :) Thanks for taking the time to review! :D

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Review #22, by Girldetective85 Count the Stars

30th October 2007:
I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I love this story. I read the summary and it drew me in right away, and then I started reading and just couldn't stop. This is some really, really gorgeous writing. I don't even know how to describe it! It's so sad, and bittersweet, and moving. You write with so much feeling! Have you ever been in this position, loving somebody who only considered you a friend? Because this is so realistic! I'm sorry to sound so cheesy, but it really tugs at the heartstrings. There, I said it, I'm sooo mushy. lol but anyway I love this - I forgot to check, is this a one-shot? If it isn't, I'm definitely coming back to read more. One of my favorite lines: "The truth was that whenever she returned to her dormitory after spending time with him, she could not put herself to sleep because she still saw him every time she closed her eyes." So beautiful! I'm adding this to my favorites list. Great job, I'm going to have to go with a 10/10

Author's Response: Hello there! Thank you so much for leaving me a very long and insightful review. :) I am sooo happy you found the summary very good. And oh my. Gorgeous writing? You are too kind, but thanks so much. :) To answer your question, yes, I have been in that position (I fell in love with my best friend), so maybe that is why I managed to put so much emotion into this. Although, on second thought, I hardly thought about him while writing this. Haha. :)

Nope, this isn't a one-shot. It's a short story, so I do hope you check it out once in a while. :) Well, thanks again! Your review really made my day. :)

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