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Review #1, by Richa Arora Prologue - You Can't Change the Past

31st August 2007:
Its a good one;Pretty intersting in fact. But it would have been better
had there been same instances of his problems getting solved.

Author's Response: How do you know he will fix his problems? ;) And how do you know that what we see past book three isn't a result of what he fixes?

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Review #2, by Diandra This is the current

29th August 2007:
An update already? *Bows to hero*

Wow, great idea! I would never have thought that that was how you were going to get him into Hogwarts; it's rather brilliant, actually. I can't wait for him to teach himself...will he be using Pollyjuice Potion or will he just risk that the boy Severus won't think "Um...he looks just" Haha, I'm very curious, please update soon!


Author's Response: You're very good at guessing things aren't you?

From here on out though, it's probably going to be at earliest, 1 a week. more than likely 2 a month.

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Review #3, by Levella Prologue - You Can't Change the Past

26th August 2007:
Nice start, I'd like to read more of this :) Hope you'll update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It's going to be about every other week, I think.

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Review #4, by Diandra Prologue - You Can't Change the Past

26th August 2007:
I reallly like where this is headed; I'm really excited to see what's going to happen with the Lily and the young Severus and all of that. Oh yay, please update this soon! I really want to see where this is going; with your writing skillz and my luck, Severus and Lily could end up married in this fic! I would be oh so pleased! *Begs*. Haha, update soon!


Author's Response: I'd love to write that, but that which shall be, shall be. It's fate for me to write this response...;) Thank you so much for your review, it does mean a lot to me!

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