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Review #1, by Pipperstorms Indulgence

8th April 2008:
Oh man. This was great. I only wish there could have ben more!

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Review #2, by Lia Indulgence

17th November 2007:
I wish it was not such a short story, it's so good.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! :-)

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Review #3, by tomfoolery129 Indulgence

26th August 2007:
lol nice. sinfully delicious story, i must say. bravo, haha

Author's Response: Thanks so much! :-D

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Review #4, by Princess_MJ Indulgence

25th August 2007:
Normally I don't like Draco/Ginny after DH ~I'm actually quite content with canon~ but this was totally cute. Fangirl squee at the end. Hmm, looks like I didn't spell that right. Okay, sorry. Anyway, nice story. :D

Author's Response: I'm very flattered that you read and reviewed this despite your dislike for post-DH Draco/Ginny. (I, myself, hated the epilogue but sucked it up to write this, lol.)

I made you squee? AWESOME. Thanks for your great review. :-D

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Review #5, by magical_mind Indulgence

24th August 2007:
This tasty little morsel was the perfect afternoon pick-me-up for me. It's very well written, and I really liked the way you weaved the chocolate metaphor in there! Subtle yet powerful. Will have to check out your other stories now. Well done!

Author's Response: Awww, thank you so much! Your review has made me smile nonstop since I first read it. =^.^=

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Review #6, by Enidda denwoodihn Indulgence

24th August 2007:
wow.this delicious story made me want some choclates. and I'm listening to "Think before he cheats" while reading this. tasty.

Author's Response: I was eating a dark chocolate Lindt truffle as I was writing this fic. So delicious... and, apparently, inspiring.

Hahaha, it's very ironic that you were listening to that song while reading this.

I'm glad you enjoyed the fic. Thanks for your review! :-D

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Review #7, by AK Carmel Indulgence

24th August 2007:
wow, this is interesting, i love chocolate, really i do but not like that, well written though good job

Author's Response: Hahaha. I read the description of Ginny eating the truffle to my mom. Her facial expression: o.0' "Did you mean for that to be so... erotic?" It was hilarious.

I'm glad you enjoyed the fic. I was kind of nervous about writing it in present tense, so I'm glad you think it was well written. :-)

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Review #8, by Queen_Lucy Indulgence

24th August 2007:
Wow! I really loved it!

Wait a James Harry's son, or Draco's?

Author's Response: Yay, I'm glad you loved it!

I intentionally wrote the scene between James and his mother in a way that would cause a bit of doubt in the reader's mind as to James's parentage. Alas, Harry is his father. He just shares a lot of characteristics with Draco. ;-)

Thanks for your review. ^.^

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Review #9, by iheartharry55 Indulgence

24th August 2007:
As much as I normally loathe anything Draco/Ginny, this was quite good! Very impressive and exceptionally well-written!

Author's Response: I'm glad you could enjoy this one shot despite the pairing. Thanks so much for your wonderful review. ^.^

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