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Review #1, by Alexis End?

28th May 2008:
that was a fucking awsome story! i loved it, i always wanted serius and lilly to be together! congrats on making such an amazing story,

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Review #2, by PixiePower Seduction

2nd March 2008:
Woah! Just have to say, did NOT see it coming that James was watching! Which is kind of -ergh!- when you think about it, but great twist! I'm going to keep reading.

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Review #3, by Darkangel End?

2nd December 2007:
It's a good story but kind of depresing as you get to the end

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Review #4, by weasleyismyking16 Caught

26th November 2007:
ah james is such a wanker.
i feel sooo bad for sirius and i wish he wasnt so noble.
but i do love your writing.

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Review #5, by weasleyismyking16 End?

26th November 2007:
i love the twist with sirius as the dad.
and the way you incorporated the title was brilliant.
ohh and once again i find myself crying.
im so glad there will be a sequel!!

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Review #6, by weasleyismyking16 Beginning

26th November 2007:
that was heaps good.
i am bawling my eyes out as i type this.
10/10...i've never given that before. congrats.

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Review #7, by GeorginaLily End?

18th November 2007:
Wow! this story is unbelievably are such a good writer.
Before reading this fanfic, i didn't really fancy sirius/lily, but now, you proved me wrong. this story is so sweet. cant wait to read more of your stories, you know. Keep up the excellent job!! XPXDXDXD 10/10 definitely without any doubt!!

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Review #8, by Romina Stephanie End?

4th November 2007:
This was a very well-written story, and also well thought out. You made Sirius and Lily's love very believable... Also heartachin and you described their emotions beautifully. As for the pairing in all.. Well, I am not a fan of Sirius/Lily and never will be. Some stories are convincing though, and this was to an extent. I just... I can't picture them betraying James in such a way. And I don't believe James would ever treat her like that. But that's just me. =p You did a good job, however, with portraying Sirius and Lily. Especially Sirius - how he fought the temptation, but then gave in. His emotions too - the guilt and the passion and love for her. Loved it! =) But... it made me really sad, for the sake of them all. This was convincing in one way, but in another it was not (yeah, and I've no idea how to clarify that =p ) Either way, you wrote this entire short story beautifully, as I said, and it felt nice to read something different and something tha was not entirely bound to canon. Well done =)

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Review #9, by harrypotterlver End?

28th September 2007:
this was a good chapter i liked it

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Review #10, by Clopin End?

15th September 2007:
Just read the last two chapters in one, and I loved the ending you gave to this fic. The paternity twist was unexpected to say the least. When I read Lily's letter, I thought she meant he was the godfather! Whatever, I'm just slow.

You are a fantastic writer and when the sequel pops up, I'll be reading like the freakish fic-fan that I am :)

Author's Response: Oh I am so glad that you enjoyed the ending. I was afraid that I slacked off at the end. So its good to hear that people enjoyed it. And the paternity twist will actually carry over into the sequel. So, please keep checking back for that. You're definitely not a freakish fic-fan. I'm glad that you want to read the next one. Thank you for your review. I appreciate it.

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Review #11, by LilyGreenEyes End?

15th September 2007:
That was an amazing ending, the leter from lily, the funerals, the sentence, just perect in every way. Every emotion written brilliantly, i loved it, i truly loved it! And the final words, they really do finish it superbly! A wonderful story and one i am extremely glad you wrote and let us view! I will most definitely be reading the sequel as well as any other story related to this fic. And, one last thing, thankyou for opening my eyes to the wonderful world of Sirius/Lily fics.

Thankyou, LilyGreenEyes

Author's Response: Oh good. I'm glad that you didn't think the letter was corny or anything. I tried really hard to make it believable. Yay for you feeling the emotion. That always makes me happy to hear that. I'm glad that you read and left reviews. I truly do appreciate that. Yay for you reading the sequel. Please keep an eye out for that. And your welcome for opening your eyes to Sirius/Lily fics. There are SO many out there worth reading. Its definitely a pair picking up speed. Thank you so much for your review.

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Review #12, by Cheeky Monkey End?

14th September 2007:
KWL :) Loved this story... xxx

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you loved the story! Thanks so much for the review.

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Review #13, by Dark Princess End?

13th September 2007:
Wow. Just ... utterly ... wow ...

I'm at a complete loss for words, really, so you'll have to forgive it if this review doesn't always make sense; (I'll try to make sense, though).

Firstly, and since it is right on my mind because I just read it, I loved the ending! I loved the tie back to the beginning with the "I'm not listening", as well as the simple fact of ending with the title of the story. It gives the story a whole circular and completeness, really, and it's just one of the many things that were wonderful about this fic.

Secondly, I have to say that I'm so happy that I figured out the truth about Harry. (I can't remember if I left an actual review for the past chapter, but I do remember that, upon reading it, I just *knew* that Harry had to be Sirius's son. So, yay! I feel happy that I got something right!)

Lily's letter was so sweet -- emotional and beautiful in its entirety. It also flowed quite well, which is a good thing, as writers tend to have the language feel too awkward or something if they're trying to reach a level of information and emotion that your letter portrayed -- but you didn't have any of that negative bits with it, I have to say.

I also loved the way you passed the time, going from Sirius receiving the letter right to after James and Lily's death. I think it made that funeral scene even more poignant, because there *was* that jump in time -- the story didn't get clogged up with details or description going from Point A to Point B, and you allowed the reader to fill in the blanks with the parts of the story that we already knew, rather than just repeat it.

Finally, your characterisation of Sirius succeeded once again in this chapter (and the previous chapter as well). The scene at the very beginning of this part, with him holding his daughter, was such a sweet moment and a very cute, vivid mental picture. It just makes someone want to go "Aww ..." if you know what I mean.

The only character's portrayal that I would question slightly would be Remus's. How much of the truth -- identity of Harry, betrayal of James/Lily, 'killing' of Peter, etc. -- does Remus actually know? I would think that if he thought Sirius guilty, he wouldn't be so welcoming, for lack of a better word, but if he knew him to be innocent, there would be a bit more of a fight for non-imprisonment or something.

But like I said in the beginning of this review -- "Wow". That's really what this story was, from beginning to end, and while I'm sad that this part is over, I will definitely check out the other piece when it's posted.

So very glad that I favourited this in the beginning,


Author's Response: Megan! *glomp* There you are! I've been wondering where you've been hiding. It's good to see your reviews once again. I truly did miss them. Your reviews always make sense and I always love them. I'm glad you loved the ending. I wanted to tie it all up and I was hoping the last line wasn't going to be too corny. I didn't want that to happen so I'm glad I played it off. I'm happy you found out about the truth about Harry too! Yay for you being right! I think its a nice twist to a canon pairing. What if Harry wasn't James's son? *twilight zone music* I couldn't just say what happened after he got the letter. That would drive me nuts reading it so I couldn't write it. I needed the emotional impact so I jumped right to the funeral. I'm glad I succeeded with Sirius. He's my favorite so I want to keep him dead on. As for are right about him. He is a bit OOC. So I apologize for that. I'm not used to writing Remus so I tried my best. I'll have to work on him a bit. I'm really glad that you enjoyed the story. As always Megan thank you for reading and reviewing. I truly do appreciate it.

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Review #14, by Browneyes101 End?

13th September 2007:
So sorry I haven't reviewed in a while to this story. Wow, Harry Sirius's son;now thats something to think about! It all fits into place now, Lily and James deaths, Remus finding out Harry was Sirius's (I always thought Remus was hiding something from everyone besides him being a werewolf and all), and last but not least, Sirius going to Azkaban, I've always wanted to know what Sirius last thoughts were now I have a pretty good idea. Thanks so much for your beautiful stories, everyone needs to escape reality, even if its for a moment.10/10

Author's Response: No worries about not reviewing. I'm glad you reviewed this one though! Yes! Harry is Sirius's son. How's that for a twist?! LOL! I'm glad you got ideas about all of those things. It broke my heart to send Sirius to Azkaban but it needed to be canon somewhere. LOL! I'm really glad that you enjoy my stories and escape reality for awhile. That's what happens when I write. If you can't do that, then you're not doing your job as a writer. As always, Eyes, thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #15, by HPdiva End?

13th September 2007:
OMG all i can say is that that was the perfect last line ever! im in love. haha. love love loved the chapter, cant stress that enough and i got chocked(sp?) up through out the whole thing! so unbeleivably sad and full of som much emotion (as i told you before :) cant wait untill the continuation!

Author's Response: Yay for it being the perfect last line. I really thought I goofed it but I'm glad I didn't. Don't get choked up. It'll be ok. I know there was a lot of emotion, so hopefully it will continue into the next one. Thanks for reading and reviewing. I truly do appreciate it.

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Review #16, by beezy End?

13th September 2007:
I adore the ending. The last paragraph was truly amazing. Wow, I hope u write more Sirius/Lily fanfic.

Author's Response: I'm really glad I went with the last line now. I was so afraid it wasn't going to work out but to hear it did makes me happy. I will hopefully be writing more Sirius/Lily soon. I'm glad that you enjoyed the story. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing it.

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Review #17, by LilyGreenEyes Beginning

13th September 2007:
Wowzers!!! The emotions you deal with in this chapter are immensly complex, and if i was told to write this i'd really struggle, but the way you intertwine things and tell the story its alomost like it just comes natural! It's amazing! And the review, well yeah, i'm staying put!

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much for your kind words. The emotions played throughout the entire fic was a lot for me. Sirius/Lily was a new ship and something I wanted to conquer. I'm glad it came through in the writing. Thanks for staying put. I appreciate it. As always thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #18, by Cheeky Monkey Beginning

10th September 2007:
Awww i love this story :) xxx

Author's Response: I'm glad that you're really enjoying the story. Please continue to check back for updates. Thanks so much for the review.

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Review #19, by HPdiva Beginning

9th September 2007:
so in the middle of this i had to stop and take a few deeps breathes and push back my own tears, i almost thought i wouldnt be able to finish the chapter. im such a sap. but you made the characters so real and i love that. really really really great job and i feel bad for the whole situation :( but i love your fic :) cant wait for the update! make it soon!!!

PS- i hate gabriella

Author's Response: *hands over paper bag and tissue* Wow! To know that I evoked that much emotion in you makes me smile, even though it was a sad emotion spell. LOL! You're not the only one who's a sap. It broke my heart to write this chapter. But since I know what's coming, it makes me happier to write the rest. I'm glad you feel that the characters are real and I feel bad about the situation too, but things will get better. Don't hate Gabriella...its not her fault that Sirius loves her and Lily at the same time. Please continue to check back for updates. Thanks so much for the review.

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Review #20, by hogwartsvaledictorian0715 Caught

7th September 2007:
AWWW!!! please finish. i hate to say it because if there's no James and Lily there's no Harry, but I'm loving her and Sirius together...i also hate to say that I'm not liking James so much right now. by the way...not to be mean...but Sirius would have DISapparated from his home etc...good chapter!!!

Author's Response: I'm not liking James either. *kicks the git* Sirius was in a different state of mind. I think he was angry and confused and sad all at the same time - that's why he apparated from his house. You'll see what happens in the next chapter. I'm really glad that you're enjoying the story. Please continue to check back for updates. Thank you so much for your review.

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Review #21, by Clopin Caught

7th September 2007:
I don't think I've reviewed this before, so I'm here now to say that this is the only story on HPFF I continually check for updates. You wrote James totally different to how he is usually portrayed, and that's really interesting to read. Sirius is also way out-there in terms of fan fiction. People always write him as the one who initiates anything that happens with him and Lily, this one-track-minded playboy. But to have Lily as the one who wouldn't back down and made it all happen has been really refreshing to read.

I'm one of those sickos to likes to read about Lily/Sirius affairs under James' nose. Don't hit me, my brain's just made of fluff and nothingness.

Please continue soon - I'm loving this.

Author's Response: Wow...*blushes* Is it really? I'm really glad that you're enjoying the story that much to see if there is updates. Yeah, James is a little off character, but I think he needed to be different in order to fit the picture of how Sirius saw him. And Sirius to me is still the constant playboy. When it comes to Lily, however, things change. Lily, I think, is the strongest between all three of them and she doesn't even know it. She's my favorite to write in this fic. No hitting. I love fluff too. I've just recently got into Sirius/Lily so, I'm glad its going well. *smiles* Please continue to check back for updates. Thanks so much for the review.

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Review #22, by HPdiva Caught

6th September 2007: that got me all choked up. hoenstly. and if that was an ending it would be totally awesome but im so so glad you are going to continue cause i love readign your favorite chapter! great job :)

update soon

Author's Response: *hands tissue* No tears! I'm glad that you think that would have been a good ending. But I assure you its not. I have at least 2 or 3 more chapters planned for this story. So please continue to check back for updates. Thank you so much for your review.

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Review #23, by LilyGreenEyes Caught

6th September 2007:
Words can not describe how A

Author's Response: Oh Lily I think your review got cut off. But thank you for leaving one. I do appreciate it!

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Review #24, by LilyGreenEyes Seduction

6th September 2007:
Oh my good god! That twist was extroadinary! I had always found myself to be against any other ship but Lily/James, and i always said i'd never like Lily/Sirius but somehow, and i'd love to know your secret, you have completely suceeded in proving to me, beyond a doubt that i love Lily/Sirius as much as i love Lily/James, so thanks for opening my eyes to a whole new ship! Keep writing, it's just amazing!

Author's Response: Yay for the twist! I'm really glad I decided to leave that in there. To think I almost didn't. LOL! Apparently it wouldn't have had the same impact. I was just like you, always against any other ship besides James/Lily. But my friend made this banner and I couldn't help myself. I'm beginning to love Sirius/Lily myself. Welcome to the club! LOL! I'm really glad that you're enjoying the story. Thank you so much for your review.

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Review #25, by iloveharry1234 Caught

6th September 2007:
i love it. please post next chapter soon!

Author's Response: I'm really glad that you're enjoying the story. Please continue to check back for updates. Thank you so much for your review.

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