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Review #1, by book babe Chapter 4: Watching Mommy

30th January 2008:
i really like this story
its a nice idea
and i like Draco much more now! lol
its really well written
keep writing and update soon
lotsa love

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Review #2, by Kiariad Chapter 4: Watching Mommy

13th December 2007:
Absolutely fantastic!!! Please pretty please put us out of our misery (my sister as well). You are a fab writer. One thing - you need to make it clear when and where flashbacks and the present day are, it's kinda confusing, but other wise... Well done!

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Review #3, by Amaya Prologue: Told through a beating heart

26th November 2007: cute! I love reading parental Draco.

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Review #4, by jo_92 Chap.2 bedtime stories

23rd November 2007:
Aww scorpious is so cute

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Review #5, by light_blue Chapter 4: Watching Mommy

1st November 2007:
aw poor Scorpius!
I really like the story so far...although its sad! :(
I hope he heals soon! :D

frm light_blue

rating: 9/10

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Review #6, by caer24 Chapter 4: Watching Mommy

14th October 2007:
Very interesting. How and when does Draco find out? Oh, and I feel so bad for both, father and son. Good story, by the way, although I hate that she is cheating on him. What's going to happen to her when he finds out? Update soon please, I need answers.

Author's Response: the next chapter is proving hard to write... but i think it'll be up in a few days

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Review #7, by Littowitch Chapter 4: Watching Mommy

14th October 2007:
ohh Malfoys wife finding entertainment elsewhere lol i was wondering if you could review my stories too:D jsut click on ma name thank so much, agen really love this story

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Review #8, by Littowitch Being Daddy

14th October 2007:
I like the story so far:D Sometimes a bit confusing but very warm hearted

Author's Response: thanx for reading! ... well my mind is sometimes hard to follow, but when i re-write it'll be easier lol

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Review #9, by RitaSkeeter Being Daddy

21st September 2007:
RIGHT HURRY UP WITH THE NEXT CHAPTER , ok that said i can start raving about how good it is
WOW WOW WOW ILOVE IT * virtual hugs and groveling* it is fabby fantastic snazzy supercalafragelisticexpialidocious (;



Author's Response: haha your my favourite person!!! i unfortunatly havent had much time to start writing but chapter 4 will be ready soon!! lovelovelovelovelove

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Review #10, by RitaSkeeter Chap.2 bedtime stories

21st September 2007:
Ok the last chapter was good but this was AMAZING

you now have *VIRTUAL FAME* from me, this story is on my favourites list. Dracos a good person after all? thats good, but you have taken this furyher wich is FANTASTIC. he always wANTED TO BE FRIENDS, THATS A BRILLIANT TWIST!

I lovelovelove where its going... so deffo keep up the brilliant fantastic marvoloso work, savvy

lots of *virtual love* and commendings,

RITA SKEETER (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (:(:

Author's Response: OMG THANX! i totally did my happy dance after reading that lol. thank you so much for reading this, and loving it and favouriting it and everything! muah! *virtual love*

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Review #11, by RitaSkeeter Prologue: Told through a beating heart

21st September 2007:
i really reaqlly like.

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Review #12, by light_blue Being Daddy

17th September 2007:
I really love Draco Malfoy's character in this story :) It is sad though, that he still faces such memories-Scorpius and Draco make such a cute father and son relationship together! :D

Great Ideas! :) And keep on writing! :D

From light_blue Rating: 8/10

Author's Response: hah thanx! i havent finished the next chapter yet, but it'll be ready soon :)

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Review #13, by LilyEvns Being Daddy

15th September 2007:
Before I finish reading this chapter, let is just be said.
SHEA-SHEA! haha ahhh good times :P

Author's Response: haha i thought you would like it lol

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Review #14, by hp=life Chap.2 bedtime stories

8th September 2007:
Wow!! Really great! Your story was really refreshing because I am tired of all the evil Draco stories!! It was so cute and really emotional and I think you did a really great job!

Author's Response: thanx! thats why i chose to write it lol because i couldnt find any cute draco stories lol.

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Review #15, by felton_fan Prologue: Told through a beating heart

6th September 2007:
okay not fair my review didn't show up!
But in quieter terms, I LOVE IT!

Author's Response: thanx!! its so great to still have people reviewing even though i havent reviewed in a while.... thanx so much!

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Review #16, by none Chap.2 bedtime stories

4th September 2007:
i really like this it could get very intresting and amuzing

Author's Response: thanx for reading it! the real plot is starting soon.

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Review #17, by LoopyLooneyLunaLovegood Prologue: Told through a beating heart

4th September 2007:
Its cute! It doesn't need to be re-written, It's perfect as it is (with a few grammar errors, but nothing too important!)

Author's Response: awwwe thanx so much! but unfortunatly im the worst speller in ever!!! so there's always gonna be grammar errors lol

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Review #18, by Coolio Foolio Chap.2 bedtime stories

3rd September 2007:
That was a really good chapter. I'm glad I read it. Wow!
I will definatly be reading the 3rd chapter when you add it.
I'll be waiting!!

Author's Response: well im almost done writing it, but unfortunatly school is starting tomorrow so i wont have as much time to write it. thanx for reading!

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Review #19, by Coolio Foolio Prologue: Told through a beating heart

3rd September 2007:
That was a really good chapter and a good beginning. The chapter could've been longer though...but it made me want to read the next chapter so it must be good.

Author's Response: thanx so much for reading it!! im glad you liked it. it was really short i know but the rest of the chapters will be longer i promise

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Review #20, by hp=life Prologue: Told through a beating heart

31st August 2007:
cute story! it's hard to think poorly of draco after this chapter! i like it the way it is, but it could be a bit longer

Author's Response: Thanx! after DH i LOVE draco so in this story hes gonna be a sweetheart! that was just the prologue i know it was really short. but chapter 2 is waiting in validation and im almost done chapter 3 and they're much longer


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Review #21, by wired2damoon Prologue: Told through a beating heart

30th August 2007:
Ooh don't re-write!! I think its perfect the way it is!! The way you captured Draco's inner most fear about his abilities as a father and how he's actually affectionate towards Colette is amazing!! I love the fact that you didn't make his girlfriend Pansy (so many people are doing that) but after her little outburst in DH you'd think people wouldn't pair her with Draco anymore, but they still are!! Not saying its a bad thing or anything I just prefer Draco/OCs!! =] *Sorry that was complete ramblings* lol!

Anywayz on with the review:
"Scorpius looked up, screwed up his minute, pink face, filled his lungs with air and screamed a terrible, heart breaking scream. Draco hardly had a peaceful moment in the ensuing years."
Hehe I loved that line!! =]
It's just so typical of a new born baby to disrupt such peace and tranquility lol!! xD

Well I have to say I loved it and think you shouldn't change a single word! Its amazing I rate it 19043909594--ii5q9ji ondlfn28985938/10 (Yes I threw letters in there too xD) Well done!!

Ooh and I give out free virtual hugs too!! *Virtual hug* See? Lol!!
Loving the story hun, keep up the good work, its so going in my faves and you are already in my fave authors lol!! :P
Lotsa luv,
~Lyndz~ (wired2damoon) Xx =]

Author's Response: omg your my new favorite person!!!
that was the best review ive ever gotten!!!!

thanx so much for reading and im glad that you liked it. well i didnt want to put it as draco/pansy cuz in the epilogue of DH harry just says 'draco was there with his wife and son." if it was pansy i think JK would have said something.

*virtual hug*

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Review #22, by goldfish demon Prologue: Told through a beating heart

29th August 2007:
Not bad for an opener I suppose. Chater could stand to be longer but I'll wait and see what you do with it.

Author's Response: well it was a prologue. and im submitting tonight and this next chapter is much much longer. thanx for reviewing!

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Review #23, by fieryred Prologue: Told through a beating heart

28th August 2007:
that was so good i can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: your my first review. yay!

thanx for reading it and im glad you enjoyed it :). as soon as chapter 2 gets validated it'll be up!

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