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Review #1, by jumping leopard Chapter 26: Caught in the Act (Part Three)

13th October 2014:
Please don't tell me you abandoned this wonderful story this was so amazing and draco never said those three little words please finish this was an amazing story but I know you have a life to so thank you for your time for entertaining all viewers! :) :) :) :) :) :)

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Review #2, by Leebees85 Chapter 26: Caught in the Act (Part Three)

11th April 2014:
No! please put the next chapter up soon. I can't stand suspense!

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Review #3, by Leebees85 Chapter 23: She's the One

11th April 2014:
Ok if you weren't singing wonderwall while reading it, your crazy. I wish a guy would sing to me, when he's not drunk singing karaoke, lol. Awesome chapter, gettin scared it's all going to be ruined for them soon though.

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Review #4, by Leebees85 Chapter 11: I Can’t Get Her Out Of My Head…

10th April 2014:
Aw and the grinch's heart grew 3 sizes that day. :-)

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Review #5, by Leebees85 Chapter 10: Hermione’s revenge

10th April 2014:
I love Hermione breaking rules to get back at Malfoy. I do wish she would of embarrassed him in front of everyone first though, just to get even and then some.

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Review #6, by Lilo Chapter 26: Caught in the Act (Part Three)

30th August 2013:
Are you ever going to update?? I really hope you would, it's been like half a decade.

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Review #7, by janepotter Chapter 26: Caught in the Act (Part Three)

22nd June 2013:
update!! cant wait for the next one :)

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Review #8, by janepotter Chapter 2: Gone Forever

20th June 2013:
aw :( Im crying now! Poor Draco :'(

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Review #9, by KeeganH Chapter 26: Caught in the Act (Part Three)

24th April 2013:
::sigh:: such a good story!!! I cant wait for more!

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Review #10, by fp290 Chapter 26: Caught in the Act (Part Three)

22nd January 2013:
i like leaving my review near the end so here it is i really like your story i can not imagine what happens next i want to know who the shadow belongs to lucius or you-know-who

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Review #11, by Slytherin_Princess44 Chapter 26: Caught in the Act (Part Three)

22nd August 2012:
Finish publishing the story please! I've literally wait seeral years for it (and missy, you said it was finished so no excuses)

P.s if you would please care to explain abandoning this remarkable story, look up my username and inbox me (promise I won't go violent lol)

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Review #12, by sam Chapter 26: Caught in the Act (Part Three)

21st July 2012:
i know its been a long time, but can you finish it??? i got so into your story!

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Review #13, by cecee Chapter 26: Caught in the Act (Part Three)

25th April 2012:
more! its amazing i love it!!

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Review #14, by gigi Chapter 26: Caught in the Act (Part Three)

18th April 2012:

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Review #15, by Hannah Chapter 16: The One Who Makes Me Feel This Way

21st March 2012:
So good. Best chapter yet soar and the others have been amazing.

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Review #16, by Hannah Chapter 13 (b): Here to Lend a Helping Hand (When He Needs Her Most)

21st March 2012:
Thi is so amazing. I really want to know what happens next. Please keep the stories coming

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Review #17, by Anon3000 Chapter 26: Caught in the Act (Part Three)

30th January 2012:
When are you going to update it? I've been tracking it and checking for updates for, like, EVER!!! And, no, you don't have a choice; YOU MUST UPDATE IT OR CREATE A SEQUEL!

At the very least have Draco break out of the closet and kill Lucius and then begin dueling the other Deatheaters and then Harry and Co. breaks in and begins helping them. Eventually Vol- er, You-Know-Who arrives, Harry kills him, and the battle's over. Draco confesses his love to Hermoine and the reast of the "Gang," bears witness, and accepts their relationship. Harry saves Ginny's life and so Ron accepts them together and Hermoine sends a letter to Anabel "admitting" everything she said was a lie or Anabel say that she's "turned her back on Gid to be with her true soulmate." Or something along those lines. PLEASE GIVE THIS PLOT A HAPPY ENDING!

BTW, great story so far! (only 7/10 because IT NEEDS AND ENDING!)

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Review #18, by Kate Chapter 14 (a): The Day Approaches… (A Trip To Hogsmeade)

17th January 2012:
Chapter and story was great so far, but I couldn't help wincing when you mentioned "Viva Forever" as a few of my friends and I lipsynced to it during a Lipsync talent show in 7th grade 12 years ago. Oye, what an embarassing thing to do looking back on it now, ha but we had fun at the time so I guess that's all that counts :)

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Review #19, by Redheadd96 Chapter 26: Caught in the Act (Part Three)

15th January 2012:
Omg that is such a good story so far and you have got me well and truely hooked please do the next chapter.xx :)

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Review #20, by Ren Chapter 20: Discoveries

10th January 2012:
Tyler Felton? Is that a play on words, cuz Tom Felton plays Draco in the movies? ;) Anyways, i love love love this story! Can't stop reading. :)

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Review #21, by Anon3000 Chapter 26: Caught in the Act (Part Three)

5th January 2012:
HEY! How dare you end it with such a cliffhanger! I was looking forward to a real conclusion! Still, you're an absoloutly amazing writer and I thorougly enjoyed reading your masterpiece. Thankyou for sharing your talents.

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Review #22, by Mar Chapter 26: Caught in the Act (Part Three)

9th November 2011:
Keep writing! It's really good!

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Review #23, by Jason Garriott Chapter 26: Caught in the Act (Part Three)

3rd November 2011:
This is a very great story!! I love these H. P. Fan fictions!! It is getting great!!

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Review #24, by Jason Garriott Chapter 20: Discoveries

2nd November 2011:
I think this is a great story!! It has captivated me!! Draco is sure holding up his bargain to Hermione!! Also Harry's scar is warning him real good!! Hermione is so sweet to Draco!! Like Snape was to Lily!!

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Review #25, by Jason Garriott Chapter 16: The One Who Makes Me Feel This Way

1st November 2011:
I think this story is a hit!! I love Draco and Hermione!! The Slythrin serpent and the Gryffindor Lion fall in love!! Draco is forever mysterious!! Also Hermione is forever sweet!! I think it is magical the way they fall in love!! Almost like the Prince's Tale!! Now that would be sweet!! I also love Snape and Lily!!

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