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Review #1, by Bella_Portia Not Ready. . .To Make Nice

3rd October 2007:
I applaud you for getting these characters right. Also, songfics are hard! Really nice job.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much Bella_Portia! I had to make sure that I got the characters right through the song, I didn't just want to sit there and have it characterized just based on the song alone. I appreciate your review to the fullest, thanks!

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Review #2, by hermiones_patronus Not Ready. . .To Make Nice

3rd September 2007:
Loved it. I thought it fit right into canon, with a lot of great imagination.

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks so much! I adore getting reviews on this, it makes me happy!

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Review #3, by Jessi_Rose Not Ready. . .To Make Nice

29th August 2007:
Oh wow, Ginni! you've done SO well portraying Sev and Lily! It's an amazing one shot you've woven here. And very, absolutely plausible! I love how you look at situations outside the box - as people are writing the Severus/Lily romance, you've written something more powerful - the loss of a friendship. I adore this piece! 10/10!

Author's Response: Jessi! Oh, thanks so much! I hope I portrayed them well enough. I didn't want to dive into a romance, it just didn't happen between them, the way I see it, because of Severus and his nosing in Dark Arts. Besides, the loss of friendship is more powerful, like you said! Thanks so much Jessi! Your reviews always make me smile.

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Review #4, by Andromedatonks Not Ready. . .To Make Nice

28th August 2007:
Oh, I loved this! A great interpretation of their story, and very well-written at that! I love how you explored Lily's feelings at the moment, and the meaning of the decision she had to make - for me this is such a familiar situation, breaking with the past and everything, and I think you did a great job picturing it.

You asked for CC, so here it it. Your style is extremely descriptive, and while it is, of course, a very good thing, at times it just makes your language seem a bit overdone and unnatural. As a reader, I sometimes found myself distracted from the plot because of that, like in this sentence:

Her concern flashed briefly in her eyes as she tugged her magnetic cling against Severus' shoulder away, and looked up at his sunken in, pale cheeks, that had been withdrawn into his slender face because of lack of the beautiful sunlight.

That said, I still really enjoyed reading your story, everyone was in character, and I love how you included JKR's bits - they fitted in perfectly :)

Author's Response: Yay!

Your review made me smile, so much. I'm glad I got the picturing and things on the dot - and that it was able to connect with you (and possibly other readers) on a personal level.

As for the CC - I thank you very very much. I do tend to be a bit wordy - I'll work on that! Thanks so so much! -scribbles out a bunch of unnecessary words in her other fic- It'll really help me remain descriptive, but simple.

Thanks so much Andromedatonks! It makes me feel so much better!

♥♥ -gives cookies-

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Review #5, by quailsrock23 Not Ready. . .To Make Nice

26th August 2007:
aw, how sad! :( well, you probably know by now what im going to tell you..haha. it was good, i liked it. the length was perfect as well as spacing. i didnt find any spelling or grammar errors either. ooo the banner is nice too, it fits the story. 9/10.

Author's Response: YAY! Thanks so much!!! I really don't have anything more to say to you, I just love getting your reviews. They make me happy.

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Review #6, by NevunaRomione Not Ready. . .To Make Nice

23rd August 2007:
.amazing. Really. It sounded so much like the chapter of Deathly Hallows where similar things are described. It really sounds like J.K. Rolwing wrote it. Wow. It's so descriptive and.well-written. ^_^ 10/10 in my opinion.

Author's Response: That is. . . a brilliant compliment you just gave me right there. And I appreciate it so much. Thanks! I dunno really what else to say other than thank you!

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Review #7, by PureBlood Muggle Not Ready. . .To Make Nice

20th August 2007:
Hi Ginni!

Wow - what a great interpretation of what exactly could've happened between Lily and Severus. Tough decision she made there.

I really enjoyed reading this :)

Author's Response: MONA!
OhMerlin! I haven't talked to you in forever.

And thank you so so so so so much for reading and reviewing this Mona. It means so much to me!

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