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Review #1, by titch95 Big Girls Don't Cry

2nd July 2012:
Well wasn't that cute! A bit sad but the Lovegoods always intriguied me, great writing and grammer. FANTASTIC ONE SHOT!

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Review #2, by sirius2 Big Girls Don't Cry

25th March 2008:
... Amazing story… touched me.. great job!
Luna is one of my favourite characters… and I think you wrote Luna very very well… But Luna dying [going home to the montraipsie :)] was so sad… :’[ made me cry, because I absolutely love Luna, and maybe because I am not feeling too cheery today.. :(

Could you explain what or how Luna suddenly got older (may I say), like you said, something inside her snapped ?

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Review #3, by GubraithianFire Big Girls Don't Cry

11th January 2008:
Oh. My. God. Jessi, this is brilliant. This is gorgeous and so bittersweet and so picturesque and... wow. Absolutely gorgeous, my dear. Gorgeous. That's really the perfect word to describe this astounding one-shot. Gorgeous, it truly is.

You don't go too deeply into the actual emotions, but the tone is very light and yet foreboding, because there's the sense of melancholy unrest lurking just beneath the surface... does that make sense? Because though it's beautiful and sunshiny at the beginning, Luna's voice narrating in the italics lends an ominous tone to the happy Daddy's-girl bits at the beginning. And as much as I enjoyed the interaction between Xeno and Luna, the story really fell into place when Luna showed him her scars. It was so heartbreaking and so real, and I felt both characters' pain. Luna, who for the first time was truly alone with no Daddy to help her, and Xeno, who resorted to extreme measures to try to ensure her safety. Like I said, their reaction throughout the story is astonishingly powerful... and gorgeous. Powerful and gorgeous. :D

The later flashbacks, like when Luna finally sees her father years later, is heartbreaking. His regression to childhood is so telling, contrasted as it is with Luna's now practical approach to life. Their differences are there, but their connection again shines through. This is gorgeous, and so heartbreaking. And the end! I wasn't expecting it at all. I thought the melancholy ominous-ness I mentioned was pointing toward Xeno's death. Not Luna's, never Luna's. And as devastated as I am that she is dead, I think killing her instead of Xeno says a lot about their relationship: even though she basically turned her back on him, he still loves her - to death. *shivers* And Luna, looking down on him, and loving him and illustrating their time together... *sobs* Devastating... shocking... it's devastatingly shocking. :D

And did I mention the montraipsies? At the end, constantly reiterating them, it cemented my belief of a coming death. And having her mother write the article Xeno clearly knows so well, that's genius. It's a little touch but it means so much. Xeno and his wife gave Luna her life and now he's looking for that again, to gain back his life and Luna's... and that last line: Maybe heaven is a montraipsie in disguise. Can you figure out what I have to say about that? It's GORGEOUS. It's HEARTBREAKING. It's gorgeously heartbreaking :D

Jessi, this is astounding. Are you proud of this fic? You should be. Gorgeous and worthy of much more than a ten. And of course a place on my ever-growing favorites list! Gorgeously heartbreaking!

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Review #4, by Labby Big Girls Don't Cry

9th January 2008:
Wow, that was really good! I love the format that you wrote it in! It was definitely different and sad. Every detail and sentence was so beautiful written, you're a great writter and the plot was wonderful as well!

I really liked how you wrote Luna. Not too many people can get her right since she's such a unique and interesting character. This definitely seemed to work out. It was sad though. I hated seeing her change after the war, just because she seems like such a strong character and just this story it shows that she went through a difficult time.

You've shown some heavy emotion though this and I thought that was good. I liked the common father/daughter theme and their connection. I can see Luna and Xeno being really close. I really liked this story, great job!

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Review #5, by sirius_the_best Big Girls Don't Cry

4th January 2008:
tht was amazingly written, it touched my heart.

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Review #6, by Darla and Drusilla Big Girls Don't Cry

4th January 2008:
OH bugger I've gone and started to cry, god that little one-shot was beautiful, it was so heart touching. Any mistakes are because I'm typing while crying lol :) I guess background music and stories can make one cry.

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Review #7, by JLHufflepuff Big Girls Don't Cry

25th December 2007:
This is really just amazing. I'm always scared when I get ready to start reading Luna fics because, in my opinion, she is one of the hardest/weirdest characters to write. But I absolutely love the way you have her as a completely round character ... I like the way you have her strange beliefs and ways coming from her desire to please her father and, as her complete faith in him fades, she changes ... It's really interesting and gives me a bit of hope that Luna can be written well! So... does she commit suicide? That's what it seems like to me, and if so it's a HUGE twist... I also like the way you have the different perspective changes going on! :)

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Review #8, by ginnyp Big Girls Don't Cry

30th August 2007:
Wow. This was incredibly moving. Thank you for writing this. It was a pleasure to read.

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Review #9, by Elf_ears13 Big Girls Don't Cry

27th August 2007:
I love the format that you wrote this in - very memoirish (spell check says: Irishwomen =P), very centralized in theme. The descriptions weren't that fleshed out and some of the scenes felt more like movie scenes than book scenes (that is, they weren't very telling of the emotions, but the common elements were all there), but I think the heart of this piece was the characterization and the beautiful relationship that you've portrayed. The way they evolved on their own and with each other was brilliant, especially then with the juxtaposition of his lack of change (or retrogression to childish manners, I suppose).

The underlying emotions were underscored by her current reflections, and though some of them seemed redundant or not very telling, the consistent format really drew the piece together. I was afraid I'd end up skimming because I was preparing for bed when I saw this up and then was shocked at how long it was (I've come to expect shorter pieces - it's by no means too long), but the familiar tone and, again, the memoir feel really grounded me in the story.

I love the little details, the things we know and the things you made up, and how they were all slipped in naturally. Biting her lip was a clever tactic for her to employ when trying to get something out of her father, though I was expecting it to come back at the end - she'd implore him to understand and accompany it with that irresistible charm that only a dad would fall for.

Also, Rolf was nicely placed, though that brought up more questions of the concrete time that the end took place in. The missing scene from DH was really something that I wanted to read, and I loved how you turned that into a major turning point for their relationship. I felt like JK just left them hanging there with this huge rift unsettled, because we obviously got a feel in the books that she cared a lot for him.

His childlike behavior towards the end was really well-portrayed (the fidgeting - I could picture that so well, especially with our newfound physical description of him), so I was a little disoriented when he seemed lucid at the end. I know that as some people get older, they don't really recognize their state of health and wouldn't do something even if someone they loved looked to be sick/dying, so I was sort of getting the feeling that he was at that point. I guess I'd like to see him upset, but not quite sure why he was so distressed and why his little girl wasn't comforting him.

The last line was pretty much amazing. And I went the whole review without saying their names. =DDD

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Review #10, by Ydnas Odell Big Girls Don't Cry

27th August 2007:
I don't think I ever bawled so hard from a fic. That was brillant. But Luna always get to me. You even worked in a bit of hidden Rolf, but I couldn't figure out if she was actually married to him or not. Probably not.

I think this is probably the best of your fics I've read in terms of shear emotion.

Author's Response: Oh dear! I'm so sorry it made you bawl. But in a sick and twisted way, I'm dancing around in my seat right now. =P I'm so glad you liked this as I wondered all through writing it if it made any sense at all. Thank you so much, Sandy - I really appreciate the review!

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Review #11, by fireceltiephoenix Big Girls Don't Cry

27th August 2007:
Oh, Jessi...if you only knew how hard I cried when I first read this. Reading it again made me just realize how special the bond between father and daughter is. Seeing Luna grow up...move away from the fantasies her father loved so much was a definite change. A Healer...a woman who no longer believes in montraipsies. Yet her father, a man who is wise beyond his years...a man that she looked up to, still lives with a deep amount of hope. That's the only way it can be described - hope. And all this time, Luna had thought she was going to have to lose her father much like she had her mother. But instead, it was a complete role reversal. A magnificent one-shot, Jessi. One of your best. It truly holds a place in my heart.

Author's Response: Wow, Candy!! *blush* Thank you SO much! I really appreciate all the compliments. You're right - hope is exactly what keeps Luna tied to her father... it's the bond of family and always seeing the best in people despite differences you may have - or grow to have.

Thank you SO much. This review means a LOT to me. *hugs*

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