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Review #1, by gremlin Cookies...Humbugs...And Platonic Love

16th July 2010:
I really liked it, both because it was really cute, and funny, and because it had one of the same characters as your lily memoirs fic :)
love your writing!

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Review #2, by Rhoanna Cookies...Humbugs...And Platonic Love

29th May 2009:
LOL, I heart your stories.

Author's Response: Cheers again! :)

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Review #3, by shabby Cookies...Humbugs...And Platonic Love

9th June 2008:
i actually liked it
joking i actually like everthing i read...
anywho i think u should continue with this
it would have a lot of reads...just a thought
i would enjoy readin it...yay i no i'm being greedy but hey i'm like that when it comes to fanfiction...
keep up the good work


P.S hope u contiue it

Author's Response: hi shabby! thanks for the review! i actually dont expect a lot of people to like this story, or even read or review, as it was a kind of random personal thanks to a friend. so to hear you liked it is great! :D i like your style! lol!

you're right, i could indeed continue it as a lily/marauders story... and it was good fun to write. but i think i will leave it as this one shot, it was fun while it lasted, but i never planned on writing more!

thanks again!

Rose :)

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Review #4, by SexyDoorFrames Cookies...Humbugs...And Platonic Love

2nd January 2008:
I love Sirius :) I liked this. It was sweet. Good job.

Author's Response: hey again! thanks so much for reviewing! glad you liked it! :)

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Review #5, by weluvjamesandcharlie Cookies...Humbugs...And Platonic Love

9th November 2007:
Ummm.okay??? What was that? Seriously, I saw no point in the entire story. I didn't get the whole "hugs and humbugs" thing. What is a humbug anyways? Maybe your next story will be better.

Author's Response: honestly! dont you read the A/N? and do you have even a slight sense of humour?
this fic was written as a thank you to another author on this site who wrote one dedicated to me, and is based on our crazy review conversations! hugs and humbugs is my way of answering reviews and praising the reviewers (a humbug is a minty sweet) and just replaces cookies for a change.
As to my writing skills, do not judge them on this fic, (though i dont think i did badly at all, just not one of my best) i have 8 others on this site, which i suggest you take a look at, and another big one on my blog and ff.net cos it was banned here.
So anyways, thanks for the review, but this was meant to be light humour with not much point except for fun and a dedication to a friend. Thanks for reviewing though.

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Review #6, by lizzyjonas98 Cookies...Humbugs...And Platonic Love

25th October 2007:
OMG!!! I am so bad!! I haven't 'talked' to u in ages. well. that's 'cause i am SUPER busy with school stuff. and i been banned from the computer. love this on-shot!!
when are u going to update 'Into the realms of fiction'? it's really god! Must go... flight 29 down. on. I LUV U!! (not like that. lol.)

Author's Response: lizzeee! or pixeeee! lol, whoever you are these days! it is good to hear from you! hehe! i guess your computer ban is now off then! :)
as to realms of fiction, i will update, dont worry! i have the next chapter practically done from last time, just have to finish tweaking it to fit with the new voldy plot! haha! also, i have been taking my time as i have had some people say they find the story confusing, (:0 it's not, is it?) and have been feeling slightly bored with the story again! (but dont worry, it is not going to be put on hold or anything, i will deffo continue soon!) i have been writing a new story, too! it is called 'after all these years', and is about snape's love for lily... it will be coming soon, so look out for it! or, if you want to be notified of updates, email rosai_gryffindor@yahoo.co.uk or visit my bloggio, at www.rosaiswritings.wordpress.com
i think you said you had, but you havent left any comments on the recent WCMA chapters, so i dont know! hehe!
love you too!! (im used to all this platonic love stuff from review convos!)hugs and humbugs!
Rose :)

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Review #7, by Bianca_Potter Cookies...Humbugs...And Platonic Love

21st October 2007:
Aww so cute!! Hahaha that was really good!

Author's Response: thank you!!!

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Review #8, by lizzyjonas98 Cookies...Humbugs...And Platonic Love

7th October 2007:
heheh. this fic never gets old. what the heck is a hambug? still don't know what that is!!! (lol. sorry.) yes, that is my only question... hehe. love this fic though!!

Author's Response: hehe! a humbug is a sweet, that is minty. they are sometimes striped, others plain...see picture on the banner! thanks for the review!
Rose :)

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Review #9, by Pixi Fluff Cookies...Humbugs...And Platonic Love

13th September 2007:
I tried your website, but I got a message that said 'Sorry, but this page no longer extise. You will be connected to webbly in a few momments.' Can you explain why I couldn't get through?
-pixi fluff

Author's Response: hey again! well i dont know why that was... i tried it just now and it is working! try again, its www.rosaiswritings.weebly.com
rose :)

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Review #10, by Pixi Fluff Cookies...Humbugs...And Platonic Love

10th September 2007:
Me again! heheeheheheh! James is one funny guy... uhhh. I'm telling you.. Rebacca is way to happy for her own good. (Omg.. you made her act like me. Well... I don't give out cookies and hugs all day... LOL.) Sooo... about your other one.. can you at least tell me who David ended up with??? Hm...
Bye for now,
-pixi fluff

Author's Response: helloo!! good to hear from you!! you don't have an account on the website so i have no way of contacting you! i'm so happy you liked this story! :) ye rebecca is very happy, u gotta love her! lol!

As to 'when character meets actor', please email me at rosai_gryffindor@yahoo.co.uk, or visit my website rosaiswritings.weebly.com! please, for me? if you want to keep reading that is! hehe!
byebye! hope to hear from you again soon!
rose :)

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Review #11, by olive_head Cookies...Humbugs...And Platonic Love

5th September 2007:
lol. funny and good.

Author's Response: thank you!!

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Review #12, by Evee Cookies...Humbugs...And Platonic Love

4th September 2007:
Huggies and chocolates!! (Hug you and give you chocolate) Actually, I do have chocolate at home. :-) This chapter is really sweet, I love the way how you portray the characters here in light mood. It brings me a smile on my face. :-)

About the last review I leave in other fic, I wish I can meet you one day when it comes, however I don't live in England... but live in Manchester for a month before I returned back to Singapore at SEA (South East Asia) Being living in Australia and Manchester for eight years and a month (five years ago), it shaped me up a lot in my English language.

Anyway, this story is so deliciously fabulous, now I'm seriously think about to put you under my favorite author! :-D :-D :-D

Author's Response: hehe! hugs and humbugs! thanks for the review! i'm glad you liked the story!

it is interesting to hear where you live! i myself live in wales, but originally lived in england before that!

thanks so much for the encouraging reviews!

rose :)

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Review #13, by lottie66 Cookies...Humbugs...And Platonic Love

4th September 2007:
‘So do I! How about…hugs and humbugs! Oooh, that sounds snazzy!’ that's funny :D weldone! good story

Author's Response: hehe! ye it is funny! that was actually what i said to Blank when i had to think of my own praise, she suggested humbugs, and i said just that! lol! glad you liked the story! thanks for the review!
rose :)

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Review #14, by firestarburst Cookies...Humbugs...And Platonic Love

3rd September 2007:
Cute and sweet and fullly of cookielusiousness!
m! wonder where I can get my hands on fresh baked cookies at 9 40p.m.? You've given me the munchies!

By the way what's happened to 'When character meets acter'?

Author's Response: hehe! thanks for the review! glad you liked it!
when character meets actor has been hidden by staff for various reasons :( but i am on the case, and will sort it out as soon as possible!
rose :)

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Review #15, by emi potter Cookies...Humbugs...And Platonic Love

30th August 2007:
lol omg i luv blank shes awesome
but sirius is just a bit... er... pervy? i cant think of the word
i'll hav sum storys up in about a week just if u wanted 2 no *hint hint* your stories are 10/10

Author's Response: thank you!!! ye, blanks great! both the character, and the real person! haha! and i know youre gonna have some stories up soon, iv been checking ur page regularly to see if theyv gone up! lol
ta again!!
rose :)

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Review #16, by norapotter Cookies...Humbugs...And Platonic Love

28th August 2007:
LOL! ha! i love this story! it is so light and gives you a feeling of happiness. Great job writing! : ) 10/10
p.s. where's my humbug? : )

Author's Response: yay! another review!! it makes me happy to read that you liked it!
lol ur humbug is already with you, dont you remember eating it? well since you dont, il give you another one for reading this story!
hugs and humbugs! (there you go!)
rose :)

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Review #17, by snape_is_good Cookies...Humbugs...And Platonic Love

27th August 2007:
lol! That was good! You had me laughing HARD! Rebecca reminds me of my BFF, Leah, she'll go around and give anyone a hug! I really like this! Now I shall read on...

Author's Response: hehe! glad you liked it! and that it made you laugh! i was worried it was a bit simple and pointless (although there was a point to writing it, it was a dedication!) but what do you mean, read on? there isnt any more! lol
thanks for reviewing!
rose :)

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