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Review #1, by insertcreativeusername Interlude I

22nd February 2018:

As I've said before in my previous reviews, I love this story so much! But it hasn't been updated in a while, and you haven't been very active as well (which is saddening, but there are things in life that are more important than extracurricular/hobby writing- so I understand) but I have to know. Have you abandoned it? I really hope not. You mentioned before you have some of chapter eleven down, and I was just wondering even if you haven't finished it, when you think you'll have time to update next?


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Review #2, by sushmita Interlude I

2nd November 2017:
It was interesting to read Ginny's perspective of why it was complicated, I'm not sure if u had to really go into Dumbledore's funeral part, lots of bits n pieces about them from Ginny's POV was interesting Since I was coming back to your story after awhile it was quite complicated for me to get why she was in the past as opposed to the present the story was about. Maybe putting some reasoning on why u were going into describing those incidents might help? I just feel like something's missing in this chapter.

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Review #3, by HarryGinnyLove88 Interlude I

24th October 2017:
Sweet..when i was reading 6th book it was a suprise to me when Harry started to like Ginny..but after that i know its actually right..they are mean to be...
Keep writing lovely story.

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #4, by insertcreativeusername Any Questions?

22nd October 2017:
This is probably the BEST canon-hogwarts era fic I have ever read. Seriously, I feel as if Rowling herself wrote this! Your portrayal of all the characters from Ginny, Fred&George, Molly, Arthur, Tonks, and Remus to Bellatrix, Neville, Luna, Snape and the Carrows is ASTOUNDING AND SPOT ON! Its just...undescribable, truly.

The story just flows! Very few authors are able to do that with their stories, but the interweaving between flashbacks and chronological phases is absolutely FREAKING PERFECT! This story has had me hooked since the first chapter, I really, really, really, really hope you didn't abandon this and update soon, I BEG OF YOU!

I really love the relationship you built between Ginny and Harry based on canon stuff. It's adorable and always manages to bring a smile on my face (I'm the biggest Hinny shipper in existance). You're probably my favorite author on here now, SO TALENTED!

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much for your kind review! I have not abandoned and am actively working on Chapter 11, and have an outline for the entirety of the story... There will be more to come :)

So glad you enjoy the contextual quotes weaved in. My copy of Deathly Hallows is a little worse for wear from all the tabbing and page turning :)

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Review #5, by HarryGinnyLove88 Complicated

25th September 2017:
Glad you write. Wanna know how Ginny thinks all if that and how she takes the news about the trio. Hope she will hot let Harry down altrought they break up if you know what i mean.

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you so much for reading! I am back in the writing game and will submit a new chapter soon! I love reviews, so thanks so much for taking the time.

I think Ginny will always be loyal to Harry, but people do seek comfort in times of peril. We'll see what happens...

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Review #6, by Sushmita Complicated

24th May 2017:
yay!! So awesome Fred and George got thru the portrait so early on in the story and were able to start getting real info to the kids inside.
Typo " He seemed the strange"

I love the conversations between Michael and Ginny as well and the comic relief brought by Lavender at this point.

Please please update the next chapter soon, u have real potential of making this a spectacular novel.

Author's Response: I couldn't wait to write this chapter with F&G's entrance! They will be back - don't worry.

I love Ginny and Michael's dynamic. As one of Ginny's longest relationships that we never got to see, I've really enjoyed kind of bringing it to life through them reminiscing... We'll see what happens with them!

Lavender is so fun to write. Just think of something ridiculous, write it down, and change "she" to Lavender. It works, I swear.

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Review #7, by Sushmita Cursed

24th May 2017:
Typos "The nodded at
of her robs"

This chapter was actually perfect. I'm really enjoying the parts where the teachers are banding together to help the students learn in their own ways as well. I still strongly believe it would be better to take out the part of the 11 yr old dying in the previous chapter or perhaps have a better reason of why that happened. Its dark enough to show all the torture that's been happening in the cla*ses and detentions expressed so well in this chapter.

Author's Response: Yay! I find it difficult to write the teachers and do them justice, so I'm glad you are enjoying it.

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Review #8, by Sushmita If It Bleeds

24th May 2017:
I will not believe that a student was killed by one of the carrows as part of detention. I understand the punishment that they used crucio but I don't think Snape will allow them to start killing the students, specifically if all that are left now in Hogwarts are pure-bloods. I feel u need to revisit this chapter and just keep it at Neville being tortured by the Carrow. I like the part of Ginny learning enough to be able to help Neville. I'm pretty sure all the parents will demand their kids be sent back home if they start dying already. Its too hard for ppl to come back and read your chapter if its gets this brutal so early on in the story.

Author's Response: I respectfully disagree.

Throughout the HP series, we hear from multiple adult characters about the ferocity of the Second Wizarding War during the rise of Voldemort. Harry's parents were murdered at twenty years old, and the remaining Marauders remark on Marlene McKinnon's family being "blown up" (presumably including Marlene, at the time a classmate of James, Lily, and company's) as a result of working for "the good guys".

We know that Death Eaters are proponents of torture and cruelty, who blindly worship Voldemort and have little care for anything else in the world. We know that Fenrir Greyback had no problem maiming Bill, also around twenty, and that Bellatrix tortured Neville's parents into insanity in their early twenties. We've seen Death Eaters kill and maim and torture with little emotion.

The Carrows were never introduced as some of the more conflicted, "grey area" Death Eaters, like Narcissa and Lucius. In fact, they are characterized in the DH as intentionally cruel human beings that take joy in punishing and torturing Hogwarts' students. I don't find it hard to believe their killing a student in what they perceive to be the second (and successful) coming of Voldemort rising to ultimate power for one moment.

But it seems like more of your argument may stem from your belief that Snape would never let students die at the hands of Death Eaters. Recall, however, that Snape is playing the most dangerous, and longest con that anyone has ever played before. I agree that, normally, Snape would find ways to prevent this from happening. However, his mission is too important, too vital to ultimately defeating Voldemort to risk blowing his cover (particularly when many Death Eaters are already doubtful of his allegiance to the Dark Lord). Snape's hold on Hogwarts hangs by a frayed thread throughout DH.

Furthermore, remember that this story is from Ginny's perspective. We have no way of knowing what's going on in the rest of the castle. We don't know how many student deaths Snape has managed to prevent before this one takes place. We don't know how many detentions and punishments he has intercepted until now. Perhaps he was in the dungeons preventing another student's mind from being broken by the other Carrow sibling at the same time as this horrible incident occurred. This is in keeping with one of the overarching themes of HP and this story; the futility of war. No matter how hard Harry tries to keep everyone safe, there are always things (or people) that slip through the cracks. That's one of the most heartbreaking things about needless conflict and war.

And yes, the parents of the deceased child are outraged. Their friends, who have their own children at Hogwarts are outraged. Together, they plan to storm the castle and demand to retrieve their children, to free them from the dangers and denounce Snape and the Carrows and Voldemort and all of it. But... what if, in retaliation, more children are killed? What if it's their children? What if they are inadvertently responsible for the death of their neighbour's child? Their best friend's child? you see the problem?

This story is not set in the happy days of Hogwarts. It is set during (arguably) the largest Wizarding War to date. This is what Ginny keeps trying to impress upon her peers.

This might not have a happy ending. It certainly doesn't have a happy middle.

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Review #9, by sushmita Casualties

24th May 2017:
Yours is such a strong powerful story, I feel like if you continue writing this story consistently, you can totally get a Dobby for this story. I love Ginny's personality here!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the compliment! Ginny's always been one of my favourite characters, and I always wished we could have gotten more from her. I'm so happy to write her side of the story.

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Review #10, by Sushmita Shadows

24th May 2017:
OMG what a speech by Ginny! And I love the fact that she's finding her natural magical talents even without a wand, no wonder she did so well against Bellatrix in the first chapter, her mom's genes I bet! :) I also like how she found her bossy self in this speech, just like how Molly does sometimes.

Author's Response: Glad you liked the speech - I remember that one taking some time to write. Also glad to see her success in combat in the first chapter is starting to make more sense. And yes, she is 100% mini Molly.

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Review #11, by Sushmita Any Questions?

23rd May 2017:
Typo "us one of our "

Author's Response: Thanks for the read through!

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Review #12, by Sushmita Back Again

23rd May 2017:
This chapter was well written and quite cannon. Its great that you've made Ginny, the heroine so strong and determined right from the start. We saw how the war had changed Ginny and Neville towards the end of TDH and this was quite a good start. I liked the part on Draco with his parents as well, they are also not untouched by everything happening around them. I'm sure they never wanted for Draco to follow their death eater path in any case.

Author's Response: Thank you! Narcissa and Lucius are so interesting to me - they are the only "grey area" Death Eaters we are ever introduced to, and the only ones who ever seem to regret their actions, rather than operate in blind faith for Voldemort. I wonder if it's because they are the only Death Eaters with something to lose, besides their lives (i.e., their son)?

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Review #13, by sushmita Unforgivable

23rd May 2017:
Typo "lost and ear"

This is a great start to the story - the wedding scene. I just find it a lil bit odd thet Ginny brought Bellatrix down. Bellatrix is one of the most powerful witches around. Ginny getting so many death eaters just seems really unimaginable but then I guess they're not expecting an underage witch to be dueling them either. But able to fight off Bellatrix definitely isn't believable.

Author's Response: Hi there - thanks for the readthrough! I will be responding to all of your reviews momentarily. Glad you like the story. Your reviews have gotten be back into writing it!

Re: Ginny getting so many death eaters - I've revised this chapter slightly so she isn't crazy strong right off the bat. However, the point of this story is that Ginny becomes crazy strong in her own right, so I don't think I'd say that it's not believable that she would get in a few lucky shots with Bellatrix. Nonetheless, I appreciate your point. Perhaps, as a reader, it's more believable to watch Ginny's power grow as she moves through this story.

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Review #14, by ExplosiveBlunderbuss Complicated

5th October 2016:
Okay so I really, really love this story and I would love to see you continue. You're doing such a good job of telling the story of what happened that year at Hogwarts!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I definitely intend to finish this story. Stay tuned for more!

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Review #15, by FreshPickledToad16 Shadows

1st August 2016:
I also love learning more about Ginny/Michael, even though I adore Ginny/Harry more than I can say. Ginny has long been one of my favorite characters: funny, strong, feisty, and sometimes vulnerable. I love seeing the war through her eyes. This is so well written and true to all the characters. Keep up the good work! I look forward to more updates.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Getting a review always gets me writing again!

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Review #16, by lo Cursed

19th June 2016:
Not bad! I enjoyed this... hope somehow there are more elements of H/G than in the books haha.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed it. I will definitely be doing my best to comment on the H/G relationship and Ginny's internal struggle over the course of the year.

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Review #17, by santosh If It Bleeds

22nd February 2014:
please write some more!

Author's Response: Hi there, I'm glad you are excited to read more! As I have mentioned to previous reviewers, I am eager to get back to writing Ginny's story, though grad school has been keeping me busy. I will definitely be updating more frequently beginning in May, but hope to have one or maybe two more chapters completed by then.

Thanks for staying tuned!

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Review #18, by AmeliaMalfoy If It Bleeds

19th February 2014:
Hi! I've noticed you haven't been online for a while now and I must say I really miss your story. Ginny is my absolute favorite female character in the hp series and I am incredibly picky on how she is portrayed in fanfiction. The way you present her in this story is amazing. Most authors write a two dimensional Ginny who constantly misses harry and can't seem to live with out him. Her strength is what I admire most about her and most authors can't capture that strength but you somehow manage it. I myself have attempted to capture Ginny and I failed miserably. Your suggestion that she contains a great power is what really brings her out of that two dimensional world and into the realm of being a character with real depth to her.

Over all superb job. I really hope you return to this story, as it has incredible potential. I'll keep checking in and once again this is a marvelous story.


Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind words! I am really looking forward to submitting the chapter I am currently working on. Unfortunately, I am also in grad school and have limited time to write for fun at the moment between teaching my own classes, marking, and working on my own thesis! :(

Rest assured that I also love Ginny and am eager to get back to this work. The rest of the semester may remain a little slow (until the middle or so of April), though I am excited to write more actively starting in May!

Thanks again, and I do hope you stay tuned!

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Review #19, by Centurion If It Bleeds

31st December 2013:
Nice chapter, again! It all got quite dark there, which is good.

Nice to see some comic relief as well :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the comments! New chapter up soon, hopefully.

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Review #20, by AmeliaMalfoy If It Bleeds

31st December 2013:
This chapter was BRILLIANT!! I love what you have done worth the characters and your writing is superb. Keep going!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Next chapter will hopefully be up soon!

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Review #21, by MuggleMaybe If It Bleeds

23rd December 2013:
I LOVED this chapter! Amazing!!!

I am trying to write Ginny's POV right now and finding it pretty challenging, so I'm really impressed at how well you do it. And you captured Seamus and Neville really well, too.

There are a number of stand out lines here. When Neville says "Ill count myself among the lucky so long as I still have the capacity to feel pain"... that's incredible. Seriously, INCREDIBLE. It is exactly how I would expect him to respond, a brilliant homage to his past and his courage.
And when Seamus sees them both shirtless, his line made me smile, along with "You need to take a shower, mate."

I'm very impressed... And jealous, because I know I am not capturing Ginny nearly so well, haha. ;) Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the compliments! Love to see people enjoying Ginny's story :) I will update in the New Year. Good luck with your own fic!!

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Review #22, by Centurion Shadows

2nd December 2013:
Your writing style is of high quality, and i love how it takes place simultaneously with the events of the trio. But the most important thing is that i can't wait to find out what is next...update asap :)

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying Ginny's story! I'm really hoping to get back to this soon. Grad school has been keeping me busy with other commitments, unfortunately! I'm itching to finish my next chapter of WH though!

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Review #23, by td Shadows

28th October 2013:
Awesome speech by Ginny!!And your writing style is very good.Please write more soon!!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! Glad you're enjoying Ginny's sass hahaha :) I will do my best to keep the updates coming - grad school is keeping me busy, but I try to update at least once ever three weeks or so!

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Review #24, by AmeliaMalfoy Any Questions?

29th September 2013:
I absolutely LOVE this fic. I have read my fair share of the deathly hallows in Ginny's pov but already this one out shines the others. It's realistic and stick to canon and your portrayal of Ginny captures the book Ginny so well. I love love love this fic. Please keep updating! It's just getting good :)

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind compliments! So glad you're enjoying it. I'm still putting the finishing touches on the next chapter - I was hoping to update more frequently, but grad school is keeping me busy! Should be soon! Thanks so much for the review :)

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Review #25, by lea_ Any Questions?

12th September 2013:
I am so excited that we are finally at Hogwarts! It will be great to see everything from her perspective and mingling with the other characters I missed so much during HP7

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! Glad you're enjoying Hogwarts once again - we'll be here for awhile. :)

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