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Review #1, by topspin320 In the End

12th October 2008:
wow, that was intense

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Review #2, by micking In the End

15th February 2008:
beautiful and very heart felt. Love is stronger than any evil. It is sad to read of Snape's death again. Your story should of gotten some award. It is very deep and soul searching.

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Review #3, by Cedrics_gurl In the End

5th October 2007:
Okay, here's my process, I will comment on the following things:

-Summary (did it drag me in)
-Introduction of Characters
-Praise for individual parts
-Criticism (Constructive)
-Rating and overall opinion!
Ech! Screw the precedure! I can't stop crying!

You went so deep into his character, you made me feel as though I could see inside him, not watching him from afar, I felt as though I was being told about every part of him, every shred of hope he had, every fear he had felt.

The way you made out the character, the way you made his seem as though he was stuck in this gaping chasm of insecurity.

And the paragraphs about the snake and the apple, I would never even have thought of that! You managed to fit in so many metaphors and many raw emotions! And you gave so much description, without going overboard!

The whole story consisted of emotions and thought, not actions and things like that, they were involved, but the chapter did not revolve around them!

I am practically your worshipper! I admire you so much! I wish I could write like this, sorry for sounding so weird, but this was just amazing!

A definite favourite!


Author's Response: *eyes wide* OMG I made you screw procedure. *dies* Thanks for taking the time Cedrics to check this out. That means a lot to me. *hands over a tissue* No crying. I'm glad that you found the one-shot to be a good portrayal of Snape. I'm just flabbergasted by your review. I'm just really glad that you enjoyed it and that I played off emotions and things that you never thought of. I try, my hardest, to make each one of my stories unique. So I'm glad I pulled it off. You didn't sound weird. Thank you for your very kind words and review. I truly do appreciate it, Cedrics. *hugs*

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Review #4, by Pronunciation_Hermy_One In the End

3rd October 2007:

I just saw this challenge over at SAYS and was excited to come and read when I saw that you has submitted one! This is so very well done, dearest. I love that you kept it so canonly plausible, but so delicately Severus. Your comparison to Adam and Eve's apple - it was beautiful, absolutely wonderful. Brilliant job, dearest. I'm so impressed. =)


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Review #5, by Lucy Morag In the End

23rd September 2007:
aw this is beautiful - really love this story

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind words. I'm really glad that you enjoyed the story and found it to be beautiful. Thanks so much for the review.

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Review #6, by iloveseverus In the End

29th August 2007:
brilliant! i really loved that, it was so weel written, great job.

Author's Response: This was an unplanned one-shot. I'm glad that you enjoyed it however. It was definitely different to write. Thank so much for the review.

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Review #7, by Jessi_Rose In the End

24th August 2007:
Sweet mother of merlin, Candy. This was absolutely *insert my favorite curse here* brilliant. So canonly plausible, so emotionally charged... This was amazing. Probably the best piece of writing I've seen from you... and probably one of the best one shots I've read. I loved it - absolutely loved it. Wow.

Author's Response: Woah...Jessi has resulted to cursing. *shakes head and holds out jar* That's 25 cents. LOL! I'm truly honored that you thought that piece was some of my best writing. It's kinda sad to know that I was half asleep writing it. LOL! And to know that you think its one of the best one-shots you've read...*blush* I'm really really glad you enjoyed it. Thank you, as always, for your great reviews. You have no idea how much they mean to me.

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Review #8, by White_Dragon In the End

18th August 2007:
As we go through life, there are times when we reflect back upon ourselves, mostly, with murky uncertainty. It seems that those reflections are never as clear as they are the moment before fate reveals, and/or executes, its' plan for us, be it cruel or joyous.

Your story captures that moment for Severus perfectly!

Well done.


Author's Response: Wow! Jim, thank you so much for your kind words. I was hoping that I would be able to capture the moment just before his death well enough that people would understand how he felt. Even though this moment might have only lasted a few seconds, it was enough that Snape knew what was going to happen, that there might not have been a chance at redemption, but that he truly didn't fail in the end. I'm glad that you enjoyed the one-shot. Thank you so much for your review.

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Review #9, by bron In the End

17th August 2007:
oh my goodness... i wish that was part of the actual story. That was one of the best FanFics i've ever read, it may even be better than the real thing... it doesnt make james a bad guy, nor does it makes snape a completely good guy. THANKYOU!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind words. I didn't want James to be a bad guy. I wanted everyone know that Snape hated him but it was school. Kids do stupid things in school. I'm glad that you enjoyed the one-shot. Thank you so much for your review.

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Review #10, by Scriblerian In the End

17th August 2007:
CANDY!! EEK! My first review for you ever! And honestly, I couldn't ask for a better story to be able to review for (though I'm almost positive your other ones are just as incredible). lol. But You've always stunned me with your beautiful way with words, so I really shouldn't have been surprised that you would come up with this (and in such short a time too! :P ) but my mouth was kind of hanging open a bit when I finished. lol. Good thing no one was around. I would have looked ridiculous. *dies*

Well, first of all, I can't think of a better quote for Snape. It fits him PERFECTLY.

At the time of judgment, where did his loyalties lie? Was his heart as black as the midnight sky? Did his blood run cold as a winter stream?

And that was a fantastic way to start off. I especially loved those lines, because they were very poetic. They flowed beautifully, and I think it was a stellar beginning. And the way you describe Snape's feelings really brought me closer to him. I felt what he was feeling. The anguish and pain and heartache and sadness were all very present, but in such a wonderfully subtle way that it wasn't overwhelming or dramatic. Like this line:

In the end…his fear of the dark became his light to guide him home.

Oh my god, that was SO amazing. I just loved it. I read it and I got this warm feeling and realized that it was so true. One of the truest statements ever made about Snape, I think. And I told you how much I loved the comparison to the Garden of Eden, but I'm saying it again cause it was just that brilliant. LOL. I mean it, I read that part and thought about it and realized that it was probably the best comparison you could make. And I LOVE when people write things that I've never thought of before and you definitely did that here. lol.

Harry’s eyes would guide him home.

Aaand that line is what made me cry. DANGIT CANDY! LOL. You made me CRY! *sobs* That was SUCH a powerful line. And the rest of it was just as moving. I am beyond impressed right now and I am so very, very glad that you came to SAYS today, because I don't know if I would have gotten to read this if you hadn't! lol. Brilliant, brilliant work Candy. You are one talented gal. :D I can't wait to read more of your stuff. And to see more of you at SAYS! We'll have good times at my space jacuzzi party, what d'ya say? *grins* lol

*HUGE HUGS* 10/10!


Author's Response: *hugs* No crying in baseball, Scribby! I'm SO glad that you reviewed this one-shot. It was definitely one that I was unsure about. But once I saw that quote, I ran with it. You write great and very intricate reviews. LOL! Lots of stuff for me to look at and hopefully repeat in other aspects of my writing. But there is absolutely no crying. But I'm glad that I could evoke emotion in you with this. Snape, to me, was always a lost soul - one that had to fight to stay alive although he was probably smarter than he truly appeared to be. For him to be gone in the manner he did was something I wasn't expecting. So, in the end, does it really matter? I think for him it did.

Definitely...we will have fun at your space jacuzzi party. LOL! Thank you, Scribby, for reading and reviewing. It means a lot to me that you did. *hugs* As are the best.

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