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Reading Reviews for So Non-Platonic
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Review #1, by Hope's Mom Denial

14th September 2011:
I was looking through the archive and found your stories. You haven't updated anything in a long time but I wanted to let you know how interesting it was to watch you writing develop and grow. It was great to read Fred and George as a part of this story (Harry too). This story was cute and fluffy. Thank you for writing!

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Review #2, by _Lexi_ Denial

28th December 2009:
havn't visited this site in aaages, and i randomly came across your story.. must say, you've got me hooked :D can't wait for the next chappie!

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Review #3, by Laughing_My_Tail_Of Denial

4th November 2009:
haha i love it ! cant wait to se projest sacotage oliver and eve ^^ PLEASE update soon ! :D

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Review #4, by Sam Denial

25th August 2009:
Darn Right! SABATA-GEEE!! loved the chapter. pls write again soon.

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Review #5, by Laugharama_llama Denial

20th August 2009:
LMFAOOO that A/N at the end was hilarious!

This is a cute story! I just found it today, and I like it so much! Yay!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I hope to get chapters out sooner, just a tad difficult... =[

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Review #6, by Love_is_Magical292444 Denial

5th August 2009:
Hahaha you're story makes me happy, which I might have already mentioned, I'm not sure. It's great, and I am definitely looking forward to reading the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review. Glad I can bring happiness through Ollie's hottness haha

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Review #7, by Love_is_Magical292444 Captain Ollie

4th August 2009:
Woo Hoo! Oliver's POV :) Haha, fan clubs make me giggle. What a great chapter! Keep up the great work... and now I'm going to go on and read your other chapters :)

Author's Response: Yes the fan clubs were definitely fun to write, because it's just so pathetic! Thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by Love_is_Magical292444 As If

4th August 2009:
Hehe this makes me happy! And I have a crush on Oliver Wood too!! Haha!

Author's Response: I mean...who doesn't have a crush on Oliver Wood?!

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Review #9, by Weasley Twin Fan Denial

3rd August 2009:
I love it! Finally, Hallie admitted she like Oliver... I can't wait for the next chapter, and keep up the amazing work!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #10, by Ciara512 Denial

2nd August 2009:
Just read this whole story. Love it! :D Cant wait to read more!!

Author's Response: There's a chapter up and coming soon!

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Review #11, by LiarLiarx3 Denial

1st August 2009:
I just started reading this story today and I love it. Keep up the amazing work :]

Author's Response: Thank you! There will soon be another chapter posted.

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Review #12, by moony_ Denial

30th July 2009:
Oh, my goodness! I just adore this story so far! The friendship that Hallie and Oliver share is just precious. :) Please, please, please update soon! :)

Author's Response: I'm trying to get a little more inspired. Still working out the mechanics of the story, but thanks so much for the review!

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Review #13, by Harry and Ginny Denial

30th July 2009:
finally she admitted she's in love with Oliver!!! it's hard 4 her to see the one she likes with someone else. i can't wait to see how they will make the project to sabotage his relationship with Eve. will u update soon please?^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Yeah...it took a while for her to finally admit it, but at least it happened! haha

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Review #14, by shanelizken Denial

30th July 2009:
Definitely no hate! This is one of my favorite stories, I'm just so happy you're back! :) thank you thank you and can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks hon! I will try and update soon!

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Review #15, by Harry and Ginny Ploys

29th July 2009:
i read this story and i'm liking it so far. Oliver and Hallie have feelings 4 each other and they need to admit it or else they will be very miserable. will u update soon please?^_^

10/10 all chapters

Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: I'm sorry that I haven't updated in a while. When I get caught up with other stories, I tend to stray, but I promise I will try to finish So Non-Platonic! Thanks for the review!

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Review #16, by eviltwin998 Ploys

11th January 2008:
i really liked this chapter. it makes me wonder whats going to happen to the two of them. i really love this story please update soon!!

Author's Response: I shall update soon! Thanks for the review

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Review #17, by mal Ploys

5th January 2008:
Update??? PLEASE!!!

Author's Response: I've actually decided to update during winter break!

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Review #18, by Lynx482 Ploys

2nd January 2008:
OMG that was sooo good. please keep writing!!

Author's Response: I will, I promise!

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Review #19, by luvinpadfoot Ploys

29th December 2007:
More!!! Update soon! Really really soon!! I LOVE this story!!! It is THE best story ever!!! a million/10!!! YAY!!!

Author's Response: Aw thank you!

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Review #20, by Kay156 Ploys

27th December 2007:
I know most authors hate this, and I usually don't leave reviews for this purpose, but if you could please try and update soon I would greatly appreciate it. like...GREATLY. I love this story very very very very very much, just so you know. =]

and once again...wasn't trying to be one of those annoying "update!!!" reviewers because I know how hectic life is, but if you could manage to maybe squeeze in one itty bitty chapter somewhere in your hectic life, you would make my day. Seriously. =]


Author's Response: LOL well, if you put it that way, I can't refuse to update. I actually found some time in my winter break, so there should be an updated chapter soon.

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Review #21, by quidditch77 Ploys

20th December 2007:
Aww loved this chapter...and the fact that Oliver is like Hallie's protector. Ahh how perfect. Honestly- awesome job.
I loved these two lines:
(“So my umm…Scottish accent doesn’t make you wet your knickers?” “Bloody hell,” She whispered as if seeing me for the first time, “Idiots think alike…”)
(It had been exactly 5 days since I last spoke to Hallie and I was going slightly mental)
Perfecto :)
Update soon.

Author's Response: I shall! Thanks for the review!

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Review #22, by quidditch77 Incognito

20th December 2007:
Great chapter!! The way Hallie is acting is frustrating..but very human-like.

Author's Response: Ha, yes unfortunately we must make things realistic. At least, I know that's how I would react.

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Review #23, by quidditch77 Rules of Attraction

20th December 2007:
I actually feel really bad for Eve...he unintentionally spills her drink on her and then leaves and kisses Hallie. Not to say I disliked that part...because it definitely shows how much more he likes Hallie than anyone else.
Great chapter.

Author's Response: Yes, usually the other women in my stories are evil but Eve is actually a nice girl, which makes it much more difficult

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Review #24, by quidditch77 Warm Fuzzy Feelings

20th December 2007:
Good chapter. I'm going to read on!
Oh and my question about what year they are in is answered...because they'd have to be in 5th year for Harry to be in the story.sooo you might want to change your main summary :)

Author's Response: Hmm. I'll have to check up on that.

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Review #25, by quidditch77 Horrid Plural

20th December 2007:
Haha, I absolutely adored this chapter!! The scene with Oliver and Hallie walking outside was perfect...but made me sad because they are both so obviously denying their feelings. The hug was sweet too.
This only critisism I have is that this line was really out of place and a bit too serious for the premise: ("A tragedy where there seemed to be no laughs or even a hero that could save the day.")
Other than that..great chapter!

Author's Response: Yah after I wrote that line I wondered if it seemed a little out of place. I re-considered it for a while but gave in, figuring I needed a final word in the chapter.

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