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Review #1, by Marauder_Weasley 7: Flower Power & Revenge ... this cant be good

29th November 2011:

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Review #2, by mamabear 7: Flower Power & Revenge ... this cant be good

2nd September 2011:
I love how you have reunited Harry and his friends with Lily and the Marauders! It is awesome! Just to let you know though, you gave Lily's friend Rose two different last names in this chapter. Keep up the good work! I am looking forward to more.

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Review #3, by Alexa Ember 7: Flower Power & Revenge ... this cant be good

29th August 2009:

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Review #4, by victoria 7: Flower Power & Revenge ... this cant be good

23rd August 2009:
AH UPDATE PLEASE. awesome story!

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Review #5, by Laura Robbo 7: Flower Power & Revenge ... this cant be good

28th October 2008:
Great chapter Update Soon!

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Review #6, by JSB 073 6: Welcome Back - or to the Past

23rd May 2008:
Parseltounge. Of course.
And why was James thrown back? Stupid cliff hangers...

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Review #7, by JSB 073 5: Discoveries

23rd May 2008:
Oh my gosh! They're back together and everyone knows the truth and how it will all occur. Sad though, they all know they will die at some point. It's heart-breaking... but they have to cherish the time they have now. =]] So sad... but amazingly happy all the same!

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Review #8, by JSB 073 4: Discussions

23rd May 2008:
Aw. It is almost unreal.. isn't it. But he's not alone. He has Ginny. They kissed. *sigh* And how will he be towards the others now??

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Review #9, by JSB 073 3: The Map Never Lies

23rd May 2008:
Wonderful. Everything's well now, messed up. The map never lies... it's horrible. Harry had to find it out like that. but what's the plan? I'm so confused and this is only getting better! I have so many questions but I'm not going to bother asking, I'll find out in time...

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Review #10, by JSB 073 2: We Die For A Purpose

23rd May 2008:
Good chapter. It's so sad how they already know what's gonna happen to them, but they want to get ot know Harry so that's good. Also, I really hope Ron doesn't tell Harry about them. It would just be not right. It's bad enough the other three know about them when they're suppose to go unnoticed but, it'd still be nice of Harry to know his parents. I like it a lot.

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Review #11, by JSB 073 One: Oh Snap!

23rd May 2008:
I love it. Lily and James already going out and they really love each other. Sweet.
And Dumbledore really told them their furtures? That's so sad. They know like when they're gonna die and who Harry is and everything. It could screw everything over. but you'll make it work. But wow. Hermione was smart to notice it and wanted to talk to them from being on the Marauders' Map. They're screwed... Cliff hangers suck. But I hope Hermione's not mad, they're trying to save them all. Aww. It's so nervewracking.
Absolutely love it.

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Review #12, by Prongs1193 6: Welcome Back - or to the Past

27th March 2008:
HI LIZZIE! i bet ull never guess who this is but ur story is AWESOME =3. zomg i loved it lolz

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Review #13, by hpfan07 6: Welcome Back - or to the Past

16th February 2008:
this chapter is kinda confusing, is harry in the past or the future coz I dont get y dumbledore sed dis:

“How long have you been planning this?” Harry asked softly.

“Since your parents were murdered.” Dumbledore said looking him in the eyes.

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Review #14, by ginnygirl808 6: Welcome Back - or to the Past

27th January 2008:
omg wow! good story update soon!

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Review #15, by Elisa_Weasley 6: Welcome Back - or to the Past

24th January 2008:
i absolutely love the idea you put into this story. they are actually gonna change time arn't they? well if they arn't, i still love it! one piece of constructive critisism though ... you change point of view a lot! theres one point (not in this chapter) when it starts setting the scene with lily on the couch, then it switches into first person and i figure out that the 'i' is actually lily! This happens a lot in the story and i just thought id point it out to you ...
10/10 because i really really do love this storyline!!!

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Review #16, by ROBERT__1958 6: Welcome Back - or to the Past

16th January 2008:
Why can they not stay in the chamber of secerets?

Get Dobby to help them.

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Review #17, by doglover One: Oh Snap!

14th January 2008:
i love it! keep up the good work!!

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Review #18, by padfootgirl94 6: Welcome Back - or to the Past

13th January 2008:
AWESOME!!! plz update soon!

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Review #19, by zEthHPfrEaK One: Oh Snap!

13th January 2008:
Okay... erm... well, this is a great story, buuut... There's a few things you should fix:

1. Dumbledore wouldn't've made James and 'em have their first names the same. Mostly because Harry, Hermione, Ginny, Ron, etc. would've probably noticed that their names were the same, and thought that they were... Lily and James and them...

2. Dumbledore wouldn't of made James, Lily, Sirius, and Remus go to deliver... whatever they had to deliver... I'm guessing it's a horcrux?... Dumbledore probably would've asked someone else to go, seeing as Harry already basically knows most of them... [they(peoples from Harry's time) would of figured who they(people form James' time) are.]

3. They (Harry... Ron, you know, everybody that saw Lily and them) should've noticed that James and them's names were the same, and had a suspicion they were The Mauraders and Lily, especially seeing as they already met Sirius and Remus... and Harry, Hermione, and Ron saw Pettigrew.

4. Ginny wouldn't just walk up to Harry, and then they get into a fight just like that... ending up with Harry storming off.

5. Harry and Draco... hmm... Harry wouldn't just ignore people when they say bad things about his parents, he normally looses it then.

6. When Romilda Vane walked up to Ginny... well, she normally wouldn't of just walked up to pick a fight like that... She was more of the obsessive fangirl.

7. When Dumbledore said that Harry was an orphan, then that James and Lily were his parents... They would've figured out then and there that they died.

8. They (as in the troi, Ginny, everyone from Harry's time who was mentioned so far...) wouldn't of spoken so openly that there was a secret mission Dumbledore and Harry were on... especially if they did not know these people.

9. Lily... not caring if someone calls her a mudblood? Nope.

Yeah... this a long review... Annnd... ignore my rating...

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Review #20, by order of the pheonix12 6: Welcome Back - or to the Past

12th January 2008:
IM GONNA START TALKING LIKE A BRIT. Bloody nice story mateVoldys a git i hpoe Harry kills him soon

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Review #21, by Hidden Fire 3: The Map Never Lies

12th January 2008:
Okay I wanted to tell you that if Molly was just pregnant with Percy would make Lily and James just getting out of school when Harry was a first-year. In other words, it would be creepy! Thought, I'd let you know. I like your story though!

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Review #22, by kat potter 6: Welcome Back - or to the Past

12th January 2008:
please add another chapter i LOVE LOVE LOVE dis story. it's gr8. 100/100

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Review #23, by holymoly 5: Discoveries

20th December 2007:
Holy moly girl, this story is awesome. You need to write more straight away! I mean now! Right this instant! Dont make me come over there! JK


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Review #24, by Sorvik 5: Discoveries

30th November 2007:
A good chapter, just too short.

Can't wait for the next one

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Review #25, by Mrs_Sirius_Black_4eva 5: Discoveries

24th November 2007:
Awesome chapter, keep up the good work!

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