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Review #1, by rougette An Earth-Shaking Meeting

9th November 2008:
Great chapter; just started reading it. I'm a big fan of Victoire/Teddy fanfics, but haven't found one I genuinely loved since Heartbeats, which is now on Hiatus. Hopefully this will be my next favorite.

Author's Response: Thank you. I hope that you will continue to read this when the edited version comes up.

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Review #2, by Luckys lucky Girls (offline) An Earth-Shaking Meeting

29th October 2008:
Hey its me and im in computers. Matt us being rude to me right now and im going to put up this review so everyone can see. Anyways, how are u? Im doing pretty good. Oh, i can't stop reading this story it's so addicting. Well, as you can tell i'm really board and hyper at the same time. Sorry you no me. Today we get to dress up for Holloween! And i just got my next chapter up so read and review, just for me! I might call you later might not, might be sleeping, who knows! oh, i almost forgot to tell you that i got my promotion yesturday, YAY! I better go before I scare the rest of the reviewers. Well, LYLAS, forever!


Author's Response: :) oh, ash :)

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Review #3, by Tres Amigas de Harry Potter An Earth-Shaking Meeting

23rd October 2008:
I know I've read this before, and I'm POSITIVE I left a review...but it's whatever. But still, I LOVE this! This has been up for a while now, hasn't it? Well, this stuff never gets old :)
Tess :):):)

Author's Response: In that case, thank you again!

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Review #4, by Luckys_lucky_girls Memories

6th June 2008:
Thanks Ju-Ju-Bee, you made it so depresing! I will still give you a 10/10 just because I'm a good person. Get that next chapter up soon. Wait a minuit you can't because you got grounded AGAIN! Will you ever learn? NO! Well, anyway it's been a week since Graduation. Can you believe it we are out for good? Hope to see you this summer. LYLAS!

-LLG/ Ash

Author's Response: Thank you?

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Review #5, by marieluz Memories

28th March 2008:
ohmygosh. killing babies is evil, but at least she wasn't like hitler... im sad!

Author's Response: Um, no, she isn't like hitler. I'm sorry your sad! Next chap[ter is a bit happier, but the killing-baby thing does become important in a later chapter. THAT IS ALL I AM REVEALING THOUGH! Okay, no it isn't. News is, we have only TEN chapters left (actually, nine chapters and an epilogue). Thank you for the review!

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Review #6, by Nymphie Lupin Memories

28th March 2008:
Loved the song, loved the chapter... I just loved it. loved it loved it loved it loved it loved it!!! Sorry for the shortie, hon, but I've gotta leave for my friend's house soon for Beauty and the Beast. 10/10


Author's Response: I love Flyleaf! It's all right :) I forgive you. Have fun at the the-ater! And I totally Just said that like THEEE-ATE-UR, not theater. Because that is, like, so unprofessional! Thanks for the review :)

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Review #7, by Nymphie Lupin Spiritual Enlightenment

19th February 2008:

Poor Victoire. *cries* Poor Ted. *cries even more* WHY MUST THE GOOD SUFFER SO???


Alright, I apologize I didn't see this was updated before. :( BUT BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!!!

Anyway, it was really good. I loved the chapter. minus the fact that it was depressing as all hell. :( :( :( The next chapter better be happy!!! I can't take this anymore!!!

Oh, btw, how's the play going? I really wish you the best of luck, dear. Not that you'll need it. :)

have a great day. This earned a bagazagillion out of ten! :) :) :)


Author's Response: I'm sorry! I'm soory! I'm sorry! thanks for reviewing. On at school. thanks as always. BTW won't be on much until after 3rd quarter ends. Can you say grounded? Thanks again! Plays going great. Talk to you later! Bye!

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Review #8, by marieluz Spiritual Enlightenment

14th February 2008:
sad.. but at least she's back in her own time! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!

Author's Response: All will be resolved soon. hopefully. thanks.

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Review #9, by Nymphie Lupin Another Time

6th February 2008:
Just to note: I'm really starting to dislike matchbox twenty, I'm getting really annoyed by the phrase "Let's see how far we've come" It's one of the most over-played annoying songs, next to Hey there Delilah, Soldja Boi, and Apologize.

But yeah, I digress.

This again, was brilliant. You are definitely among the most talented authors I've read, hon. Especially since I'm still noticing that your writing's really been developing.

Wow, that was a really powerful ending to the chapter. *shivers* That was just the perfect ending for this chapter.

Again, great chapter!!! You've surpassed the high bar set with "The Sun"... I don't know how much higher you want to set the bar for yourself, but I'm really enjoying everything! ;)


Have a fantastically fantabulous day!


Author's Response: Seriously? Matchbox20 is one of the few mainstream rock bands I like. Can't get enough of that song! But Plain white T's aren't that great (waaaay over played), all rap (especially Soulja Boi) is too dumb for words, and I really don't like One Republic at all, total smush band.

Thanks! YAY for progress! YAY for shivering! I am kinda cold, now that you mention shivering....but moving forward!

Oooh, higher bar? I feel special! And I'm glad you're enjoying it, but chapter nine is gonna be a hard one to tackle, and I'm running circles around it, trying to get it to really work. Not just kinda-sorta-coincidentally-work. but really WORK. LOL, no watered down plots for Shea! :)

You have a fantastically fantabulous day too! TTYL!

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Review #10, by Nymphie Lupin The Sun

6th February 2008:
Very long, but good. VERY GOOD! LOL! I, in fact, had no problem with the length (surprisingly) to be as great a chapter as it was, it really needed to be long. :) :) :) FANTASTICALLY FANTABULOUS JOB HON!!! :) :) :)

And this totally exceeds expectations and then some. This chapter totally gets like a bagazalagillion out of ten. YAY!!! A NEW NUMBER!!! *calls 1-800-math-geeks* "Hey, geeks! ya gotta new number to add" reply = "we covered all of them with infinity" my reply back to the geek's reply = "SCREW YOU!!!" *click*

anyway, they won't add the number. but it's totally new, and just for you!!!

hey that rhymed!!! YAY FOR RHYMING!!! :) :) :)

the answer is yes I am hyper. we had immigration project presentations today (aka the final part of the project from hell) and I ate A LOT of German honey cookies, Italian ice, Italian wedding cookies, and Irish scones (which were mine and totally delicious btw)... anyway, yeah. i'm on a sugar high and have gained about ten bazillion pounds I swear. I'm going to need to write a fan fic one shot to burn some of my calories (good news, eh)

ANYWAYZZZ... great job with this chapter. It was really lovely, an perfectly brilliant. the bad news is, though, You've set a new, higher standard for yourself and your upcoming chapters. HOPE YOU'RE UP FOR ONE HELL OF A CHALLENGE, DEARIE!!!



oh, and btw, have you noticed that your writing style has matured up quite a bit. I mean, you still have the same humor in most of your stories but compared to, I don't know, your earlier stories like Frustration (which, I apologize, I've read but never reviewed... it was great btw) and Velly Bail, your more recent fan fics have been written more sophisticatedly. Like, your sentences are more flow-y and details more in depth. Your prose actually is almost like poetry, it's so smooth and well written.

or I could be on some new drug... you never know what someone could've slipped into their italian wedding cookies... :P

Author's Response: Thanks, Shea. A new number? YAAAY! All in my honor? *Blushes* why, thank you :) Math geeeks suck. So, yes, screw them! LOL, very proud of you for your rhyming/poetic talent :)

Now I'm hungry! Glad you had fun eating, though. I want foreign desserts! Yes, burn them calories. BURN EM!

New standards. Heh heh. Now I'm worried. And for good reason!

Oh, yay! I was really hoping it was getting better. I think looking back on both of us, our writing has improved tons and tons and tons!

MAybe you are drugged up. LOL, maybe I am too!

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Review #11, by marieluz Another Time

5th February 2008:
did she go back in time? those people spoke so formally, and old-timish. strange, but good chapter. i wanna see Teddy, though

Author's Response: I can't tell you anything! But thanks for reviewing! You'll see Teddy again soon- I promise! Keep reading!!!

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Review #12, by moony_is_mine The Sun

22nd January 2008:
Great chapter.. I can't wait to find out exactly her plan is... please please please update soon 10/10

Author's Response: i will! i promise! thank u!

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Review #13, by marieluz The Sun

21st January 2008:
Long chapter... very long chapter. GREAT!!!

Author's Response: ha yah was being yelled @ 4 short

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Review #14, by luckycharms2812 Now and Then

7th January 2008:
ehy it have to be so short!
ha ha anyway
great chapter
TeEnAgE rEbElIoN!

Author's Response: Thank you! Chapter 7 is long I PROMISE. And whoo-hoo for rebellion. YAY!

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Review #15, by marieluz Now and Then

7th January 2008:
omg. malfoy is so disgusting!!!

Author's Response: I know. Isn't he? Believe it or not, he gets WORSE. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #16, by Nymphie Lupin Now and Then

7th January 2008:
lol, I'm sorry about before. good news is, we actually don't have to go back to long winded chatty reviews... I was actually going to email you 'bout that dear.

ANYWAYS, getting back to the way more important fact that you've updated. :) *SQUEALS*

This was absolutely amazing. I mean really. That last part was SO SUSPENSEFUL!!! I need to know what's going to happened. And I can't wait for the flashbacks. ;) It will totally be amazing, I know it.

Overall... you only get a zillion out of ten. So you'd better get your act together, I'll have no more of this zillion out of ten stuff... it's so for the birds. I KNOW you can give us gagillion out of ten work, I've seen it come out of you.



Author's Response: LOL. And YAY! Only a zillion? Come on :)

Yes, I'm such an amazing updaterer. Thanks for reviewing as always, Shea. You always make me smiiiiile! :) See?

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Review #17, by moony_is_mine Now and Then

7th January 2008:
I'm was going to say what happened but then I read the a/n :) This chapter is great even if it is short :) 10/10

Author's Response: Yup, it should all be a smooth ride now. Hopefully. But with my tech drama, you never know. Thank you! CHAPTER SEVEN IS LONG I GUARANTEE IT!

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Review #18, by la la lexi Interrogation Invitation

4th January 2008:
BAHA i'm super happy nobody's angry!! and yes. the breathing remark was totally called for.
BUT i just submitted my NEXT chapter. and i think it is one YOU particularly will enjoy :D
and i have my plots all worked out for like the next six chapters. so YAY!
hahah. yea, jr.year workload i have a job. so it doesnt leave much time for stuf like this. hah. but idk, i came back like last week for the first time in like seven months..and i saw i had like 201 FREAKING REVIEWS! HOLY moly. so i was all like, i have to pick this up again. so here i am. whee.
i hope they're speedy posters..but i sincerely doubt it. Ahh welll...
but's good to be back. :]

Author's Response: LOL, you always make us laugh! We're just happy to have you back. I MISSED YOU! I'm in 8th grade this year. so for the first time, we have to take final exams GEEZ. You have a job? What are you doing? I know for a fact you have at least one review from me, if not more.
Anyway, who needs money when you have 201 reviews? ;) I've totally got you beat because for Taken Over I have up through chapter 25 mapped out. So, HA. sorry, that was mean. See what happens when you leave us? We get all bitter :(

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Review #19, by la la lexi To Sacrifice

1st January 2008:
HAY GURL...remember me? ? ?
BAHA!! it's been a long long time...
i havent been to this site in months. i have been busy. HAH.
i kind of stopped writing my story for a while...bc my computer crashed && i lost everythingthat i had written. so i just stopped. BUT NEVER FEAR, because i'm BACK with a new chapter on the way for my lily/james.
so i thought i owed you that, because you were so faithful to my story. haha...anyway, SPREAD THE WORD that la la lexi's BACK and better than ever!!
but, i really love this story. its amazing, and you are fabulous. :D
lex ♥

Author's Response: OH MY GOD! You mean you're still ALIVE? You breath air? YOU AREN'T IMAGINARY? GASP! Sorry, but you deserved, right? :)

Can't wait for your new stuff! I'll get the word out!

Thanks for the review!

YAAAY! What would we do without you? You're just so chatty and upbeat! Put a smile on our faces! And we've been smileless (is that a word?) for months! Tsk. Tsk. Oh well, it's just great to have you back!

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Review #20, by Nymphie Lupin To Sacrifice

29th December 2007:
WOW, girl! Are you a trusted author! I'm pretty sure that the queue isn't opening until like the third!!! Congrats! :) :) :)

Anyways, this was yet another great chapter!!! I loved it. :) :) :)

and I cannot WAIT for the new one-shot!



Author's Response: LOL, IDK if I'm a trusted author. I had this in line bofore they closed up, so maybe they're just getting stuff doen early. I think I've broken a few too many rules at this point to be a trusted author! I did write the next part. But who knows how long it will be now? Anyway, thanks as always! I guess we'll have to go back to long-winded chatty reviews!

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Review #21, by marieluz To Sacrifice

12th December 2007:
great! i love this story! so much! plz plz plz update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you!!! I'll try to update soon but I'm having some difficulties. I need to do some research for later chapters, just so that things are correct. People probably wouldn't notice if my history was off a bit, but with my luck some middle ages expert would read it and start tearing into me. THATS A HUGE HINT! TAKE IT AND BE HAPPY!

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Review #22, by marieluz Interrogation Invitation

12th December 2007:
No no no no no! Draco Malfoy stinks! But this story doesn't! (Yrah, I know, lame)

Author's Response: Malfoy doesn't stink! And neither do you! See? I can be just as lame :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #23, by marieluz If Memory Serves...

11th December 2007:
aww! so sweet! this story is SO in my faves!

Author's Response: YAY FAVES! It makes you happy, it makes me happy- over all good deal, huh? Thank you!!!

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Review #24, by marieluz Stumbling Blindly

11th December 2007:
loved it! great great great!

Author's Response: Thanks, you're so awesome!

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Review #25, by marieluz An Earth-Shaking Meeting

11th December 2007:
Sad first c h a p t e r!

Author's Response: I know, but it gets better! Kinda. Thanks for reviewing!

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