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Review #1, by Jerry scnfeld Meddling young coot?

8th August 2017:
Still a great story so different but still Harry Potter thanks

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Review #2, by Jerry scnfeld Watching the moon AGAIN

6th August 2017:
All your stories are very good but this one is really great, no all your stories are great but this one beats them. Thank you

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Review #3, by Emmy The New School Year

27th July 2014:
This is a veeery interesting story.

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Review #4, by Emmy Animagi and Nightmares

26th July 2014:
McGonagall is his gran??? And Dumbledore his grandad??? Cool idea of yours.

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Review #5, by john The Animagus Party and other Arrangements

22nd February 2014:
its very good enjoyed it all

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Review #6, by john The Animagus Party and other Arrangements

14th May 2013:
good story so far i like it

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Review #7, by naseena Yakkitch

1st April 2013:
i really like the idea for the story but i don't get a few things like "pants" and "bananas" and "yakitch"??? are pants his office and bananas the wands and yakitch quidditch???

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Review #8, by Godric_Gryfinndor_101 Harry WHO am I?

1st August 2012:
I have noticed a typo that continues to happen. You're spelling practices wrong. You're spelling it practises instead of practices.

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Review #9, by ExpectoPatronumExpelliarmus The Future

7th November 2011:
What a wonderful story, i loved it

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Review #10, by SlytherinDuchessMalfoy The Future

19th December 2010:
good story. Though really slow in the beginning and too rushed in the ending chapters. all in all it could use some work Grammar, sentence structuring and character personalities also need work. please don't be offended but Harry was portrayed as a "pansy' and I really didn't like how Severus's personality shifted from caring doting Father to Borderline(the other timeline) Arsehole in the wedding chapter. ~SDM

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Review #11, by SlytherinDuchessMalfoy The Shrieking Shack

19th December 2010:
have a Question?

Since Harry Vanquished The 'Dark Lord' in the past wouldn't his wand have been different as well and not the "brother wand"...Since he is the Transfiguration teacher wouldn't he have a wand that played to that strength??


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Review #12, by sinwillys822 The Future

19th August 2009:
was a very cute story, i liked it very much. 101010101010101010

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Review #13, by sinwillys822 The Animagus Party and other Arrangements

19th August 2009:
cant wait to read what they do to him

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Review #14, by sinwillys822 Retirements and Arrangements

18th August 2009:
ohh looks like something happened to ginny, can't wait to read what happens next.

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Review #15, by sinwillys822 Harry WHO am I?

17th August 2009:
this is a very cute story and i can't wait to read more.

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Review #16, by snapeangel The Future

12th May 2009:
very cool story, I forgot to review the story prior to this one and liked it the best of the two

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Review #17, by Gondegoogoo The Future

21st January 2009:
WOAH. being headmaster in 100 years? Thats amazing!:D Great job on the story!:D

Author's Response: Thank you so much - I'm glad you liked my story!

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Review #18, by Future_Mrs_Malfoy St. Mungo's

31st January 2008:
ok... so the 'harry is so sickly' theme is really grating on my nerves. it seems like ur making him way too weak, and, lets face it, 3 years straight with a cold? i like the story, but could u change it up a it?the sick then depleted magic then almost healthy then doing something stupid to deplete the magic is growing quite boring, and is repeating in all of the chapters.

other than that, it's a good story.

Author's Response: I know. It was my first story, and I have to change it sometime...

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Review #19, by Carrie Potter The Animagus Party and other Arrangements

14th December 2007:
Your Story is AWSOME

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Review #20, by dragonman Harry WHO am I?

17th November 2007:
wat a crappy story

Author's Response: yes, for people, who cannot understand that it is a sequel to another story, it must be... ;-)

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Review #21, by browniydgal The Future

17th November 2007:
woah, huge family there lol. I like the story. I know it was a lot to write. It just seemed as if in this chapter instead of ending it sooner or expanding it, you were just tired of writing it and wanted to get it over with so you crammed in as few details as possible while still getting the point across. However to each their own. I still commend you on this story, it took alot of imagination and creativity. Also for not being a native speaker of English you have done very well. I look forward to reading your other stories.

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Review #22, by potteyfan The Future

16th November 2007:
oh my god THAT WAS BRILLANT i read the first story and the was Great your a great writer write more storys

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Review #23, by browniydgal The Animagus Party and other Arrangements

15th November 2007:
of response to your question at the end of the chapter...;) and i stand by my earlier comments in the last story. That the plot and story line is wonderful and that the only thing i would suggest working on is the dialog. In the fact that it seems too proper and a little bit fake. Juice it up some by using more conjunctions for example instead of having Harry say something like “How did you get hands on those fireworks? That was very special!” try something more like "Where did you get those fireworks? It was great, and it fit the party too!". Also just to explain that little bit further, the reason for that is because not many teenagers would say "That was very special!" in a situation like that. And again in the future if you need any help do not hesitate to email me at

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Review #24, by mizz92 The Future

2nd November 2007:
teddy, i really loved this story, i cant believe you ended it *tears* you did a wonderful job and it was amazing, you are an excellant writer and i applaud you *claps* i love all your stories and you are definiately my favorite author

Author's Response: sorry, but I had to finish it at some stage - otherwise it would be a never-ending-story ;-).
The changed time line and new time line were my first stories anyway, and I think/believe/hope that my new stories are better...?!
Thanks for reading and reviewing - I'm glad you liked it :-)

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Review #25, by dandelionheart The Future

23rd October 2007:
The End... I wasn't expecting that, but a great ending it was! You went out with a bang. It was nice having a short and sweet of the what the future held before the end. Thanks for the great adventures! *smiles*

Author's Response: Thanks for your kind reviews :-)

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