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Review #1, by Sev First Meetings

15th September 2010:
i like it, ive tried mute stories before, MORE MORE MOREMOREMOREMROEMROEMROEMORE

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Review #2, by weasly_freak44 First Meetings

21st December 2006:

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Review #3, by Astrea First Meetings

20th August 2005:
I love the idea! I think she sounds like a great character. Plus the love interest element you are playing with sounds so cute! But, there were a few grammar/spelling mistakes and the length could be longer in future chapters. But definitely keep writing! You have a good thing going here!

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Review #4, by Me First Meetings

6th June 2005:
It was good.... I would read the next chapter. My eyes see a great possibility for this story...

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Review #5, by sammystar First Meetings

10th February 2005:
it was very good. i liked it, keep going ^_^

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Review #6, by Leah First Meetings

30th December 2004:
AHHH, okay..ughhhhhhh i've been waiting FOREVER for you to update this.. i think it's awesome. Even though she's mute--I think it adds more to the story. PUH-LEASE update for the sake of my sanity. <3 haha

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Review #7, by allhallowschild First Meetings

22nd April 2004:
your story sounds very interesting so far, please do me a favor though? ;o> hurt malfoy for being so mean to her. lol

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Review #8, by cowgurl First Meetings

2nd March 2004:
loved it it was so funny w/the pants

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Review #9, by DarkKensai221 First Meetings

20th January 2004:
Very very nice! Add more onto it!

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Review #10, by Katina First Meetings

18th January 2004:
Let her talk-other wise she bores me.

Author's Response: I'm sorry she bores you . but here's the thing: if you're mute.... you can NOT talk! it's not going to be one of those things where she makes a potion, drinks it and can suddenly talk again. usually, if you're mute, that's how you stay. So, sorry if it bores you, but this is the way it's going to stay..... thanks for your review! ^_^

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Review #11, by MooCowan First Meetings

16th January 2004:
Hey, that was really good. well done! update soon tho cause i wanna c where this is goin.

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Review #12, by SammyD First Meetings

15th January 2004:
~hehe hello again! As you can see, I'm becoming a fan of your stories ;-) I love the sweet and original idea for this fanfic... great chapter!~

Author's Response: thank you so much! I'm working on the next chapter as we..type. lol

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