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Review #1, by i dont know Percy's Jokes

26th May 2015:
it was great.Brilliant story,the twins got the idea of pranking from Percy. Brilliant!

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Review #2, by weasley_gang Percy's Jokes

22nd November 2008:
good chap! =]

i like the idea that percy was a prankster, lol

i think it was a bit abrupt how percy was like:: i wanna be the next prime minister...

but other then that great story, absolutley adorable, i love the twins!

Author's Response: well you have to remember that he was like, 6 or something. in my experience kids 6 yrs old tend to be very abrupt decision makers. thanx for the positive feedback!!!

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Review #3, by RavenclawAtHeart Percy's Jokes

11th February 2008:
it's really good! though i think percy's emotions could have been described a bit more...still there are ups and downs to every tale! 9/10!

Author's Response: THANK YOU. i actually really enjoyed writing this one shot. Percy's emotion COULD have been added onto i'm sure, i could have added alot to the whole entire story... but then again the emotions of the young are a bit simpler (at least mine were) so... this was just a glimpse at a turning point in his life. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HIGH PRAISE. it really means alot.

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Review #4, by Sarah Percy's Jokes

12th January 2008:
Great but sad. it would have been cool to have gotten to see more of the fun Percy.

Author's Response: thanks for u're imput. it would have been, but i was more focused on the actual shange itself.

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Review #5, by weluvjamesandcharlie Percy's Jokes

12th January 2008:
That was really good. I hate how Fred had to die but seeing how i didnt actually read the books 5-7 i had to be told by outside influences. I guess that it is true that older siblings want to be different from the others but the younger ones want to be just like their older siblings. Great job.

Author's Response: THANK YOU. u should read books 5-7, u'll undersand alot more of what's happening in everything

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Review #6, by Ellen Percy's Jokes

30th September 2007:
Hey, great story, I love the part at the end after the story when you talk about me. Totally the best part ever!

Author's Response: thanx... i don't remember that part... i'll go back

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Review #7, by The_Snitcher Percy's Jokes

28th September 2007:
Pretty nicely written. Great idea.

Author's Response: thank u. i'll try to update as soon as posible, but until then please hold in there

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Review #8, by PotterGeek64 Percy's Jokes

31st August 2007:
awww, i loved it!! 10/10

Author's Response: thank u. tons of fluff, but I had to do it.

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Review #9, by netballpro13 Percy's Jokes

29th August 2007:
omg that was lovely well written. i literally cried when i read that fred had died in the new book my sister (who was a few lines behind me) looked so puzzled but when she too read it the same reaction occurred. The idea of doing this for a story is magnificent hope to read more from you

Author's Response: thank you. I just felt that fred was imagining a specific time, and if he was then it was monumental... and so i started thinking about it and i had read a therory articale about Fred and George... I just had the idea and my friend liked it so I wrote it and I'm happy that i did because almost everyone (who reviewed) thinks it's a good idea. Thank you for u're support

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Review #10, by slytherinjewel Percy's Jokes

27th August 2007:
I LOVE IT!!! so much write a part 2 and I'll buy you a pony or 3 write what he's like hogwarts I love percy he's SEXY in a very Mature way you should write about Percy trying to get back in his joking way mean while he meets the Sexy Julia hehe thats my name If you dont wanna write it I will but I hope you do!

Author's Response: that's halarious, we'll see if i will take it past this one shot... probobly not, but i'll read u'res if u tell me when u post it. :)

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Review #11, by kyrandia Percy's Jokes

26th August 2007:
this is excellent

Author's Response: *in shy bashful cute little girl voice* Thank you

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Review #12, by HarryPottersWhezzy Percy's Jokes

23rd August 2007:
I also feel that Freds death was most tragic of them all. This was a great story, it involved the twins and if that is not a reason to love a story I dont know what is! ~RIP FRED WESLEY~ (FYI i put that at the end of all my reviews!)

Author's Response: thanx. the weasly twins are always going to be, like, my favorite characters, and i like fred a little better just because i like the name fred... so i argree totally

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Review #13, by Rainstripe Percy's Jokes

23rd August 2007:
THIS DOES NOT SUCK! I think now whenever I read that part I'll think in a different way. :) Please keep writing these inside storys.

Author's Response: thank you. i don't knwo why the thought came to me. my friend bought alot of what will happen books and i came apon an articale about how the weasly twins viewed family as the most important thing, and that's why they came so hard down on percy. and then, when fred could remember the exact time about when percy last laughed, the idea kinda hit me out of no where. thank you for reading this and reviewing, it means alot

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Review #14, by noble slytherin0192 Percy's Jokes

23rd August 2007:
hey its me again.
well i truthfully didn't like it much. The idea was kind of weak and wasn't really that interesting and storylike. Also, there were some really awkward places and it wasn't really appealing. i think u could do much better.


Author's Response: thanxs for the feed back and support. I'll try and add more to it.

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