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Review #1, by HPluvergirl In Love with a Mudblood

22nd September 2012:
Love it! Really awesome!

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Review #2, by DatingDraco In Love with a Mudblood

11th April 2012:

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Review #3, by never_too_old In Love with a Mudblood

7th April 2008:
:) Aww... very good story! I like reading stories with someone else's point of view. The fact that you were able to incorporate those lines and have it mean something else is perfect! A mutual reader/author/friend (Moondanser83) recommended me reading some of your stuff and I'm so happy she did!! You have the talent! Can't wait to read more. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :] Ironicaly enough, Moondanser83 recommended you to me as well, lol. So I will definitely check out your work. :]

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Review #4, by Moondanser83 In Love with a Mudblood

25th March 2008:
Absoultly loved it! And as far as the dialoge you said wasn't in the book... you were wrong... JK just forgot to write it, but we all know it was

I love the double standard Draco has set in his mind. Yes, he has no problem torturing mud-bloods... but not Hermione... because she can't be like the other mudbloods only because of that fact that he loves her. it's great. I can completly see Draco convincing himself of

Once again wonderful story!
Incase you hadn't noticed I'm working my way through all your stories... only a few left to go... then what will I do? You better get writting on that sequel I'm waiting
Much Love!

Author's Response: Hahaha I'd just love to see that bit of dialogue in an HP book, lol.

I agree. It would be so selfish and Draco-like to discriminate against all Muggle Borns, with the exception of one he may have fallen in love with. Cause you know ... he's Draco Malfoy and the rules must bend to make life more convenient for him. lol :P

Thanks again for reading so much of my work. I'll have to write some more one-shots, just for you to read. lol :D

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Review #5, by hp fan 4ever In Love with a Mudblood

17th February 2008:
OMG you cant end on a cliffhanger!!! that was a brill story.PLEASE write more chapters.i beg you...i will literally get down on my knees and grovel for you.*gets down on knees and grovels like never before* *gets back up to finish review* please please please please write another one.that would be one of the best stories ever written if you did! im going to keep saying please until i see another chapter or a sequel to this one.i seriously will!!!XD

Author's Response: LOL Thank you. :D I'm so glad you liked it. I never really thought I would make a sequel to this story ... but since you asked nicely and left such a kind review I may just reconsider. :P

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Review #6, by AuburnFair In Love with a Mudblood

30th January 2008:
Oho! What a fabulous spin on such a small part in the series! Why, this small oneshot could change an entire book :) What an awesome idea. This was brilliant.

Author's Response: Isn't it awesome, the effect just one little twist in a small scene could have on an entire story? Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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Review #7, by caliope In Love with a Mudblood

10th January 2008:
That was so good! Draco was the best in this fic! oh...dear, if you keep on writing Dramiones, I think I will fall in love with one of your It's just that you make him so rude,but caring in his own way...I always love the bad guys!
Congratulations, once again!

Author's Response: Thank you! I fall in love with Draco each time I write him, lol. Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #8, by fanatic In Love with a Mudblood

8th November 2007:
This is really good. Love the way you incorporated the actual story... the hidden meanings and all. Good stuff. :)

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. :)

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Review #9, by malfoyheir In Love with a Mudblood

31st October 2007:
nice dramione story on book 4.really cool.wonder if you could make one for book 6?haha.anyway, great story.:)

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you liked it. Do you have a HBP scene in mind that you'd like to put me up to the challenge of twisting into a Dramione? ;)

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Review #10, by Tigermusic In Love with a Mudblood

28th October 2007:
cute..will there ba a sequel???

Author's Response: Thanks. Not sure if I'll ever write a sequel to this one ... but hey, you never know. :)

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Review #11, by netballpro13 In Love with a Mudblood

13th September 2007:
Nice story. Very well written, I loved reading it.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, netballpro!

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Review #12, by Lovely_Slytheriness In Love with a Mudblood

25th August 2007:
lol I loved this oneshot! I actually can see that happening in GOF, well done!!! I like your work a lot, you should write more you know, you are talented! XD XD 10/10


Author's Response: Thank you so much for all your kind words! What a wonderful review! I'm glad that you could see it happening and that you like my work.

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Review #13, by CrimsonEmeralds In Love with a Mudblood

24th August 2007:
Oh wow! That was brilliant! I never thought of it in that way :)

and the way you've written fit so perfectly. kudos for your writing skills!

keep writing ;)

Author's Response: Thanks! I think the only reason I thought of the scene that way was because whenever Draco and Hermione are in a scene together my brain is going 'DRAMIONE! DRAMIONE!' And then the more I thought about that scene, the more I thought, 'You know ... it almost sounds like he wants her to get away ...' And it sort of snowballed from there. :)

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Review #14, by jinx93 In Love with a Mudblood

22nd August 2007:
nice, i love the twist on that part...write more!

Author's Response: Thank you! I was reading that part in the book and it was just screaming Dramione, so I had to write it. :)

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