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Review #1, by geologist4 Lies and Giggles

16th September 2007:
LOL! this is so funny!

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Review #2, by maggiedalena The Most Important Meal of the Day

6th January 2006:
Who's hand is that? Okay, I'm freaking out! I'm FREAKING OUT!

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Review #3, by malynnda_malfoy Close Encounter of the Bulgarian Kind

30th May 2005:
this was funny and krum got what he deserved!!

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Review #4, by jenny The Most Important Meal of the Day

23rd April 2005:
this is really good when are you going to continue it?

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Review #5, by TOM FELTON LOVER The Most Important Meal of the Day

13th March 2005:

Author's Response: sorry, no more victor for now. maybe in a little while....if i could ever figure out a way to post annother chapter...and if i could get the next-to-be-posted chapter from my fallen out friend...and if i could get my hardcopy of the fic (now like, i dunno, 9 or 10 chapters ahead of posted) back from my one friend...i think i may have to try and find annother site or something...>< erg.

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Review #6, by endofall Sore Explanations

9th July 2004:
i just re-read ur story! very ingenious! kudos! *hands a kudos bar* i did have a humor story that u used to read and review regularly. and i abandoned it. but i picked it up agian! i do hope ull jump back on the snapey-licious band wagon! *hides in shame* did i really say that? enough of me, great story!!!!

Author's Response: im glad its good enough for a re-read! taht helps my already oversized head. yummy, kudos bar! *scarfs in one enourmous and slightly grotesque gulp* well, ill just have to look up that story again. thanks again!!

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Review #7, by Amy-Chris The Most Important Meal of the Day

3rd July 2004:
Oooh a cliff hanger!!! lol! Awesome chapter! can't wait to find out what happens next! Great job!

Author's Response: aren't cliffhangers annoying? hehehe...thenks. well, shouldn't take TOO long...i hope. thanks again!! i love the support!

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Review #8, by MistressWeasley The Most Important Meal of the Day

3rd July 2004:
Omg.. keep going with the story!! its hell good!! ^^

Author's Response: okey dokey! wow, i've never heard of hell good before, but it sounds like a good thing to me! glad you're enjoying it so far!

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Review #9, by Heleen. The Most Important Meal of the Day

2nd July 2004:
Just read your whole story- Hilarious dude. "Dis pasny iez going to kieeeek yer eeeesse!" My mother thought I was having a fit from the laughing- AWESOME story. Keep up the good job! :)

Author's Response: i love that you were having fits of laughter, it lets me know i'm doing ok so far. just as long as you don't like, choke or anything! ha. i really liked writing that chapter cause of the accent. i will do my best to satisfy your want for hilarity. but just a general notice, upcoming chapters will not be as comical as these first ones, but a bit darker. don't worry though, comedy will be consistent through out the entire story!

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Review #10, by Bellanotte31 The Most Important Meal of the Day

2nd July 2004:
oooo suspence but I think I know who it is ^ - ^ though I could be wrong oh well keep righting

Author's Response: i wonder who you think it is...well, once i get the next chapter posted (cross your fingers for soon!) and you read it, tell me if you were right, and if not, tell me who you thought it was. maybe it'll give me some ideas for later O_^(that's a winky face if you couldn't tell)

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Review #11, by Caroline Unusual Occurences

2nd July 2004:
Great Chapter!!! I totally uderstand how Harry feels, I would also be freakin'out if there were so many Creeveys 0_o. Poor Harry!! Mel is a little weird though, can't wait to know what is going on with her, she managed to make Dumbledore uncomfortable and that says something!!! Please review, love your story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks. Poor Harry, I'm just being so cruel to him in this story, but I don't mean to be....usually. It's just how I write I guess. And yes, there is much foreshadowing in this one too, because foreshadowing is a writer's best friend. I really believe that.

Author's Response: And I am soooooooooo sorry it's taken me this long to even get to the reviews from you guys, but my computor was being immensly retarded and wouldn't let me even come to the site. I promise I will try to get the next few chapters up asap, but after that...well I seem to be A) having writer's block, and B) hating what I actually get written. I'm trying. Really. I'm going to get my beta, who is the one posting the chapters for me (again, retarded compy), to put up the one she has right now soon. DON'T GIVE UP ON ME YET! And one more THAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK YOU! to all my loyal readers who still read my new posts and check up every once in a while! Okay, this is getting really long so I'll stop now. Hehe, sorry....again.

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Review #12, by Caroline Lies and Giggles

2nd July 2004:
Wow! This one was very cute! Hermione hugging Ron and complimenting him like that for making Draco go away. By the way, what the bloody hell was Draco about to do???? This is not like him not to insult Mione! Anyways, love your story so review, PLEASE : )))

Author's Response: I'm really glad you like this one. I thought some nice Ron/Hermione fluff would be nice. And as for Draco...well, chalk it up to foreshadowing? Hehehe.

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Review #13, by Caroline Sore Explanations

2nd July 2004:
This chapter was really good as well! I can totally see each character in my head as i read the story and it's totally like Hermione to figure out that something is wrong!!! I'll continue to read now.

Author's Response: i'm glad you can see teh characters doing these things, it means i'm keeping them in character, which is very good for me! yes, keep going, and review more please! you're nice, hehe.

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Review #14, by Caroline Close Encounter of the Bulgarian Kind

2nd July 2004:
Great chappie!!! I'm not writing too long as I want to read the next chapter. Love your story so far. I'll review for the next one!

Author's Response: im glad you liked it so far! ill say the rest in your next review.^_^

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Review #15, by Cho Chang Unusual Occurences

29th June 2004:
Thanks again. Unlike you, I'm not too good at writing longer chapters.

Author's Response: welcome, and thanks. as long as the story gets told, that's all that really matters anyway. well, that and the story being good. ^_^

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Review #16, by Cho Chang Unusual Occurences

25th June 2004:
Thanks. I'll try to update when I can. Your chapter was intriguing. Slytherin AND Gryffindor? Hmm.

Author's Response: welcome,good, and im glad you found it so. hehe, dont you just love stuff like that....: D keep an eye on the fic, i think i might be able to update by friday, but no promises! go tell others!

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Review #17, by DirrtyDazzlingWitch Sore Explanations

19th June 2004:
aww cute story..keep going with it!

Author's Response: thanks a million! i will. and just so you know, i have a crappy computor so i may not get some of the next few chapers up very fast, and it will probably get progressivly less cute and more dark as it goes, but there will still be many cute/funny moments...i hope:)

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Review #18, by Cho Chang Close Encounter of the Bulgarian Kind

17th June 2004:
Thank you for the review. I like the conflict between Ron and Krum in this chapter.

Author's Response: youre very welcome, and i do love that movie and that pic! i enjoyed teh conflict myself:), it was certainly fun to write. hope you enjoy the rest of the story that i have posted as well!

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Review #19, by vanya Unusual Occurences

1st June 2004:
GODD ( sorry I meant good but my keyboard won't let me delete.) Story! Please keep updated!

Author's Response: i will update asap, just need a decent computor that will LET me...long story. anyways, as soon as i go to a friends house i will update. keep watchin for it!

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Review #20, by Amy-Chirs Unusual Occurences

31st May 2004:
This is getting really good!! Please continue! You are really talented!

Author's Response: thanks, i apreciate it a lot! it means so much when a new reader reviews, at least, i think you are a new reader...i dont recognise the name...owell. anyways, as soon as i can get ahold of a decent computor i will update for everyone. and theanks for the talented thing, it is so much fun writing this thing!

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Review #21, by jedi fid izard Lies and Giggles

13th May 2004:
it was so weird.

Author's Response: is that a good weird or a bad weird? I'M SO CONFUSED!!! well i hope it's a good weird, cause that's how i'm taking it. : D

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Review #22, by Story Reader Lies and Giggles

13th May 2004:
It was very good one that is funny and hilarious.Like the old saying: it ain't funny till someone gets hurt then its hilarious.

Author's Response: oh you ain't seen nothing yet...no one's gotten really hurt, that's not for a few more chapters....*maniacle grin, then manical laughter*

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Review #23, by Lady Arion Unusual Occurences

13th May 2004:
Update!!!!! Please? Please. . .

Author's Response: no prob. just as soon as i write it, and it's long....but i'll do my best! and don't ever think that i've abandoned the story, i won't. i'll just probably be having a dry spell, writing wise, so keep checking every so often, even if it's been months!! and tell everyone else this please!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

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Review #24, by PadfootLivesOn Unusual Occurences

11th May 2004:
Very good story! Please keep writing! I can't wait for you to update!

Author's Response: yay!! me likey you likey!i will try to get my huge next chapter up once i finish writing it, which may be a while...but too much longer i hope. keep checking even if it seems like i've abandoned it, cause i won't have, i swear!!! i'm just slow with the updating, i only get to do it when i go to one of my friend's houses cause i got a crappy computor...long story. : D keep readin!!

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Review #25, by Buck Unusual Occurences

10th May 2004:
I'm glad that you have updated, and I love the whining from Harry about more Creeveys. But when are you going to post when Hermione's finds out about the fight.

Author's Response: thank you, i thaout it was a nice touch, and hold your horses, i think it's coming in the next one, i'm not sure yet. i have a huge amount of things to get established before i get to the really fun stuff. it won't be long now : )

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