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Review #1, by Midna Concentration of Energy

23rd August 2007:
I really liked this. I loved your descriptions and the way you string words together. It was very poetic and enjoyable to read. Nice job ^_^

I'm so glad you took up my challenge. This was a really great story.

Keep up the good work and have fun ^_^


Author's Response: Hey Midna!
I'm glad you got a chance to read it, it was a lot of fun, and thanks for the great review.
I have another idea floating around which has sprung up from your challenge, but it's proving to be more difficult than this one was.

But once the story sorts itself out in my mind I'll let you know when it's finished.
Thanks again,

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Review #2, by galita belmont Concentration of Energy

19th August 2007:
Hey It’s me again…just to be clear; I liked the last lines about how they friends were his family…I just think he should be alone in the picture. But it’s good that the picture was of the young harry, although as everybody says…how does he look as an old men?

Another thing, if a have bad writing is because my first language is not English and I have a lot of errors…ha-ha-ha ; ) sorry about that.

Author's Response: I was debating whether he should be alone or in a group.
Reasons for alone: He fought Quirrel, Riddle, Baselisk, Voldemort, Voldemort, Voldemort, all by himself.

Reasons for the group: The idea of family and Harry's desire for relationships (romantic or otherwise) is a HUGE part of these novels. And with every battle he has faced (see reasons for alone) the path forward has been laid with the help of his friends. Also these people were unflinchingly loyal, and I think the Harry of the novels would consider them to be a large part of his success. Which is why they are there.

And don't worry about your English it's great, anyway it's my first language and I sometimes wonder whether I'm making sense at all :)
Thanks again for the review!

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Review #3, by Galita Belmont Concentration of Energy

19th August 2007:

It’s a good an interesting story, I always wondered how they can make the paintings move and think like the real people, like a part of they souls; but that would be like a horcruxe, your theory is better. But I have a question, tough, how did she paint Fred if she couldn’t speak to him? Because she is supposed to catch the essence of the person…is it not? Well, in general a good idea, but I didn’t quit like the end.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, and very interesting question...
I see painting Fred as much the same as painting a young Harry. She has access to George, and through talking to his friends, listening to the stories and seeing photographs she can get a fairly good idea of who he was.

Also she is a brilliant artist and has an natural ability for capturing the "real" person in her portraits :)

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Review #4, by Richter Vans Concentration of Energy

16th August 2007:
Its me again.. I read the story again, and I still love it, another comment I forgot to include in the other review, this is a simple painting or is a painting with essence like the headmasters of Hogwarts that can talk and have memories from they former life, cause I would like to see Harry given advice to students from his portrait, but then, Harry must be alone in the painting, just my point of view.

Author's Response: Welcome back!
In my story this portrait has an essence like the Headmasters ones, but just as the Fat Lady gives the students a hard time (which I assume is what she was like as a living person), Harry and his friends can communicate ideas to the students.
So in the one painting you have the conflicting personalities of Fred & George with Hermione. It would be hilarious.
I'm really glad you enjoyed this story, and if you think of anything else, ask away :)


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Review #5, by Richter Vans Concentration of Energy

15th August 2007:
A very interesting theme, the paint artist, I always wonder how the paintings get the essence of the person, this is the solution, very interesting indeed, but then, how old is Harry when he was portrayed? And who is Bernice?? I have heard of her but in which book??. On last thing, which class do you think Hermione teaches??

Author's Response: Hey thanks for this review, it is lovely.

The artist in this fic made mention that the events of DH occured nearly forty years ago. So Harry would be nearing sixty. But even as I was writing it I was picturing him as a teenager, which is why I think I forgot to include an older description.

Berenice Bourgeois' name is a combination of the photographer Berenice Abbott, and the artist Louise Bourgeois, two extraordinary women.

And as for Hermione, she doesn't teach, she rules the roost!!!
I figured forty years was enough time for her to have worked in the Ministry and to now be in charge of what she knows best, books and schooling.

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Review #6, by Lily Opal Evans Concentration of Energy

14th August 2007:
i think this fic was really original and i had wondered if wizard paintings were done with a paintbrush. :) i liked the final picture because i was able to picture it beautifully and you described the whole thing really well. Another part i really enjoyed was the picture of hermione and the S.P.E.W. badges- that made me laugh!

just out of interest, what quote did you use? i might've missed it :O

Author's Response: I wondering about the paintbrushes as well, but the image of fifteen flying brushes seemed a little tacky. And then I remembered (I'm going to sound like Ron here) what Hermine said about not being able to conjure food when you don't have it. So I figured this must be the same, the studio is full of paint and other mediums that get used when the spell is cast, and thank Merlin for non-verbal spells or else there would have been some badly-thought-of-latin-term thrown in :)

I'm glad you liked the S.P.E.W photo!

The first quote I used is in the chapter summary and is from the author Jeanette Winterson. Towards the end of the one-shot whilst Harry is going through the photos, Berenice is describing the act of creating a magic portrait and I used this quote as part of the dialogue.
The other is from a real German artist Casper David Friedrich, and is part of the letter Harry reads that sits above the fireplace.
Both refer to the underlying magic of art, the thing that moves your spirit rather than what tickles your eyes.

Thanks so much for the review, I love answering these questions. If you have anymore please pop over to my author page thingo.

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Review #7, by SorceresSectumSempra Concentration of Energy

14th August 2007:

Thank you oh so very much for letting me know you wrote a new fic!! It always brings such excitement to my life...teehee

Anyways, once again it was another fabulous and spectacular oneshot!! =) It was fun to read about OLD MAN HARRY bwaha...and he had another kid...haha

Oh and the last lines were a wonderful way to like end it! It's one of those aww-perfect-ending-that-was-so-amazing-it-makes-you-want-to-have-a-slice-of-apple-pie-with-some-whipped-cream!

So yes, I enjoyed this oneshot very much so!!


Author's Response: Hey Nicole, yes the portraits!! ha ha ha, you could never guess I went to art school hey ;)
They are just fascinating, at least when the photo or painting moves you get a chance to see the mannerisms of the person, and that means the world if you don't get to see them in the flesh anymore. That photo that sits beside Harry's bedside table in PoA (film) of his parents dancing in the falling leaves... *sighs*

And as usual, your review has made my morning, okay my day because now I have a craving for apple pie!
And I'm glad you liked Old Man Harry, the sweet man :)


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Review #8, by theotherchick Concentration of Energy

13th August 2007:
Great one-shot. The image of an older Harry, with grey at his temples, reliving his past is one I hadn't encountered here before. The last two lines say it all.

Author's Response: "with grey at his temples" that's what I forgot *slaps forhead* a lovely description of Harry as an older man!! I'll have to remember these little things next time :)
Thanks for reviewing, I'm really happy you liked the last lines.

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Review #9, by weaslyette4ever Concentration of Energy

13th August 2007:
Wow! That was great. I never thought about how wizarding portraits were made before.

Author's Response: I love this aspect of the Potter world and the moment in Philosophers Stone when Ron sees Deans 'normal' posters which are still made me realise how great it would be if our photos and paintings could move.
I'm glad you liked it and thanks for the review.

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