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Review #1, by jhh Chapter 24

20th December 2013:
I just read your story, are you ever going to finish it, it is very good.

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Review #2, by Mitch Chapter 24

31st May 2013:
Of course the werewolf has to lick him to death lmao im lovin ur story and are u gona finish it?

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Review #3, by Mitch Chapter Eleven

30th May 2013:
you and your bloody A/N i ain't even read the chapter yet and im cryin with laughter and here's to harry/hermione forever

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Review #4, by Mitch Chapter Eight

30th May 2013:
Dude A/N's are causing me a fit of laughter every bloody time and the story i s rather intriguing and addictive thanks for yoour time and effort to write this novel

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Review #5, by Raiku Chapter 24

5th December 2011:
This has been a really intresting read so far. When will the next chapter be released?

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Review #6, by Arnia Chapter 24

31st August 2011:
Oh PLEASE UPDATE! What happens next?!?!?!?!? I LOVE it PLEASE do me a huge favor and update! This is the first time I begged for a story. UPDATE as in NOW!!

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Review #7, by Al Risbern Chapter 24

1st July 2011:
Why you taking so long hurry up love it... the whole story


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Review #8, by Matthea Chapter 24

14th November 2010:
Love your story, can't wait for next chapter!

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Review #9, by Green_Gold Feather Chapter 24

12th October 2010:
Seriously, I have read this story three times already, always with some hope that another chapter has been added! It's like one of the best stories here! *sighs* You're never gonna update are you :(

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Review #10, by LENIN Chapter 24

30th September 2010:
ur takin too damn long for the next chapter

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Review #11, by hawkeyesaaron Chapter 24

16th June 2010:
one of the best novels keep it up!

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Review #12, by lovette Chapter 24

3rd April 2010:
continue loving it totally

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Review #13, by Midnight_Witch Chapter 24

22nd October 2009:

I'm in love with this story.Personally the bashing of Ron and Ginny is seriously super funny, I mean hello Harry and Hermione are perfect together hahaha. The Harry in this story is so different from normal Harry, but it kind of seems like he says all the things that normal Harry wants to say if her were in these situations but can't. I can't wait for the next chapter so hurry with it (:

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Review #14, by LordNemesis Chapter 24

23rd April 2009:
Ok this story is not over where is the rest of it come on its a great story.

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Review #15, by leo zakar Chapter 24

12th December 2008:
plz keep on wrting i love it

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Review #16, by jake leo Chapter 24

31st October 2008:
so good keep on going did ya know there are rumers that your actulle j.k.rowlen

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Review #17, by tony Chapter 24

18th October 2008:
so good please keep on writhig

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Review #18, by JoeBloe Chapter 24

8th October 2008:
Hey your stories rock ! They're well written and really captivating. Keep up the good work.

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Review #19, by Dee chapter 23

30th April 2008:
i so love the way that you write. your stories are some of the best that i have read. i can not wait for more of this one or the others.
With all my love,

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Review #20, by Quidditchstar2291 chapter 23

27th March 2008:
Dude, please update soon! This story is too awesome, so please update.

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Review #21, by hola chapter 23

19th March 2008:
is that the end? why don't you make it longer??? it was really good up until that point where it kinda just stopped out of nowhere.

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Review #22, by ev11000 Chapter Nineteen

27th February 2008:
yay ultimate prank war haven't reviewed in a few chaps sorry was o busy reading :P love it and this silly part of the story is spectacular

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Review #23, by ev11000 Chapter Eleven

27th February 2008:
yay cute little horsey oops sorry mighty centaur :p still love it

5AM ouch thats gotta sting

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Review #24, by ev11000 Chapter Ten

27th February 2008:
yay the ever frequent sword power yay and a cool nick and crazy peeves always make me happy keep on writing

p.s love the chap length i love long ones they are much more rewarding when you read them :P (see i added read so as you don't get any ideas:P)

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Review #25, by ev11000 Chapter Seven

27th February 2008:
rofl the fairies and the pixies are insane or just plain genius i havnt laughed that hard since yesterday when i read a harry being changed into a girl fic :P

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