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Review #1, by potterlover19355 Left All Alone

25th July 2011:
I really liked this BUT its kind of been three years since you updated so... little chance of more... but maybe?

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Review #2, by Jakota Left All Alone

18th August 2010:
Please finish I want to know how it will end. I know its been a long time since you worked on it but still. It's torture when people post awesome stories and never finished them. I don't blame you or anything, I know it's difficult to stay inspired.

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Review #3, by Megan Left All Alone

19th March 2010:
cool story :):):) another chapter :D x

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Review #4, by CrazyPurpleBat Left All Alone

20th September 2009:
I really like it its good and i laughed so hard at harry's reaction! Ron is so thick! I love it!

Author's Response: Haha, thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! That means a lot to me. :)

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Review #5, by Jasminepink22 Left All Alone

12th September 2009:
when ur next one coming its gr8!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm not sure; I haven't written more of this story since summer 2007, but there are days where I feel like continuing on with it.

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Review #6, by Ginnys_x _heart Left All Alone

1st September 2009:
please write ther rest! I LOVE IT! i hope ron stays with hermione! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. Who knows, maybe I'll write more some day.

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Review #7, by Daisyyloo Left All Alone

29th December 2008:
This story is amazng well done!! Please please please finish I can't wait to read the rest

Author's Response: why, thank you.
I'm glad you liked it so much.
Unfortunately, with school and everything, I don't think I'm ever going to have time to finish this story.
But who knows ... maybe one day...

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Review #8, by Sundevil6 Deal With It

18th April 2008:
wow really good job. Just try to add more detail

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Review #9, by Sundevil6 A Secret to Keep

18th April 2008:
is this story AU? 9/10

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Review #10, by Sundevil6 A Big Shock

18th April 2008:
duh duh duh shes pregnant

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Review #11, by Sundevil6 Tears and Trouble

18th April 2008:
interesting but the chapters could be a lot longer. and what has happened with everyone else? like harry Ginny the weasleys wheres the misery about Fred being dead, like you know?

Author's Response: That might have come off as a bit confusing, but in this story, it's as if JK Rowling's version of the 7th year of Hogwarts never happened ... so Fred isn't dead and there's not much misery ... does that make sense? :)

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Review #12, by Sundevil6 All in a Blur

18th April 2008:
i think I know what happens next. :) good job pretty good so far

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Review #13, by hermione_4g Left All Alone

17th April 2008:
i want to read the next chapter. please write more I love it.

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Review #14, by Rosieweasley Left All Alone

6th March 2008:
Good so far! I actually think you did a good job depicting the characters!

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Review #15, by aqua_harry47 Left All Alone

3rd March 2008:
im not really a ron/hermione shipper, but its a good story

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Review #16, by The_Real_Hermione Left All Alone

24th February 2008:
This is pretty good, keep it up!

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Review #17, by mattie_gibbons Left All Alone

17th February 2008:
:O you have, have, have, HAVE to write more!!! This is so good!

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Review #18, by iambellatrix All in a Blur

20th January 2008:
awesome, keep going i absolutely love this. i can't wait to rea more

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Review #19, by Pink_Princess12 Left All Alone

13th December 2007:
Aww! That's a good sign!

Anyways, all of my other reviews probably didn't do so much for you, so I thought I would make this one a good one!

First of all, the reason I love your story is... well... there are a few:

1- i want to read it word for word, and I'm excited to read it!
2- You do a good job making the charaters a lot, or exactly like how they are in the books.
3- There is a good sence of humor in the story, that just makes me smile!
4- The plot line is really good!
I really loved it!
I can't wait for more!
PLEASE update soon!
AND TELL Me when you do!! :)

Thanks for a great read!

Author's Response: Wow, this is one of my best reviews yet! I can't tell you how happy this made me! I'm so glad you liked my story. :)

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Review #20, by Pink_Princess12 Deal With It

13th December 2007:
I loved it! I really think Ron would have acted this way, not because he is mean, but because he doesn't want to mess up! :) I really like this story so far!

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Review #21, by Pink_Princess12 A Big Shock

13th December 2007:
Loved it!
And, hey, I accidently, reviewed last time without clicking on 1o, so sorry! But, it was a 10!
And, so is this chapter!

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Review #22, by Pink_Princess12 Tears and Trouble

13th December 2007:
Great! I'm excited to keep reading on.

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Review #23, by Pink_Princess12 All in a Blur

13th December 2007:
lol! i loved it! and, i love your bannar, it's beautiful!

Author's Response: Oh, thanks for all of your reviews! I never answered to them before because I never got a chance to get on. I'm glad you liked my banner! Thanks!

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Review #24, by fallon Left All Alone

12th December 2007:
lady i love this tale please update again real soon

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Review #25, by evangilyn Left All Alone

12th December 2007:
this is the most up lifting tale ever please update again real soon

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